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"God damn it!" Ed choked on some more snow as he struggled through a blizzard. Central had been struck with this god forsaken weather two hours ago, and it hasn't stopped in the least, only gotten worse. The snow blew at high speeds, swiping the young alchemist in the face, blinding him. There was at least three feet of snow already on the ground, and with his...short stature... walking through this mess was near impossible.

The wind whipped from behind, knocking Ed over, face first into the snow. He sunk quickly into the still soft substance due to the extra weight by automail.

Strike that. This was impossible.

Ed tried to move, but the snow around him had him pinned by the extra weight. His remaining limbs quickly felt numb, along with his entire face. He sunk his head backward in defeat.

I'm done. I'm done.Ed thought in despair. There's no way I'll ever get up, let alone walk another five miles... I'm done. I'm done... His thoughts drifted off as he fell unconcious.


Not far away, Colonel Roy Mustang was having similar issues, but he was not as cold...


Roy pressed hard on the gas pedal, urging his car to move through this intense weather. Never before had there been such a blizzard in Central. What the hell!

"C'mon! Move! Move it, damn you!" Roy growled at his car. The car obliged and inched forward before starting to move for real. It moved only 10 miles per hour, but it was better than not at all. Roy pressed on and relaxed a bit, only to tense up as he looked out his window. Through all the blinding white, something stuck out. A bright color. One that he had seen far too many times.

A bright, blood red.

Thinking the worse, Roy stopped the car with a jerk and sprang out. He struggled through the three foot high snow. More fell in great amounts, almost covering the red that stayed locked in Roy's sight. As he approached closer, he saw through the whipping snowfall that it was not as he thought, instead, it was cloth.

Just as bad! Who do you know who wears red, you idiot!Roy mentally screamed at himself. He fell to his knees, somewhat sinking into the freezing substance. He dug near the red cloth revealing more and more of it. Soon enough, just as he feared, Roy dug up a small body.

"Fullmetal..." Roy whispered, staring at the unconscious boy in front of him. Snowflakes fell at a blinding speed, speckling Ed's already snow covered hair. Without thinking, Roy picked up Ed, who slumped in his arms. His face twitched against the harse, freezing wind. Without even knowing, he moved closer to a much warmer Roy, pressing his face into his chest. Despite the icy winds, Roy felt his face get hot.

Roy made a start back towards his car, stumbling as the wind pressed harder, trying to keep him on his knees. He grasped Ed a closer shielding him from the ever preciding gusts. Roy took another strong step forward, determined. He took another step, swaying from more icy blasts. He closed his eyes as snowflakes spattered into them, blinding him momentarily. Roy squinted and pressed his freezing chin to his chest. He found him self looking straight into Ed's face.

Caked with his own snow, Ed looked just as cold, colder even, than Roy. It hardened around his bangs, holding them in awkward positions. But his face alone just screamed 'Help help! I'm frozen and I can't warm up!' (1) Roy stared for a moment longer before tearing his gaze away to look at his car, just 15 feet away. A new fire spread through Roy, sparked by determination, fueled by wanting. Wanting to get his sorry ass and Ed's out of this cursed weather!

He struggled forward, stepping in his previous steps. He hugged Ed a little closer with each change in the direction in wind. Damn, your little ass must be frozen! Roy thought, now five feet away from warmth. A new warmth seeping into his frozen joints as he thought of Ed's reply.


Roy opened the drivers side door with difficulty, and didn't hesitate to slip in and slam it shut. He sighed in relief and looked down at his snow caked bundle. His face twisting with worry, Roy slid Ed into the passengers seat. He slipped off his own jacket and laid it over him. Turning his car back on, Roy started home again, this time with a frozen Fullmetal.


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(1) Help, I've fallen, and I can't get up!

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