Dudley and Kitty were officially going out. A while ago they had both confessed their feelings for each other and became boyfriend and girlfriend. The problem was, no one at T.U.F.F. knew about their relationship. They rarely got to be alone. But all of that was going to change… hopefully.

One day at HQ everyone was doing their usual routines. Keswick was inventing something that spits acid, Kitty was practicing her karate in the dojo and Dudley was drinking out of the toilet. Then an announcement came on over the intercom.

"Agents Katswell and Puppy, report to my office."

They practically broke down the door to the Chief's office. "What is it Chief?" Kitty asked saluting him.

"You two have won the contest!" Chief said.

Kitty and Dudley exchanged confused glances. "What contest?" Dudley asked.

Chief, with a smile replied, "Every year I put all my agents into a drawing and choose two randomly. I chose you two. You get to go on an all-expense paid trip to Hollywood for a week!"

Dudley and Kitty almost started jumping up and down. But instead they just smiled and thanked the Chief. They weren't just excited because they got to go to Hollywood for free, but also because they finally got some time alone together.

While on the way out they tried as hard as they could not to scream.

They went home early that day because they had a lot to do. The trip was tomorrow. They had to pack, plan and shop for supplies.

When Dudley got home he was practically bouncing off the walls. Then his mom came in.

"Dudley calm down!" she said. He told her that he was going to Hollywood but he didn't say anything about only going with Kitty. He just told her that the entire agency was going. His mom made him promise he would call every night and sent him to bed.

But that night Dudley had a strange dream. He dreamt that he was in a dark hole. It was about eight feet deep and the only thing he could see was a hole at the top and standing there with Kitty tied up and her mouth covered with a scarf was… he couldn't tell. Kitty was trying as hard as she could to break loose and get to Dudley, but she couldn't. He tried to climb out the hole, but he couldn't.

He heard a voice that sounded familiar." Now watch me kill your girlfriend!" it said. He heard a gunshot and woke up.

He was breathing heavily and it was 2:30 in the morning. "It was just a dream, he thought to himself. Kitty's fine."

He went back to sleep. But eventually, he had the dream again.

When he woke up from it, it was 6:50 a.m. Kitty was going to be there in half an hour! He raced through breakfast and grabbed his bags. He told his mom goodbye and was out the door at 7:10.

While waiting, he thought about his dream. Why did he have it twice? Was he working too hard? He probably wasn't. The last time he thought that, he had truly been hypnotized by Snaptrap. Before he had another chance to think about it Kitty arrived.

To be continued