I feel a slap on the back of my bare back. I look up groggily. My eyes meet Heath's.

"Dude, what are you doin still asleep? We gotta get to Katniss'. You are still going, right?" He states.

My eyes widen. Katniss' house. I forgot, we have to build the extension. I grab a red shirt and put it on hurriedly. I stop dead. I kissed Katniss Everdeen on the cheek..I wonder how she felt about that.

I shrug and race down the stairs where everyone is sitting at breakfast. I grab a roll and take a bite, putting on my shoes.

Minho sees me and him and the others stand up. They grab their shoes and start towards the door. We cross town to the Seam. I can already see Katniss and the others working.

Katniss is wearing her usual braid and I can't help but smile. She looks beautiful. Minho races ahead and goes up to Katniss. "Hey." He says to her.

She puts her hand above her eyebrows to shield her eyes from the sun. "Hi Minho."

Thomas walks up to Theresa and kisses her cheek.

I start working with Newt and Aris. Katniss watches as my biceps flex and I cannot help but smirk as I put a little more effort into my work. Minho realizes she is watching me and pulls off his shirt.

Katniss laughs as I raise an eyebrow. Gale Hawthorne appears out of nowhere and looks from Katniss to me. I smile at Katniss then go back to helping build the extension.

Gale smiles at Theresa and nods. She replies with a blush and giggle. Thomas looks between them as if he could tell what was happening by doing this motion. Katniss rolls her eyes at Gale and walks towards what I'm working on.

"Hows the extension going?" She says, oddly quiet. I smile at her.

"Fine." I say.

She looks into my eyes, her hand instinctively flying up to the spot I kissed her last night. I wink and pick up some wood and walk it over to where Aris says he needs it.


Woah. Did he just wink? Wow..It was really cute, I guess. I look over at Gale and Theresa. Gale is holding up a piece of wood and Theresa is leaning against it shamelessly. Gale has decided to stay and help, since there is so much work to be done. I roll my eyes once more as I watch Peeta. His muscles flex every time he picks something up. That boy can lift a piece of wood and make it look like modeling the latest mine fashions. I surprisingly feel drawn towards this boy..

He catches me staring and smiles. "Like what you see?" He asks.

I blush and walk inside to watch the Capitol T.V. in the house. I take a seat after turning on the set.

I put my legs on the table in the center of the room and bite a nail. Peeta Mellark is suddenly sounding very attractive..

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