Okay, so I thought I'd be working on my next full length story, but then I found the Leverage fan fiction. And the rest was history. That show is addicting and the fan fiction is the same. I was reading a story that had to do with the same idea (and trying to avoid odd couples... having Nate and Eliot paired is a little too much for me... and if you know anything about the show, you'll understand) and then Lester decided that he wanted it written for the Plum universe. And you know how pushy Lester is.

Not mine, only the mistakes. If there are any, it's because I was really excited and wanted to post it ASAP. Thanks to the writer that showed us her talent that brought this story along (I'm sorry I don't remember her name!)

It started out as a normal day at RangeMan. Stephanie and Ranger were huddled close in his office, whispering, with their hands clasped. A small, happy smile graced Stephanie's face.

Suddenly, there was a big commotion.

"What is going on out there?" Stephanie asked. Ranger shrugged and opened the door. Everyone seemed to be crowded around Lester's desk.

"Doesn't anyone work here anymore?" Ranger asked, crossing his arms. Stephanie peered around his shoulders.

"It's all Lester's fault!" Bobby said, pointing his index finger.

Ranger raised an eyebrow. "Explain."

"See what had happened was…" He coughed. "I googled myself."

"Googled yourself?"

"Yeah, you know, the search engine? Okay, you know that thing on your desk? That's a computer. And there's this program on there and that connects you to the internet. And then…"

"I know what the internet is, Santos!" Ranger barked. Stephanie and a few brave guys giggled. "What the hell does that have to do with anything?"

"Well, I wanted to see what kind of information about me came up."

"Santos, I pay good money so we can't be found."

"I know, but I wanted to see what kind of info was out there. Did you know there's a guy with my name in Delaware that makes cuckoo clocks?"

"Interesting. Get on with your story."

"Well, after looking at a few of the hits, I came across this."

Every person there leaned in closer.

"What the hell is that?"

"It's called Fan Fiction."


"Apparently, there are people out there that like to write stories about our lives."

"Really," he said slowly, "people other than Janet?"

"Yep. Hey, when's she coming by again?"

"Her daughter said next week." Hal piped in. We all looked at him and he blushed. "What? So I know things."

"So anyway," Lester said loudly. "At first it was just me, and then the guys walked by and… here we all are."

"Some of the stories are pretty good." Bobby said. "I can't believe we haven't found out about this sooner."

"What are we looking at?" Tank asked, sidling up to Ranger.

"I'm pretty sure you don't want to know." Ranger replied.

"Look, you can pick the characters you want!" Lester said, clicking away. "Dude, there's a lot of Joe and Stephanie stories."

Stephanie snorted. "Like that's going to happen ever again."

"Good to know, Babe."

"And there's some with the boss and Steph." Lester laughed. "I like when they make Joe a dick."

"Me too." Ranger whispered in Stephanie's ear. Stephanie punched him in the shoulder.

"There's some where you're a dick too, boss. Man, they don't like you."


"The ladies that call themselves 'Cupcakes'," Lester said, chuckling

Stephanie snorted. "That's rich."

"Don't worry Boss, the Babes have your back." Lester said. He blanched. "And they play dirtier. Ouch."

"What's a 'Tart' story?" Hal asked.

"Dude," Lester said. "That's when one of the Merry Men are with… you know…"

All eyes went to Stephanie. Ranger tensed. Stephanie blushed.

"What are you all looking at?" She asked.

Lester chuckled. "There are quite a few of us together, Beautiful." He winked.

Stephanie rolled her eyes. "That's the only way it'll happen. In your dreams."

Lester went back to typing. "Dude."


"There's a few with Tank and Ranger."

"I like you, man," Tank said, chuckling and slapped him on the shoulder, "but not like that."

"Good to know."

"And some with Stephanie, Ranger and Joe," Binkie said. "Like that would ever happen."

"Because I don't share," Ranger said to Stephanie.

"I know. That's rule number one. Rule two is that I have to come home in the panties I leave in."

"I love that rule."

Stephanie rolled her eyes.

"Are there any Joe and Ranger stories?"

"Look and you die." Ranger said. He turned to Stephanie. "Why are we still standing here?"

"It's like a train wreck and you can't look away."

"Hey, click on that one." Bobby said. A few of them turned and started to read.

"Whoa," Lester said. "Jesus, that's hot."


"One of the Babe stories in the M category. They're way better."

Everyone turned and started to read.

"What the…?"


Everyone's head turned to the side.

"Is that even possible?" Stephanie asked. "I'm pretty sure I can't move my legs like that."

"Only one way to find out." Ranger said, squeezing her hips.

"In your dreams, Manoso."

"How'd you know?" He grinned at her.

They looked around the room. The men were all staring at the screen, not moving.

"They're like little kids around a tv." Ranger said, shaking his head. "Glad to see all their good training going to good use."

"All the better to leave them." Stephanie replied, heading for the elevator. She reached for Ranger's hand. "Want your dreams to come true?"

The elevator doors opened.

"They already have."

Stephanie and Ranger retreated up to seven to try out the new pose while the guys finished the story. When they were done, Lester started to type again.

"What are you doing now?" Bobby asked.

"Back hacking the site. These Lester lovers are women I want to meet."

All the men sighed.

"What?" Lester asked. "Fine, any of the other women that want you tools, I'll send your way."

The men cheered.