Chapter 12
Doppelganger's Demise

We were now back in the past.
Storming right over to the city.
And we saw everything begin to unfold.
The moment where history truly changed for the worse.
Doppelganger was in the streets, facing Maxwell.
With his weird little smirk.
Challenging Maxwell's rebellion.
Daring him to fight him.
He already knew the outcome.
Or so he thought.
Maxwell writes TANK.
Doppelganger writes ZANBATO.
And before anyone knew it, he attacks Maxwell.
Maxwell fights back with a rapier.
And Doppelganger is hiding a dagger behind his back.
And that's when I made my move.
Powered by hate, fueled by anger.
I tackle the Doppelganger totally off guard.
We wrestle for a few minutes.
And the crowd cheers for me.
Cheering me.
I flip Doppelganger over, and attack him with Excalibur.
But he was ready.
However, having fought him four times before, I knew him like the back of my hand.
My sword swings are as fast as lightning.
Quickly overwhelming him, I smash his sword away, spin behind him, grab the dagger in his hand, and ram it into his chest.
He gasps, but pulls the dagger out of his chest, and the wound heals like magic.
"Howzabout we fight for REAL?" he laughs.
Pulling out his notebook, he writes MONSOON.
He puts on a flying suit and shades.
Seeing what he was trying to do, I put on my special shades.
He walks to the end of the street, and I walk forward a bit.
"Mr. Anderson, welcome back." the Doppelganger says with a smile. "We missed you."
I don't respond.
He continues. "You like what I've done with the place?"
"It ends tonight." I respond grimly.
"I know it does. I've seen it. That's why the rest of me is going to just sit back and enjoy the show. We already know that I'm the one that beats you."
I look around.
"But there's ONLY one of you." I add.
"Just go with it." He scoffs.
I run up to him, and time seems to slow down. I can feel every splash of water, every drop of rain.
I punch. He blocks. He kicks. I grab his leg with my robotic arm, and spin him around above my head, and throw him against a building, leaving a large crater in the side of the building.
He growls as I walk calmly to him. He flies at me, but-
He flies back into the building. he flops over, and I walk up to him.
I speak.
"Death," I begin, "is inevitable."
He spins on his head, kicking me in the face. I fall back. He flies WAYYYYYY up, the flies back down at me. I fly out of the way. He spins in midair, flying back at me, but i deliver another Falcon Punch to his face.
"Would you stop that?" he shouts with annoyance. he spits out a gob of blood.
"All's fair in love and war, and I really doubt this is love." I throw back at him.
He scowls again. He flies back up to my height, and I zoom away at impossible speeds. He floats there, confused, until I turn back around and slam into him at ridiculous speeds. However, he was prepared for my attack, and falcon punches me right as I hit him. I get knocked back, but so does he.
He quickly recovers, and flies back at me, grabs me, flies really high up, then shoots straight down, slamming me into the ground.
Asphalt explodes in all directions, and a bubble of water shoots out from the impact. A large crater is where where he slammed me.
He floats back down at me. I am horribly injured, bleeding on the organic parts of my body, scratched and dented on the synthetic parts.
He chuckles.
"Another rebellion squandered." he laughs. "It is inevitable."
I pull myself up, barely able to stand. The Doppelganger stares at me, confused.
He sighs.
"why, Mr. Anderson." he says, keeping up the act. "Why, why, why? Why get up? when you know all is lost, why do you continue to fight?"
I begin to lumber to him.
"Why? You can't win, Mr. Anderson, You must feel it by now. I beat you, yet you still get up."
I still stumble to him.
He is now agitated,confused and angry. "Why, Mr. Anderson. Why, why, why? Why do you persist?"
I look him in the eye.
"Because I choose to."
He growls, and I make my move.
I lunge at he Doppelganger, and sink my teeth into his arm, ripping out a chunk of flesh. He screams in agony, but I ignore it.
I continue tearing bites of flesh from him, causing him to scream like a banshee as his blood flows out like running water. I step back, warm blood around my mouth and on my arms, as I look at the Doppelganger. With the amount of flesh missing from his body, and blood and rain staining his clothes and skin, he barely looks recognizable, looking more like a zombie than a Doppelganger. He looks at me with a face that is pleading for mercy, begging for the pain to stop.
And I grant his wish.
I pull out my notebook.
And write DEATH.

I look at the dead Doppelganger
There is a puddle of blood around him.
And there's one by my feet as well.
The bullet wound, and the fight seem to have taken their toll.
I turn, almost falling down, facing the people, rain and blood trickling down my face.
Everything is quiet.
I erase the monsoon.
The rain stops.
And I take off my shades, and put them in my pocket.
And take one last look at the world.
I remember that day at the island.
I remember how that made me realize just how precious our small planet is.
We never realize just how precious life is, until we lose it.
My head begins to feel fuzzy.
I smile my little zombie smile.
And fall to my knees.
And everything goes black.