An Old and New World
by Lens of Sanity


Prologue: All Blue Skies


Harry Potter found himself looking down a familiar length of Holly, one he knew to be exactly eleven inches in length, and containing a single feather once belonging to a Phoenix named Fawkes. Things really could have been going better, but then again, this was pretty standard as far as his life went, par for the course and all that jazz. What was being tied to a chair with his own Ollivander wand pointed at him, when stacked up to all the other enjoyable goings on that had happened over the past few years, hell the whole of his life?

This all started when Harry was a baby, fifteen months old, when a man came to kill him. No, that's too far back, so it's best to just give the short version. He found out he was a wizard, made two good friends, took down a troll, rescued a dragon, killed his Defence Professor, flew a car into an animated tree, battled a swarm of Acromantula, and at the end of his second year went to the rescue of his friends younger sister.

There, we are more or less up to date on things which are important.

He went to rescue his friend's younger sister. Not that he knew the girl very well you understand, if asked Harry would find himself hard pressed to pin down a single conversation he'd had with her, but from comments made he'd come to the conclusion that she was... sweet. You know the type, all freckles and shy smiles, would do no harm to anyone.

Nevertheless she was a friend's sister, so in the finest traditions of storytelling everywhere he went on one of those classic princess rescues. There was a creepy dungeon, a scary monster, and a damsel in distress. Not to mention the magical sword. So he grabbed the sword, shouted 'Aaaarg!' and ended up slaying the beast; it was a large venomous snake known as a Basilisk, which could kill with a single glance, dead away just as lethal as the famous green light.

Given that Harry was only twelve at the time, you can see how this might have been a little tough, so he blacked out once the threat was taken care of. Coming to Harry noticed that the young girl with the freckles and shy smiles was gone, the beast was still dead, and the only thing left besides the magical sword was a small book, which he took with him and made his way back to civilisation.

Things went downhill for the twelve year old Harry Potter, as an evil wizard of aristocratic bearing was among the authority figures he sought out. The man denounced him for dispatching the young girl and being in possession of such an obviously evil object. For the small book was once created by a far more evil wizard long ago, one who was, like Harry, in possession of a magical trait which allows the user to converse with serpents.

Proclaim his innocence any way he would Harry was not believed, and even the words of the aged and wise Headmaster are overruled, leaving Harry alone without the aid of his friends or allies. Under the guise of public safety he was locked away where he could do no harm, to the castle fortress of Azkaban. No you may ask, he was but a child, and this was so. It was for this reason he was placed in the minimum security section, far from those nightmarish creatures of cloak and withered flesh.

Between two others he was placed, two who would eventually become friends, who had known him his whole life, one by reputation, and one by blood. The man was an evil mass murderer and an old friend of his parents, the woman a feared dark witch who was every bit as insane. Yet with no other company they talked and they played, they taught many things, for you see Harry was quite popular in his castle prison.

Harry learned in the early days that when the foul creatures came close he was made to see all the worst things in life, feel like there was nothing worth living for, and that no hope was there to be had. He discovered through luck that if he forced happiness through his magic, a wonderful mist would overcome him and his friends. The bad things were still there, of that you cannot doubt, but with the mist they could touch him only a little.

So they talked and laughed and played many games. Harry learned the evil wizard of aristocratic bearing had many stories both funny and embarrassing which the woman could enlighten him too, and the man could reveal the past of his parents, misdeeds and adventures which keep him laughing and fascinated.

Long days turned to weeks, and months were passed in this way, until the aged wise headmaster came and took Harry away, and with his new learned stories the man too was freed. For you see the real traitor was not him but a rat. A rat masquerading as a man who was shaped like a rat. It was quite confusing but it worked, and the rat was put in the castle in place of the man, and the man was set free in place of the rat, the rat who was shaped like a man. So now free of the creatures and castle Azkaban, the man and the boy spent time in the house of his old evil family, the boy alone feeling sorrow for leaving his other friend there to suffer.

A few weeks more and Harry would be back where it stated, the castle of his school, and his old abandoned friends. Now fourth year was coming and Harry Potter had changed.

Harry Potter had changed, but the world was the same.


Lens of Sanity
You've read it a million times, Harry goes to Azkaban, meets Sirius and Bellatrix, comes out different, and the story goes from there. I got it all out of the way before even the first chapter, so that we can get on with the parts of the story you might not have seen (any)(every)where else. The style will change to standard third person from here on out.


A/N: My writing has gone from bad to marginally less bad while posing this, so it has a few grammar and tense problems due to early ignorance on my part. I now know why betas are so important. Anyway, with that in mind our story begins…



An Old and New World
by Lens of Sanity


Chapter One: Freedom and Other Boring Things


"Sirius we need to get her out of there!" The two of them were searching though the wreckage of the once imposing #12 Grimmauld Place for as many spare wands as they could find.

"I've told you before Harry, she's evil, pure evil. Why won't you listen to me?" Sirius Black still looked like death warmed over, barely warmed over at that, he'd been in Azkaban prison for about a third of his life, circumstances like that don't do good things to a person.

Harry rolled his eyes "And I've told you a million times, that's what everyone said about you!" He paused to think a moment "And me come to think of it. You should not be so quick to judge people Sirius."

Following a second attack from a swarm of pissed off Doxies they decided that they had found all the wands they were going to "It is not the same. You and I were actually innocent. She isn't innocent. Not at all, she even admitted guilt at her trial for Merlin's sake."

"So did you when they arrested you." Harry reminded him as he placed the eight wands on a table in the front room.

Placing the dozen he'd found Sirius let out a frustrated "Aarg!" and looked down at what they had managed to scrounge together. Twenty was not bad at all, way more than he was expecting at any rate. "It's not the same, I was feeling guilty for your parents-, bah, I've explained this fifty times already, it's just not the same at all."

Rolling his eyes Harry started going through the wands one by one, stacking the friendly ones in one pile and the hostile ones in another. "I wish I could just go to Ollivander's."

Seizing hold of a change in topic the dog animagus jumped in with "Yeah, I know, but it was one of the things Albus had to give up in order to get you out, I'll be heading there soon to get a new wand, but you can't until you become of age, sorry. I suppose we could try one of the stores down Knockturn Alley but I'd bet anything that Lucius has already made sure you can't get one from there either, he sure worked hard enough to keep you wandless and out of Hogwarts."

"Are you sure my wand was really gone, couldn't someone have taken it when I was unconscious or something?" The friendly pile held only four, not much to choose from, and none of them came close to his old phoenix wand.

Sirius thought about it even though the question had been asked a thousand times "I don't see how, it just wasn't anywhere when they looked for it. You'll just have to make do with one of those, at least for now." Sirius watched as Harry decided on a fairly standard pale stick about a foot long.

"This one is the best. Do you know anything about it?"

"That was my Grandfather Pollux Black's wand, Elm and Dragon Heartstring. From a Horntail if I remember, he used to boast about it when he was deep into his wine, and about how he used it to earn his Order of Merlin."

Harry nodded at this and, knowing he couldn't be tracked by the Ministry under the wards of the House of Black, did a simple measuring charm learned from Professor Flitwick in second year "Twelve and a quarter inches. Elm you said?" he nodded "Yeah, it's not as good as my old one but it's not that bad either." Harry lost himself in thought for a moment, before he snapped back to awareness. "So how are we going to get her out of there Sirius?"

He just groaned.


Finishing off some kind of boiled sausage which Harry had decided never to eat again in his life -seriously Azkaban food was tastier and probably more nutritious- he reluctantly changed the subject and asked "Are you going to teach me that totally impressive piece of magic you've been blathering on about for months or what?" He'd finally shelved the discussion of getting his friend out of prison, for now at least.

"The Patronus, yeah we'll do it now, it won't take long saying as you know the hard part anyway." Sirius had been amazed when Harry first produced a Patronus Mist, as he'd done it without a wand, no wand for Merlin's sake, if he had not felt the effects with his own senses he'd have said that it was impossible. "Follow these wand motions, but don't do anything until I say you've got it exactly right."

For the next fifteen minutes Harry obliged, refraining from making any sarcastic comments, until he was up to his instructor's needlessly high standards. "So, now what?" He said irritably.

"Describe how you produce the mist." Describe it for the hundredth time he meant.

"You just come up with the happiest feeling you can, and then kind of force it out into the universe. Simply make it happen, I don't know, I don't really think about it, I just do it."

Sirius got the same look he always did at this explanation but eventually conceded. "On the last 'brandishing' motion, force that feeling through your wand and out of the tip, easy." Harry locked eyes with him for the longest time, eventually he just sighed and got on with it.

"Expecto Patronum"

The familiar silvery mist coalesced into the well defined shape of a powerful and majestic animal. Harry got up from where he was lounging and peered closely at it, ignoring his companion's startled expression. 'It's not like it was any harder with a wand, I don't get why he's so surprised.'

"You know Padfoot, I think you're right, this is kind of cool. Flashy magic, like what you'd use when you want to be all impressive at people" The green eyed boy said this watching the construct pad powerfully about the room with intelligence as it sought out threats. Eventually he let the silvery image dissolve. "What do you want to do now? …Well?"

"I guess I shouldn't be surprised you got it first time…" Though for some reason he clearly was surprised "…do today? Whatever you want, you're going back to Hogwarts in a few days do you think you're ready?"

"No idea, should I not be in my third year though? I don't see why they'd advance me when I didn't do a single third year class."

"That was Albus again, I think he wants you in the same class as your old friends" Harry's face twisted at that.

'Who the hell cares? It's not like they matter anymore, where were they when I was in Azkaban, safe and sound that's where, good luck to them and good riddance. Hermione is alive, fine, that's all I wanted to know. With today's paper once again proclaiming me released on a technicality, and that I'm a dangerous threat to society I can just see how much fun my school chums are going to be. I'm the intimidating, blood splattered Heir of Slytherin remember; fear me bwahahahaha. Maybe I should get robes with Dark Lord stencilled on the back, really play up my evil side.'

Harry shook himself from his internal monologue and commented "Whatever Padfoot, how about you teach me some wandwork so I'm not as rusty when I get there, there's no doubt I'll have to defend myself from pretty much everyone at one point or another this year."

Picking up one of the spare wands he started on Precision Casting, showing the recently turned fourteen year old a simple shield to start "Remember focus on accurate motions, and make them as tiny as possible so your opponent can't easily tell what you're casting."

They spent most of the day this way. It was not all that different from prison really.


A smile broke across Harry's face as a fondly remembered snowy owl swooped into the kitchen, -the grumbling house-elf was kicked out quite tersely earlier- and attached to her talons was a parchment which was etched in a precise hand.

"Hey Hedwig, did you miss me as much as I missed you?" he asked throwing the unopened letter into the Victorian style oven.

She nibbled his ear affectionately for a long while as he stroked her feathers gently, with all the love in the world. The animagus walked in on this scene and stood there looking strangely at them for a few seconds before blurting "We should get your school supplies today Harry."

"I honestly can't be bothered, get the elf to do it." Sirius just looked at the kid like he was crazy. "…yeah, that's probably a bad idea now I say it out loud." 'Everything would come back covered in dirt or something, no, Muggle blood. Absolutely everything would be soaked in the life's blood of a thousand Muggles if that mental elf had his way.'

"Get ready right now. I might even buy you a broom once we're done."

"Don't bother, I got most of my stuff back so I still have my Nimbus 2000, y'know I'm pretty sure Professor McGonagall had a lot more to do with my getting that broom than she let on." Harry said returning with a cloak.

"Probably, she was always nuts about Griffindor winning the Cup when I went to Hogwarts." They flooed to the Leaky Cauldron and Harry fell flat on his arse much to the amusement of the older man.

"Laugh it up, I'm the only one with a wand remember." He tried for an intimidating glare but it failed utterly. "Screw it, go to Ollivander's on your own I'll sort myself out, I could use a break from all of your annoying cheerfulness."

Other than the occasionally fearful looks thrown at him Harry got his shopping done with very little drama. That was until he'd just finished paying for all the books on this year's list and as he was about to exit Flourish & Blotts. He heard the easily recognisable twang of the junior Malfoy interrupt his musings "Well if it isn't-,"

Fist slamming into the side of the blonde's neck and a hand roughly taking hold of his collar, Draco Malfoy's doubtlessly callous comment was cut short. With what was sure to be a surprised look gracing his face, Draco found himself unceremoniously tossed through the plate glass window, and out into the middle of Diagon Alley.

Spying his godfather Harry carelessly pushed past the boy's two stupefied bodyguards and simply stated "All done here, ready to head home?" as he stepped over the groaning teenager.

Sirius looked at the scene and obviously came to the conclusion that its funny as hell because he said nothing, instead taking the broken glass and lacerated boy in stride "Sounds good to me, I was going to stop for lunch at the Cauldron but now I've kind of lost my appetite."

"I'll cook this time, you're terrible at it, and I'm sure the elf is trying to accidentally poison us… Hmm, can you eat house-elf Sirius? That would kill two birds with one stone." They chatted on about nothing really and slowly made their way back to the floo.


The day of September the First dawned as it did every year, bright eyed children eager to get on with the new year's learning, -or not learning depending on the student- at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Harry rolled over and abruptly fell back to sleep. Eventually he was awoken again at five to ten and commanded to shower and be ready to Side-Along to the Express.

"Why don't we just crack to Hogsmeade? That way I won't have to spend seven friggin' hours on a train full of schoolsheep."

"Stop your bitching Harry and get ready, I'll see you this weekend if you can find that secret entrance I told you about. Oh, and remember to get a Prophet today, you'll like the headline." Harry Potter was a very typical teenage schoolchild in that he really didn't want to go to school following his summer holidays, though the reasons he didn't want to go back to school were slightly more peculiar.

Harry was famous, world renowned even, known the world over for the deeds of his youth. The next Dark Lord, people cower in fear at the mere mention of his name, did you know he once defeated the most powerful dark wizard in history, when he was a baby? A baby for goodness sake, he must have the power to turn continents to dust, and scatter the armies of all those opposing him with nothing but the wave of his hand.


Two years ago, he was a hero, a vaunted world saviour type. The kind of child who you hope will grow up to marry your daughter. Then it's bam; who murdered and then ate a fellow student, and oh look, who offed poor stuttering Quirrelmort. Prison and then hatred.

Finishing the shower and brushing his teeth Harry decided that there had to be a better way of cleaning ones teeth than a fool Muggle toothbrush, and once downstairs he asked as much to his godfather "Yeah, the Incantation is 'Integrum Restituere' but I don't know the wand motions so just overpower it until it works."

"Did you not say that the wandmotion was important for efficiency and power spell casting?" He asked catching the older man out on his ridiculous and contradictory advice.

"You're not going to be brushing your teeth in a duel, just do it and stop whinging." Sticking the Horntail wand in his mouth he tried it and found it to be surprisingly effective. Hmm. "Shrink your gear and let's get you out of here, the Hogwarts Express leaves in less than ten minutes."

He grumpily obeyed, and a quarter of an hour later Harry was unable to find an empty compartment. Spying one with a single third year, and three second years one of whom was likely the brother of the older, he crashed open the door glaring with as much malevolence as his fourteen year old frame could manage "What are you all doing in my compartment…" he growled in a tone he hoped was menacing. "…Get the hell out of here, and is that a Prophet? I'll take that too." The onetime saviour commanded obedience, finger pointed at the door.

They predictably scuttled out and he placed the locking spell 'Colloportus' he'd learned a while back, and a privacy charm Sirius had said was invented by Snape of all people 'Muffliato,' then set about studiously ignoring anything that was happening out in the hall.

Dark Lord Potter Senselessly Attacks Innocent Schoolboy
by Rita Skeeter

'Oh this is going to be a winner, thanks a bunch Padfoot, really a good way to cheer me up at the start of term. I wish Bella was here, she's always on my side.'

Once he got through the article, which was about how a brave Draco Malfoy had nobly stood up to a deranged lunatic and somehow chased him off with only minor injuries, he caught a bushy-haired brunette in his peripheral vision. She was hammering on the door, but the privacy ward was keeping it silent and he could pretend not to notice as he turned to gaze out of the window.

She didn't go away for over an hour.


It was considerably more difficult to ignore his one time friend at the feast saying as she sat disturbingly close, but in a brilliant flash of foresight Harry had hit her with a 'Muffliato' before she got close, so all he could here when she made any noise was a kind of unidentified buzzing.

Other than the occasional shake, and the oh-so-familiar looks of fear pointed in his direction, Harry found the feast surprisingly good. The food for one was the best he'd had since, well being at Hogwarts at the end of his second year.

Madam Pomfrey, Hogwarts school nurse and Headmaster Dumbledore's private physician, had been giving nutrient and stabilising potions to both Sirius and Harry since they got out of Azkaban, and he found himself enjoying one with his meal. The nutrient potions were actually quite tasty, an oddity as most potions seemed to taste like they'd been brewed in a running sock. Harry had made sure to learn a glamour which would make what he was drinking appear the same colour and consistency as human blood, but that in no way contributed to the looks of fear on the students faces.

Listening to the old man's announcement Harry found himself interested in this upcoming tournament, even if he was disappointed that there would be no Quidditch this year. It had been far too long since he had last flown.

Then a horrible thought occurred to him. "Bloody fucking hell, I'm going to be forced into this damn thing aren't I!" It was not a question. This world did not exist so that Harry Potter could simply sit back and watch a horrendously dangerous tournament such as was described without somehow having to be in it.

Later that night, through the charmed mirrors, Sirius Black reluctantly agreed with this assessment.


Sirius had yelled at the Headmaster many times in the weeks between the welcoming feast and Halloween, each time met with assurances that there was no danger, cementing in both their minds that this whole thing was simply going to be inevitable.

Harry was forced to step up from simply ignoring the silent brunette, to ignoring her and also hitting her regularly with 'Aculeus' the mild Stinging Hex. She was for some reason very persistent. The redhead Harry once thought of as a friend was much more peaceable, saying as how he had given up after his first attempt.

Over the past two months Harry had become much more accomplished at sneaking about, he had spent time with his godfather regularly, and knew his way around the Restricted Section probably as well as any save the Librarian herself. The two newly released prisoners were taking no chances, people were trying to kill them and the sensible thing to do is to be vigilant.

In the words of Harry's new, and most hated Professor 'Constant Vigilance.' Honestly the axe crazy sociopath seemed to take these Dark Lord rumours ten times more seriously than even the most paranoid of the sheep. Harry throwing off his Imperius Curse like it was nothing probably did him more harm than good in that respect.

"Still, being immune to the Imperius for life is worth being turned into a ferret for twenty seconds, fucking Malfoy he started it, how is it my fault if I was forced to be the one who ended it?" He muttered under his breath.

"Did you say something Harry?" The bushy haired fifteen year old asked in a tone which was approaching zealous levels.

Harry ignored her with a practised ease, instead focusing on the hopefuls in the hall. He ignored the Hogwarts students for the obvious reason, it was clear to him now that none of them can possibly be chosen. There were only three slots in the Triwizard Tournament and as he was in Hogwarts robes, this meant it was only down to the Durmstrang and Beauxbatons students who could conceivably be picked by this Goblet of Fire.

There were a few in Durmstrang robes who might get a crack at it, there was a student named Athena Manos who Sirius mentioned was probably the granddaughter to some big nuts Greek gangster/politician, and on further investigation turned out to be a shoe in for the Duelling Circuit next season.

Victor Krum was a big name too, he was in the World Cup which was apparently held in England this year. He caught the Snitch and won Bulgaria the Title. From the sounds of it he was the only player on their team too, so that meant that even though Bulgaria only won by twenty points, it was Krum alone who did it.

It was hard to say much about the French contingent, not because they were incompetent or anything, just that they had this Veela girl sitting in the middle of their group, and it's laughably pathetic how everyone was fawning over her meagre little aura. Harry really hoped that someone other than her got chosen, even though he couldn't come up with anything about the other classmates, he just really didn't want to have to deal with a conceited bitch.

"Representing Durmstrang; Victor Krum." There were cheers, and Harry clapped along uncharacteristically, he wanted to see how Krum did off a broom as much as everyone else.

"Representing Hogwarts;…" Here it comes 'Harry Potter,' yes, yes, we all know by now I'm in this, just get on with it. "…Angelina Johnson."

'WHAT? Oh thank the fucking gods for that one. I'm just paranoid, I'll take just being paranoid over having to get killed in this fool contest. "Representing Beauxbatons; Fleur Delacour" Harry clapped exactly as enthusiastically as the other aura-addled morons, it was so worth it. 'I'll take an annoying champion in the face of such good news.'

Yeah, Harry wasn't happy about what happened next.