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Epilogue – I Do

"I'm caught up at the airport."

A desperate voice rang from the other side of the phone. "But we have a reservation at 8!"

"I know. I'll be able to make it, I'm just running a little late. Just go ahead and go I'll meet you there."

"Quinn, it's our 10 year anniversary. Why did you even take the job anyway? You knew this would happen, you know how busy JFK is this time of the year. People are starting to take their summer vacations." Rachel ranted into the phone as she entered their bedroom to start getting dressed. Just what she wanted to do, start her anniversary meal alone.

Quinn sighed, she had to hurry and get off the phone before the noise in the background gave anything away. "Listen, sweetheart. I promise I'll make it up to you. I'll meet you there by 8:30, I promise. I see my bag now, then I'll be going to get my car and be on my way."

"Alright." Rachel let out a defeated sigh. "Be careful coming home. I love you."

"I love you too Rach."

She disconnected the call with a heavy sigh. "Aww, is little Quinnie in the dog house?"

"Shut up Santana." She shoved her phone into her purse and stepped closer to her best friend. "Everything has to be perfect for tonight."

"Yea, yea, you're doing that romantic shit. I know."

Quinn glared at her friend. She was not amused. "Oh like you didn't go to all kinds of trouble for Britt."

"That's different, I at least didn't lie to her." She pulled her apron over her head and flipped on the stoves for the evening service. "Why did you decide to come here?"

Quinn laughed as she unzipped her dress bag to pull out a solid navy blue strapless evening gown. "Because Rachel loves your food, why… I don't know." She smirked. "I've personally yet to find anything I like." She winked, knowing Santana would get a little irritated by it.

"That's why you order the same thing every time you come in."

The blonde watched her dear friend as well as a few other cooks move around the kitchen like a well oiled machine, making dinner preparations for the evening. "Santana… thank you again for this. It means the world to me."

"Yea, yea. Go get ready, Berry will be here shortly."

Quinn pulled her dress from the bag and made her way to the back, into Santana's office to get changed for the evening.

Rachel couldn't believe that Quinn would be late. She remembered trying to talk the blonde out of flying to London for a photo shoot. The day she was scheduled to return was the day they officially started dating. It was their ten year anniversary since their first official date as a couple. Ten long, wonderful years that were the gateway to many more together.

Quinn had gone to the New York School of the Arts for photography after high school. Rachel was accepted into Julliard's music program. Santana and Brittany had also followed them to New York City after graduation. Brittany and Rachel became classmates at Julliard, Brittany for her dancing ability. And Santana attended a culinary school just outside of the city limits. The four had never once lost contact after high school.

Brittany had become just as well traveled as Quinn. Being one of the most sought after choreographers in the world, she was always getting on a plane somewhere.

Quinn's passport was filling up just as quickly as Brittany's was. Being hired by modeling agencies worldwide for photo shoots.

Santana, shortly after graduating culinary school, started work as a line cook in a small restaurant on Time's Square. Soon after she started looking into opening her own restaurant. A Taste of Satan. Wasn't exactly the name everybody had imagined for her restaurant. But it took off quickly and soon became one of the most popular Spanish cuisine restaurants in New York City.

Rachel's career started out slow. After graduation from Julliard, she struggled the most to break into the business. Amazing voices were a dime a dozen. But the moment she landed her first lead role in an off-Broadway production, her career soared. She was now half way through a four year contract in Spring Awakening. She already had offers lined up for a movie after her Broadway contract ran out.

The diva sighed before she paid the taxi driver and stepped out of the car in front of A Taste of Satan. She shook her head. Even after two years she still had a hard time believing Santana named her restaurant that.

"Reservation for Fabray." Rachel spoke to the maître d' when she walked in.

He smiled politely at her before checking his book. "Reservation for 2?"

Rachel sighed, the grip on her handbag tightening some. "She'll be joining me shortly."

"Alright madam, right this way." He grabbed two menus and a wine list before leading her through the restaurant to a private table near the kitchen. "Your waitress shall be with you shortly."

She nodded her thanks and accepted the menu. She already knew what she wanted to order so there was no use in opening it. The wine list, however, was opened quickly to see what kind of vintage wines Santana kept in stock.

"I recommend the Pinot Noir circa 1975."

Rachel jumped at the all too familiar voice that whispered in her ear. "Dammit Santana don't scare me like that."

The Latina chuckled before popping open a bottle of wine and filling up both glasses on the table before Rachel could stop her. "Relax short stack, this is my present to you guys. As is the entire meal." She glanced down to get a better look at Rachel in the dim light. "Where is the other half anyway?" She needed to play along until Quinn put her plan into motion.

"She got caught up at the airport." She let out a heavy sigh before she noticed Santana was actually watching her and had a somewhat concerned look on her face. Rachel wore a calf length, spaghetti strap, blood red dress. Her hair was pulled into a perfect bun. Around her neck she wore the gold heart shaped locket Quinn had gotten her last Christmas. "I just wish Quinn would get here already. It hasn't really been much of a wonderful anniversary like I expected it to be." She clasped her hands together before resting her chin on them.

Santana took a short moment to glance at the kitchen door where she saw Quinn watching the pair through the window. "I know Q. She's killing herself over being late. She wants to be here with you."

"Thanks San." The Latina's words meant a lot to her. She smiled sadly before picking up her wine glass to sip it. "Oh… this one's good."

"Told you so." She winked. "I'll keep an eye out for her. Be back out soon." Santana turned to return to the kitchen. The minute she opened the door she glared at Quinn. "You'd better get out there soon. She's broken and lonely." She reached up to pluck a stray hair out of Quinn's face.

"I've been gone for a week. Do you have any idea how much I want to just go out there and be with her right now?" Santana gave her a sad smile. With the way Brittany traveled like Quinn, she knew exactly what she meant. "…sorry. San I just have to make sure it's perfect."

"You could do it in a dark, damp alley while wearing a paper bag in the middle of an argument and she'd think it was perfect."

Quinn smiled before giving her friend a tight hug. "Tell Julio I'm ready when he is."

Santana nodded some. "You'll be okay." She walked off to go get him. The minute she vanished Quinn felt herself start shaking. She'd spent the better part of her trip talking with Santana and planning everything for this night.

Rachel idly swirled her wine as she glanced at her phone. She debated on calling her girlfriend. It was already pushing 8:30 and she was staring to get worried. Just as she lifted her glass to take a drink she heard music echo throughout the restaurant from a guitar and the stereo speakers shut off. She, along with the rest of the patrons turned to look at the man who made his way through the tables until he finally came to a stop in front of a very confused Rachel.

"All I am…" Quinn started singing as she walked out of the back. "All I'll be. Everything in this world. All that I'll ever need." She locked eyes with Rachel who lifted her hand to cover her mouth. "Is in your eyes. Shining at me. When you smile I can feel. All my passion unfolding…"

"What are you doing?" Rachel whispered softly and smiled widely, tears shining in her eyes as Quinn came to a stop in front of her.

"…Your hand brushes mine. And a thousand sensations. Seduce me 'cause I…" She lifted her own looser dress up so she could kneel down and look right into Rachel's eyes. Nobody else in the packed restaurant mattered. She sang only to the love of her life. "I do, cherish you. For the rest of my life. You don't have to think twice. I will, love you still. It's beyond my control. I've waited so long to say this to you. If you're asking do I love you this much. I do…"

Rachel giggled softly before wiping tears from her eyes. "I love you." She mouthed, not wanting to throw Quinn off in the song.

"In my world, before you. I lived outside me emotions. Didn't know where I was going. 'Till that day, I found you. How you opened my life. To a new paradise. In a world torn by change. Still with all my heart. 'Till my dying day. I do, cherish you. For the rest of my life. You don't have to think twice. I will, love you still. It's beyond my control. I've waited so long to say this to you. If you're asking do I love you this much. I do…"

Quinn was biting her lower lip when she finished singing. Behind her, Julio finished the last few chords of the song. The moment he finished, the restaurant was so quiet one could have heard a pin drop. Santana and her cooks had stopped what they were doing to step outside the kitchen to watch. There was a smile plastered to the Latina's face. All of the waiters and waitresses had also stopped to watch.

After a deep breath, the blonde opened her mouth to speak again. "Today's our ten year anniversary and I wish I could have spent more time with you celebrating. But…" She turned to take something that Julio handed her before locking eyes with Rachel. "…I may have missed today but I never want to miss another. I want to spend the rest of my life with you. While I was in London I decided to stop traveling unless it's with you. I'm staying right here in New York with you and opening up a studio here. I'll never miss another anniversary. I never want to miss another day with you as long as we both live. I never thought I could love someone as much as I love you…" She opened up the ring case to show to the brunette. "… Rachel Barbara Berry. Will you spend the rest of your life with me as my wife?"

By the time Quinn finished her speech, the brunette had tears streaming down her cheeks. She couldn't wipe the smile off her face as she nodded her head. "Yes Quinn. Yes I'll marry you!" Her heart skipped a beat when Quinn pulled the ring out of the box. She admired the simple princess cut diamond and gold ring that fit her finger perfectly.

Quinn smiled widely as she watched Rachel's eyes stay locked on the ring. She wrapped one hand around the back of the brunette's neck and pulled her down for a passionate kiss. It was soon followed by cheers and applause, led by Santana, who only wished Brittany wasn't currently in Vancouver so she could see it too. She pulled her phone out of her pocket to take a quick picture to send to her wife. Within moments she received an incoming call. "Hey B."

"Let me talk to them!" Brittany's voice was beyond excited at the news.

"Hang on." Santana chuckled before making her way to the table and turning her speaker on. "You guys have a phone call." She placed the small device on the table.

"Hello?" Rachel asked, barely taking her eyes off her wife to be to look at the phone.

"It's about time." Brittany giggled. "I'm so, so sorry I missed it."

"I just couldn't wait any longer." Quinn nuzzled into her love's neck affectionately.

"Totally cool. I'm not mad. We need to celebrate. I'll be back in New York next Tuesday. I'm taking everybody out. Engagement party!"

Quinn and Rachel bumped noses, both giggling at their best friend's level of excitement. "That sounds awesome B." Quinn placed a gentle kiss on Rachel's lips.

"Wrap it up Britt. I think they want to be alone and enjoy dinner before the real celebration starts." Santana smirked.

"Santana!" Quinn scolded her friend. A few nearby patrons laughed softly.

"I love you guys so much. Have a good dinner! See you next week."

"We love you too Britt." They quickly shut everybody else out and focused only on one another.

Santana grabbed her phone and disappeared into her office to finish the call with her wife in private. "I love you Lucy Quinn Fabray." Rachel cupped the blonde's cheeks and kissed her softly.

"And I love you Rachel Barbara Berry." Quinn placed another kiss to her lips. Then another, and another that lingered. She didn't want to pull apart, but when she did she moved to whisper against the brunette's ear. "Maybe we should get that food to go." Her hot breath tickled the brunette's ear.

All Rachel could do was blush, shiver, and nod. "Sounds wonderful."