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And for the record, this is the last chapter of the story.

Two weeks later…

Bobby walked past Lester cubicle and sighed. If Ranger found him on that site one more time, he was going to block it from all computers.

And then he'd never know how some of those stories ended.

"Lester! Quit screwing around!" Bobby hissed.


"If Ranger sees you…"

"Please, I'm sure he hasn't seen the inside of his office since I found that sight. Him and Stephanie are having a 'creativity' seminar in his apartment. Again." He said, putting air quotes around creativity.

Everyone knew that the Boss and Stephanie were finally together. Not that they didn't try to keep it a secret, but being trained by the best sometimes had its perks.

That and the fact that behind every closed door, they're making out.

Stephanie really needs to learn to be quieter.

Hal walked over. "Is he on that site again?"

"Dude, my stories updated!"

"I knew it!"

"Knew what?" Lester asked, standing up.

Hal cowered a little, but went on. "I knew that you were commenting on stuff. You have to be more subtle."

"It's not like they're never going to know."

" 'LesterimasexymonkeySantos'? Really?"

"Dude," Bobby chuckled. "What the hell?"

"Hey the first draft was way longer. And had something that rhymed."

"With what?"

"You don't want to know." Bobby whispered. Bobby had been Lester's sounding board until he laughed Lester out of the room.

"What else are you reading?" Hal asked.

Lester pushed him away. "Get out of here!"

"Come on, I want to know!"

"Forget it," Bobby said. "I tried to find out and he took out his gun."

"Whoa, man." Hal put up his hands. "I just wanted to know."

"He's reading all the one's about himself." Stephanie said, sneaking up behind the guys.

"How do you know?"

"It's not hard," she shrugged. "Just click on his name and look at his favorites."

Lester turned around in his chair. "How do you…?"

" 'LesterimasexymonkeySantos'? Please. Be more creative."

"That's what I said!" Bobby said.

"Did he find…?"

Bobby furtively shook his head.

"Did I find what?"

"He probably wouldn't." Hal chimed in. "It's not underneath the Lester heading."

"Find what?"

"Nothing that would interest you." Bobby said.

"Yeah, right. You're keeping something from me."

"And for good reason," Bobby said under his breath.

"Come on, I want to know!" Lester whined. He was actually bouncing in his seat.

"What are you, four?" Stephanie asked. Lester gave her the puppy eyes and she caved. "Fine. It's by an author names jerseygirlinoxford. You have to read the other ones first to get the whole story."

He clicked to her site. "Aww, they're babe stories!"

"And?" Stephanie asked.

Lester sighed. "I thought... you know..."

She smacked him upside the head. "You would. You're nasty."

Bobby, Hal and Stephanie left his desk. "How long do you think...?" Bobby asked.

"I give it a week."

Stephanie giggled. "I give it less. He's going to want to know what's up."

"He'll find it all right." They all snickered now.

Two days later...


"Uh oh, I think I'm in trouble." Stephanie said to Ranger.

"Have you been a bad girl?" He raised a sexy eyebrow.

"Only around you."

"Good to know."

"Where is she?" Lester yelled outside Ranger's office.

"Hide me." She said, hiding behind his back.

But it was too late. The door banged open and Lester was standing there, seething. Stephanie continued to cower behind Ranger.

"I can see you, you know." Lester growled.

"See who?" Ranger asked.

"Don't play coy with me. I see your girlfriend!"

"You guys know about that!" Stephanie asked, popping out from her safe place.

Lester rolled his eyes. "The whole floor knows. You need to be more subtle. Or at least less loud."

Stephanie blushed.

"I like you loud." Ranger said, kissing the corner of her mouth.

Lester and Stephanie both rolled their eyes.

"What are you so mad about, anyway?" Ranger asked.

Lester looked blank until he realized why. Stephanie punched him in the gut. "Thanks," she said.

"For what?"

"He forgot!"

"Not anymore," Lester said. "I hate you!"

"In my defense, I told you not to look!"

"Look at what?" Ranger asked, clearly out of the loop.

"A story." Stephanie supplied.

"Figures." Ranger scoffed and went to his desk. "You really should change your username. That's too obvious."

"Dude, even you know?"

"Of course." He said. "I have to give those ladies their props. They're keeping us very busy."

Stephanie blushed harder.

"And don't call me dude." He didn't even look up from his desk.

Lester rolled his eyes. "Whatever man." He turned back to Stephanie. "I can't believe you."

"Look, I told you..."

"You didn't tell me that you... that you..."

"Did he find the one where you tell his ex that he's gay?" Ranger piped in.

"WHAT? Even you?"

"Sure," he shrugged. "She's my favorite."

Stephanie giggled. Who knew that Ranger, bad ass mercenary, would like stories like that.

"I can't believe you..."

"It wasn't me! I didn't write it."

"But the guys have been teasing me about it! Just that someone would insinuate that this delicious piece of man meat..."

"Ugh, gross." Ranger said.

"Quiet, peanut gallery."

Ranger glared at Lester, but it didn't phase him.

"I still can't believe that..."

"Lester," Stephanie said. "If it makes you feel any better, I never thought that you were gay. It's just a story."

"I know..."

"But it hurt your ego." She said, patronizing him a little. She hugged him close.

"It did..." He said, his hands wandering lower.

"Watch it, or you won't pull anything back." Ranger growled.

"Just putting the rumors to rest, boss." Lester said.

Everyone looked at the large group of workers at the office door.

"What do I pay you people for?"

Stephanie giggled as the guys ran away. "Its just a story. Don't you know not to believe everything you read?" Lester still didn't look convinced. "Look, the guys will get over it. Just do something that you can talk about that trumps this." She thought about it for a moment. "I know! TP Joe's house!"

"That could work. Thanks Beautiful!" Lester ran from the room.

"That was cold, Babe. I thought you liked Joe."

"Yeah, well he was an ass yesterday. He deserves to have his house TP'd."

Ranger pulled her onto his lap. "I just knew that you were a bad girl at heart."

"Does that earn me a social orgasm?"

"To start."