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Chapter 1 - Lessons Learned

"Help." Her voice was barely above a whisper as she limped down the hallway from the bathroom. She felt lightning bolt like pain shooting from the top of her thigh all throughout her body. She'd gone too far this time. She couldn't stop it. "Help." She whispered again.

It was after school hours, on a Friday. The odds of anybody still being around were slim. Most teachers and students high tailed it out of the building as soon as the last bell rang signaling the weekend.

Maybe this is how it's suppose to end. On the cold, lonely floors of McKinley High School. She thought to herself. Her hand came to rest on the wall beside her. The world around her was starting to spin and she became light-headed. That's when she heard it. The tell-tale signs of music and a soft voice echoing from the auditorium. Just a little further before she'd be safe. A little further before her life would be saved. Just a little more.

Just as she lifted her hands to press on the door, her world went black and she fell through, landing on the floor with a loud thud.

"Quinn?" The woman on stage abruptly stopped singing her song when she saw the blonde collapse through the door. "Quinn? Is this some kind of joke?" The tiny brunette made her way off the stage and up the ramp toward the exit. As she got closer her pace slowed. She spotted the blood stains that coated the front of the blonde's baby blue dress. The only other time she'd ever seen that much blood was in horror movies that her dads made her watch on occasion. "Quinn, wake up, please." She knelt down beside the fallen teen and felt for a pulse.

There was none.

Three Months Prior

"Can I talk to you guys?" Quinn smoothed out the front of her Cheerios uniform as she entered the den where both of her parents were sitting, enjoying their regular evening drinks.

"Absolutely my dear." Russell patted the spot next to him on the leather sofa before taking another long sip out of his wine glass. Judy sat on the recliner on the other side of him.

Quinn Fabray had never been so scared in her life. Not even working through the most intricate of routines at Cheerios competitions on national television had she ever been this scared. Her heart raced. She'd spent the better part of a week thinking up the right things to say to her parents. The night prior she'd been awake until 2 AM coming up with the perfect speech. But now, right in front of her parents, all the words from her presentation were lost somewhere in the confines of her mind. "What's on your mind Quinnie?"

One of the few things that the young blonde hated was her mother's nickname for her. It made her feel like she was five years old all over again. But she wasn't. She was 16 years old, nearly an adult. After taking a deep breath, now or never, she thought. "Sam and I broke up." She hadn't exactly been lying, just stretching the truth. Sam and her had split, but that was nearly two months ago. Quinn broke up with him with little explanation. She couldn't bring herself to tell him what she was about to tell her own Christian parents.

"That's not news honey. We figured something had to have happened since we haven't seen him around in the last few weeks."

Russell huffed, "He wasn't the brightest boy either. You can find someone much better than him."

Quinn nodded. Truth was, she had found someone better than him. Someone much better. "I have actually."

"Well that's great honey, what's his name? What's he like? When do we get to meet him?" Judy leaned forward in her chair to get a closer look at her daughter.

The young blonde diverted her eyes away from either parent to become fixated on her lap. She shook her head. "Her name's Jasmine. She's new to the school, just moved here two months ago from Florida…" Her voice was barely above a whisper. She couldn't even bring herself to look up at either one of her parents to gauge their reactions. "Mom… dad… I'm gay." She finally looked up, first at her mother to find disappointment in her eyes, then at her father.

Russell was a little harder to read. He always had been. She never knew what kind of father he was going to be on any particular day. Some days he was the most caring and nurturing person in the world, others, he would belittle her, call her names, and even hit her. Today, it was the latter. He stood up and roughly grabbed her arm, forcing her to stand with him. After placing his glass down on the coffee table, he used that hand to slap her across the face. "I always knew there was something wrong with you Quinn. You're a disgrace to this family and the name Fabray. You have an hour to pack your things, then you're to get the hell out of my house and our lives." He stormed out of the room, slamming doors behind him.

"Mom?" Quinn turned to Judy who kept her eyes bowed as she shook her head, stood up, and followed her husband out of the room.

Quinn refused to cry. Granted the tears were burning her eyes, but she wouldn't cry, not while under her parents roof at least. Once safely in her room she sent a frantic text to Jasmine, telling her what had happened. She was thankful though, when she received a reply message telling her to come over, she'd be able to stay with them for a while.

Over the last three weeks the Smith family had taken the blonde in with open arms. This new development was proving to be no exception to their open arms policy. A policy which Quinn had never been accustomed to in her 16 years of life. She was raised with the belief that everybody took care of themselves and nobody should help other people. But that changed the moment she needed someone else's help in figuring out who she was. She was thankful that Jasmine was there to help her through the worst confusion any one person could handle.

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