It was a typical day in Danville. Phineas and Ferb were doing yet another crazy activity in the backyard: a bingo tournament. Phineas was the caller, Ferb operated the ball cage, and the players were Isabella, Buford, Baljeet, Django, and Irving.

Ferb cranked the handle, causing a ball to roll out of the ball cage. "B-14!" Phineas said. "Anyone got B-14?"

"Bingo!" Baljeet called out. "The numbers I have are B-14, I-26, N-38, G-53, and O-70."

"We have our winner!" Phineas announced as he gave Baljeet a rubber chicken. "Here's your rubber chicken trophy."

Suddenly, Candace ran outside. She looked terrified. "Phineas, stop whatever the heck your doing right now!" she exclaimed. "This is an emergency!"

"Geez Candace, we're just playing a typical bingo game," Phineas replied.

Candace then trusted a notebook into her younger brother's hands. "Memorizing this song and performing it afterwards is more important than some silly bingo game!" she argued. "All will be explained afterwards."

When Candace was back inside, Phineas read over the song. "Well, that was unusual for Candace," Ferb commented. "She didn't say anything about calling mom this time."

Irving flipped through his scrapbook. "There were a few times she was like that," he recalled. "Like when you found that whale song-singing double-breasted angle hooper egg."

"Well, at least I know what else we're going to do today," Phineas said. "Ferb, you wonder where Perry is while I set up the giant speakers with the others."

Ferb shrugged. "He's probably doing his business in the forest," he guessed.