Tulio watches the festivities below, as the citizens of El Dorado dazzle their guests with music and dance. He'd love to try and describe the scene before him, but Tulio really never had a way with words, and his intoxication isn't helping in the slightest. He turns to his partner, who's lounging over his throne like he's been there his whole life while he nurses yet another inebriating purple concoction.

"Hey, 'Guel… What'd you say about a place like this?"

Miguel glances over at him lazily. "…Qué?"

Tulio giggles madly at the violet streams winding their way through Miguel's beard, leaving stains on the skin beneath. He knows this place is nothing like Spain, but he's still a little nervous to try and to wipe away the liquid dribbling down the blonde's chin. He watches his partner's expression soften as Tulio reaches out tentatively to try.

"It's okay, Tulio."

Tulio sighs, running a hand through his messy hair. "Force of habit."

"What was it you were asking? What I'd say about a place like this? I always knew you were a sucker for my poetry!" Miguel flashes him a lopsided smile, eyes gleaming.

Tulio rolls his eyes, blaming his red complexion on the drink. "Whatever."

Miguel leans in close to whisper, his goatee tickling the crest of Tulio's ear. Tulio bursts out laughing again, half-heartedly pushing Miguel away. Tulio knows that Miguel knows that Tulio secretly loves the way Miguel dotes on him. Tulio also knows that Miguel knows that Tulio is way too embarrassed to say it out loud except for maybe when they're cuddling, just the two of them, in a safe haven during the strange hours of the morning, and maybe the evening if Miguel is lucky.

"The sea of bodies thrives beneath us, streets gleaming with colour and allure, with promises of wicked and beautiful things to come. Music drips from cracks in the bricks, but this night pales in comparison to what is already within my grasp." And with that, Miguel hauls Tulio onto his lap and plants a sloppy kiss on his cheek.

Tulio is positively scarlet, but still tries to catch his dignity (and his breath!) as it slips away by rolling his eyes.

"Miguel! That was downright sappy!"

But Miguel just roars with laughter, tightening his grip on his partner's waist.

"Yeah, sure. Now you say that. Just wait until later tonight, Tulio."

A/N: Just a little drabble that came to mind. Probably not half as "deep" or "insightful" as my other little El Dorado fic. Hardcore literary folks should probably give "Need, Want" a whirl if they want something that isn't the fluffy product of a lazy Saturday afternoon.