Title: Warrior of Love, Warrior of Lust

Author: LM Simpson (Kady the Red Panda)

Pairing(s): None

Rating: K+

Warning(s): Rating's more safety than anything.

Disclaimer: Kocchi wo muite yo Hanii, let me get your rights, please let me get your rights… Onegai, onegai, please don't come after all! My heart is pounding hard! Nopeity nope, nopeity nope, nopeity nope, 'cause Nagai would sue me! HANII FURASSHU!

Other tidbits: Both were written for the 100_women community on LiveJournal. They also both focus on the 1970s anime canon.

Prompt 16: Love


Cutey Honey was the warrior of love. Hearts adorning her costume emphasized this fact, from the charm on her choker and armband to the way her red top was cut to resemble a heart.

Honey was not a warrior of love by choice. The android's father made that decision. His motive to theme her airborne element solidifier system around love was unclear. It would be forever unclear too, now that Doctor Kisaragi was dead.

Perhaps it was a play on "ai" meaning both "artificial intelligence" and "love." Or perhaps it was that he created Honey to prove that men too can create life, a force of love—maybe not exactly like women, but close enough. Or perhaps it was his idea to have Honey do something he never did—love life just because.

Honey fought not only Panther Claw for her love of Papa, but also school for her love of freedom. Whether gossiping with Nat-Chan, investigating with the Hayamis, or evading Miharu-San, Honey loved every moment.