Andrea de Manhattan

Author: JAZWriter

Pairing: Miranda/Andrea, The Devil Wears Prada

Author's Notes: In August 2010, minerva_ed submitted on the LiveJournal DWP board a prompt for a story loosely inspired by Cyrano de Bergerac. In it, Andy would help a would-be suitor woo Miranda while fully aware of the depth of her feelings for Miranda.

Dedication: Since thefutilitarian suggested I write this piece, I dedicate it to her.

Special Thanks: To peetsden and quiethearted for taking a look at this one. They caught what I did not and helped me to make this even better.

Disclaimer: I do not own The Devil Wears Prada, the characters found therein or Cyrano de Bergerac. I did refer to/borrow (i.e. rip off) several lines from Cyrano, but I promise to give them back.

Author's Notes, too: Please be aware that the language is romantic and a bit old-fashioned. Just go with it. Also, please note that Andrea did not leave Miranda in Paris.

All links are up, and the story is complete. I hope you enjoy it.

Rating: R/M/NC-17 eventually

Word Count: About 7,400 plus 1.



"Tell her you cannot bear to leave without a sign that she will not throw your love away like a pair of last season's shoes," Andy says in a low voice from the bushes. The front light shines like a spotlight on Gregory who looks a bit panicked.

Andy arches her neck to see him more clearly while adjusting a sprig to cover her face.

"I can't…"

"Tell her!" Andy hisses.

This is ridiculous. He is absolutely clueless. How does he expect to win Miranda's love if he is unwilling to speak her language?

"I cannot bear to leave without some sign that you won't throw away my love like last season's shoes," Gregory shouts at the door.

"I realize I am nothing but a bargain-bin cast-off, whereas you are a priceless Coco Chanel gown," Andy feeds to Gregory. He hesitates. "Say it!"

"I, I realize I am just a bargain-bin cast-off while you are a priceless Coco Chanel gown," Gregory says while waving his arms.

"But, Coco always wished to have her masterpieces enjoyed instead of merely appreciated from afar," Andy says to Gregory from her hiding spot.

Andy nods her head as she hears him repeat her words exactly.

"How can you deny my heart, condemning it to be hidden within a Nine West handbag instead of vintage Gucci?" Andy dictates.

As soon as Gregory finishes shouting this line, the door is thrown open.

"Are you saying I am an old bag?" Miranda demands. She doesn't sound angry, though. She sounds amused.

"No, no! Of course not, Miranda," Gregory says aghast.

"You are ridiculous. Get in here!" Miranda says and pulls him forward by his tie. The door closes definitively. Silence reigns. Andy remains in the bushes, numbed by what she has just done. She has just seduced Miranda with words, her words. And now she is probably being held in Gregory's arms, being loved by Gregory's mouth while Andy sits alone, hidden in the dark. As if to emphasize her thoughts, the front light clicks off.

Her heart heaving with grief, Andy carefully extricates herself from her hiding spot and walks away. Gregory will take good care of her. He's a good man. He cares about Miranda. Andy desperately hopes that Miranda will finally be happy.

Andy tucks her hands into her coat pockets as she continues back to her cold apartment. She doesn't notice the tears streaming down her face or the sobs that break free every so often. She keeps her mind blank, like the unsullied stationary she blesses regularly with her hopeless thoughts. Every day she stares at that perfect paper, attempting to reduce to words how sincere her love is for Miranda. For the last month she has allowed Gregory to sign each of those insufficient love letters, pretending he has poured out his heart, and to use them as tools to win Miranda's heart. Andy is well aware that, although many words have found their way onto the paper, they are mere shadows of her true feelings.

No words can hope to capture how closely she watches Miranda to make sure she is not disturbed by needless irritations. No words can hope to capture how a frown affects Andy's entire day, throwing her into a maelstrom of despair. No words can hope to capture how Miranda's upturned lips or small nod directed Andy's way can transform her world into fragrant roses and mellifluous birds.

Andy must be content with the knowledge that she has had a hand in making Miranda happy. She has helped Gregory touch Miranda's heart. Her job is done. Andy has traded her happiness for Miranda's. With a wistful smile, Andy swipes at the tears. She will not allow herself to regret what she has done. Seeing Miranda happy will make her heartbreak worthwhile.