A/N: Okay so this is a very short one shot that wouldn't leave me alone before I wrote it. Thank you to Finlaure for the beta reading! Hope you folks enjoy :D

Tony whistled happily to himself as he stepped into the bullpen and spotted Ziva and McGee sitting by their desks.

"Good morning ladies and Probies," He smiled widely at his two co-workers as he dropped the backpack he had been carrying and sat behind his own desk.

"You seem extremely happy today Tony, were you laid during the weekend?" Ziva asked with a suspicious look that was mirrored by McGee, who was now trying to check his desk for booby traps without the other agents noticing.

"The correct term would be getting laid, not being laid. But for your information I had a very productive weekend and it had nothing to do with laying of any kind. And no McSuspicious I didn't do anything to your desk," Tony smirked at the junior agent who had abandoned all pretense of being subtle and had begun checking the underside of his desk with a flashlight.

"I'll believe it when I see. Besides you've done something you shouldn't have since you're in such a good mood," There was no mistake of the accusation in the tone of voice and Tony raised his hands with an innocent expression.

"You wound me with your lack of faith. But for your information I have done nothing to either of your things. As a matter of fact I have done nothing wrong. Just made the world a bit safer place to live in and this is how you repay me?" The innocent smirk didn't fool either agent. But before they could say anything, an annoying little squeaking sound drew their attention and all three watched as a very pissed off Gibbs came into view.

Ziva's brow furrowed as she tried to figure out why the annoying sound seemed to get closer the closer Gibbs came. Then her eyes widened as she realized that the squeaking was actually coming from Gibbs, or his shoes to be specific. Seeing that they were his usual pair she looked at Tony who was still smirking and her eyes widened even more. It took McGee a bit more to connect the pieces, but when he did he looked at Ziva. As their eyes met they both got up from behind their desks and fled the scene just as they heard Gibbs yell at the remaining member of the team.

"DiNozzo! What the hell did you do to my shoes!"

The sound of the head slap that followed was heard throughout the agency.

The End