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The motor of the bus lets out the last few stuttering, infirm sounds and then dies down. The sun has almost completely disappeared behind the horizon. The shadows grow longer and darker than the nights before. The tips of the trees, dry and dead spruces and pines, suffocating the few weak oaks and beeches in between, look like covered in gold with a deep crimson hue. They stand in between nowhere, surrounded by miles and miles of endless forests and pampas, far from any town, any civilization, far from any other human life. The bus driver begs and curses, but the bus keeps silent. They avoid each other's eyes; no one is up to spend the night in the wilderness. Since almost all of them know each other for just two days.

"Why don't we go find some kind of a house or so?".

They look at the white-haired boy. He and his sister are the only ones who knew each other before the trip has started.

"I think we should stay here… I'm not up to run around here in the dark", a university student with glasses says.

"Well, does anyone have reception?", the bus driver asks hopefully.

The youths grab into their pockets and bags to take out their cells. After a few seconds they shake their heads.

"Oh yeah, this is totally the way I've imagined this trip… lost in the wilderness, without reception, without a house nearby, only together with a few…".

The rest of his words end in incomprehensible mumbling. The black-haired boy looks really pissed, which annoys a few others in turn. Especially a blond, tall boy, looks at him as if he was close to beat him up. In seconds, the mood turns testy and anxious.

The bus driver tries to calm the youths down. "Ok, those who want to go find a house lift their hands".

They're eleven persons, the bus driver included, but only four want to go. The others want to stay.

"A few should go find some kind of wood for a bonfire. The others could help me try to find the last bit of food we still have…".

The youths split up.


They lay next to each other around a small, shyly flickering bonfire. They're wrapped in blankets and coats, their bags are their pillows and the cool, moist earth their beds. The sky is as black as the shadows between the trees. No stars are there. The moon looks like someone has taken a bite from it and it boils with anger now, in a shining red glow. But it's not a comforting red. The moon seems wicked now… and full of bad intentions. The paper-thin clouds, which move beneath its light, travel quickly into the direction the bus has come from. As if they were escaping from something horrific chasing them…

They've had some dry cookies and apples for dinner. Now they're lying in a circle around the bright flames, their heads resting close to the calming heat. They still talk, but the late hour and the exhaustion and restrained worry and anxiety make their tongues heavy and their eyes itchy.

They are group of nine boys, or rather young men, and two girls. The oldest is the bus driver Tachibana, who seems to be caught somewhere between twenty-five and thirty.

Then there's a black-haired man with piercing, light silver eyes. He's tall and doesn't talk much. But it's almost impossible to tell how old he is. He looks so… well, ageless. But you feel that he's not normal. He's way too beautiful for being an average guy. His name is Luca.

There're the siblings, Tsukumo and his one-year-older sister Touko, with her bonbon-colored, long hair. It reaches down to her waist. They're closer than normal siblings, but kind-hearted and nice.

The other girl's hair is just as long, but deep pitch-black and glittering. Her name is Aya and she's friendly to everyone, although right now she´s silent, her big black eyes staring into the fire, reflecting the flickering.

The guy with the mahogany-colored, wavy hair seems to also be a university student. He's a bit weird, but nice and talkative, yet in some moments he becomes really quiet. He's called Masamune.

Then there's a 2nd year in Highschool, a slim, brunet, seventeen-year-old boy. He isn't one to talk much, either, but he's calm and cool and smart and he always considers what to say before opening his mouth. His name is Shusei.

The complete opposite of him is the tall, blond Highschool Freshman Hotsuma. He's impulsive, hot-tempered and sometimes sort of cranky. He doesn't look like one to be that popular, but he is. It's hard to explain, but he can somehow chase loneliness and silence away just with his presence. Like he loved being with all kinds of folks.

The black-haired, spoiled 1st year Kuroto doesn´t get along with him, though. He's a little nasty and hostile, but actually a nice guy, once you look behind his facade. And he's a brilliant chess player, what makes him also a great strategist.

The university student with glasses and dark blond hair is Senshiro. He's duteous and seems to be the only one who knows how to cook.

The youngest of the group is a small, blond, fifteen-year-old Highschool Freshman. He may look innocent and slightly fragile, but no one would think that he can do Martial Arts and knows perfectly how to protect himself. He's friendly and a bit naïve, but has a glowing, warm light inside, which never fades. People feel attracted to him, if they want or not. He's called Yuki.

After midnight, their eyes become heavier and heavier and they say Goodnight to each other. After that it's silent in the wilderness, despite the howl of an animal from time to time or the cracking of the small but brave fire. They are all caught in a deep, exhausted slumber, unmoving and soundless. If you wouldn´t see their chests rise and fall, you could think they're dead.


Yuki wakes up from a hand forcefully shaking his shoulder. His eyes snap open and his surroundings spin from fatigue and weariness. But immediately he notices that something is wrong. The others all talk in confusion without really listening to each other. The fire has gone out, it doesn´t even glow anymore. It´s so completely dark and the reddish moon seems to mock them with its deceiving light.

"What's wrong?", he asks Kuroto, who's the one who woke him up.

"Aya is gone", he replies.

"Does anyone have a torch right next to him or her? We need light!".

It's the voice of Masamune. He sounds exaggerated. Yuki feels around on the ground, but his fingers only dig into mud and leaves. Then he grips the end of a flashlight and a second later, the bright beam enlightens the fireplace.

"Thanks, Yuki", Senshiro says with a worried smile.

Then another torch enlightens the group. And really, Aya isn't there anymore. Her blanket lays crumpled on the ground next to Touko and Masamune. Yuki feels a shiver running down his spine and he looks around. The road is empty, but the trees seem to stand closer now; closer to them, their twigs reaching out to scratch and grab them… A hand comes to rest on his shoulder. He flinches, but it's only Luca, who ask him quietly, if he's alright. He nods. The others have all started to talk again, Masamune clearly with the intention to go search for Aya. Senshiro says it's stupid to try to find her in the darkness. The siblings and Hotsuma on the other hand want to help Masamune. Their voices become louder and threatening, but maybe it's only Yuki who notices it.

Then a calm, melodic voice cuts right through their heated discussion.

"Where's Tachibana-san?".

The others fall silent and follow Shusei's gaze over to the bus driver's blanket. He isn't there anymore, either. A dark trace starts beneath the blanket.

"Yuki, please move the light over to the bus", the boy says.

Yuki follows the dark trace leading to the bus with his flashlight until it hits the front of the vehicle. There, on the bonnet, a human body lays. Tachibana's eyes are open and empty and stare up to the sky they can't see anymore. A huge black picket is rammed through his chest. The dark trace is the blood-soaked mud. They gasp for air and Touko lets out a thin, high scream. It's like they've fallen right into the darkest of all nightmares.


Masamune and Tsukumo find Aya an hour later walking disoriented through the forest. She had gone into the forest because she had needed to stand up for a bit. Then she had lost orientation. Now she's really pale and the reddish spots around her eyes and on her cheeks tell that she has cried. Masamune hugs her consolingly, but it doesn't ease the shock as they tell Aya carefully that Tachibana is dead. She starts crying again. The others don't look any better. They're all tired and aghast and totally unable to fall asleep again. They glance at their watches again and again, but the morning is still far.

"There's still someone running around here", Senshiro says later.

They have enlightened the bonfire again, but keep their backs turned to the corpse they've covered with a tarp. The girls are wrapped in a few layers of blankets.

"Has no one noticed something?", Hotsuma speaks up, his eyes reflecting the orange flames.

"It's hard to believe that some insane killer has gotten that close to us without us noticing him. And that killer only picked out one victim. Why not killing off all of us while we were sleeping?", Kuroto muses.

The others remain silent. And shiver at the thought of Tachibana's murderer still running around close to them.

"I guess…we should leave this place as soon as the sun has risen. And we have to find a functional phone or something. To - to call the police and… Tachibana-san's family", Yuki says and hugs his knees.

Luca next to him wraps a second blanket around his shoulders.

"I think we should keep watch by turns. Always two of us", Tsukumo says. "For the period of one hour. Who wants to start?".

Yuki raises his hand. And to his surprise, Luca does, too. He smiles thankfully at the man.

"Ok, next are Senshiro-san and Kuroto-kun. After that…?".

Hotsuma and Shusei change an unreadable gaze after lifting their hands at the same time, obviously not that thrilled to keep watch together.

"After Hotsuma-kun and Shusei-kun come Masamune-san and me. The girls don't have to keep watch. Does everyone agree?".

They nod. The girls shrug. They lay down beneath their blankets again, but coldness creeps into their clammy clothes. The moon disappears behind a sea of black clouds, swallowing the last bit of light. Yuki sits next to Luca, who stares thoughtfully into the flames, while the others slowly, really slowly relax again. The silence is almost as thick and milky as a tempest fall.

"…Are you scared…?".

His voice is deep and calming. He shrugs, but a warm sensation at his concern makes him feel a little less cold.

"A bit…", he replies honestly.

Luca looks at him from the corners of his silver eyes. "I guess it was foolish if you weren't…".

"I keep on believing that this is just a bad dream and I'll wake up soon…". He chuckles embarrassed, but the man doesn't seem to mind. He just moves his eyes back to the fire.

"That was just the beginning", he says in a low voice colored with watchfulness.

"…So it'll continue?", Yuki asks, not sure if Luca is kidding or not. But no, he doesn't look like he was joking.

"…Till the last one stands".

The trees groan in anticipation at his words, the earth exhales a deep fog out of fear and agony and distrust. Yuki shudders. Luca is right. Tachibana's dead was just the beginning.

To be continued...

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