Soo, basically this is a Crossover between the Hunger Games and The Maze Runner. In the Point of View of Peeta, and they were never in the games. The Gladers are just inserted into District Twelve. Peeta and Katniss never started dating, yet.

I woke up thinking of her; her long dark braid..

I sigh, walking across the room I share with my oldest brother to my dresser.

I open the top drawer containing my shirts. I pull out a plain red one, taking off the Tunic I wear to bed, replacing it with the red shirt. I pull on some khaki shorts.

Walking across the hall to the bathroom, I notice the door is locked. I groan in annoyance, banging on the door.

"Hey, Heath! You've been in there for a while now, busy putting on makeup for your girlfriend?" I smirk, satisfied.

Heath opens the door angrily and jabs a finger in my face. "She is NOT my girlfriend!"

I smirk and run under his arm into the bathroom, pushing him into the hall and locking the door.

He groans and goes back to our room to get some clothes on. I comb my hair and style it carefully. After a bout 15 minutes, I'm finished and ready for school.

I walk down the stairs hurriedly, taking them two at a time. I walk to the breakfast table, grabbing a piece of bread. Biting into it, I wince; once again stale.

After going through the daily conversation with my Dad, Mother, and brothers, I walk outside with my brothers to school. We talk jubilantly until we reach the boring brown building where we learn.

I walk inside, and instantly notice Katniss Everdeen at her locker, 7 down from mine. I walk over to mine casually, pretending not to notice her. Nobody is in between us, and I cant help but glance at her.

Opening my locker, I stuff my books in, and pull out my math book and a pencil. I look up and before I can react, someone has plowed into me.

I fall down instantly, not realize who pushed me. I get up quickly, expecting a fight. I realize the boy who pushed me is also on the gruond, getting up slowly.

Its Gale Hawthorne. I reach out and help him up.

"Hey, Sorry man, I wasn't watching where I was goin'." He says casually.

I nod. "Its cool." I shut my locker.

Katniss walks up to him and asks why he was talking to me, as if I wasn't just right there. I walk to my first class; coincidentally where I sit right next to Katniss.

This is my first story so please review, no vulgarity. I just felt like the Gladers couldn't be involved in this chapter because i had to introduce the setting, plot, and characters, though you readres already know :)