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"Rasengan!" Speech
'Rasengan!' Thoughts

Intro: Now if I told you that there were ninjas in the world that lived in secret villages what would you say hhhmm, you would say ok that might be real. But if I then said that there was another world with Greek Gods you would take one look at me and say I'm stark raving mad. I'm not though. These things aren't normal you would say, my reply to that would be 'nothing in my life or my friend's is normal' but you'll see. My name is Naruto Uzumaki and this is our story.

Frozen Maelstrom of the Wild
Chapter 1: The Winds of Change
The alarm went off causing me to sit up in bed before turning the dam thing off. Swinging my legs over the edge of the bed I ran my hand through my blond hair. I looked across the room at the picture on the dressing table of two young boys and girl with a tall grey haired man standing over them with love in his eyes

"The good old days huh Sasuke," I said to no one but myself, oh right my name is Naruto Uzumaki I'm one of the boys in the picture the other one is Sasuke my best friend the others are Sakura and Kakashi sensei, team 7 back when we were a team.

Any way I got to my feet and walked over to the window before opening the curtains and looked out over the great village of the hidden leaf which has been my home for most of my 16 years of life.

"Today is the day Sasuke I'm going to stop you, too many people have been hurt by you"

Many years ago Sasuke left to get stronger so he could kill his brother which I might add he did. I'm happy for him, I guess, because he was always living under the shadow of Itachi. But then he declared war on Konoha and tried to kill my friends he crossed the line and I won't stand for that.

I got dressed and had some Raman for breakfast, grabbed my bag from the chair I left it on the night before and walked to the door. As I turned the key to lock the door I had a real bad feeling I wasn't going to see this place again. Shaking it off as pre-mission nerves, I walked down the stairs to the street and looked up at the mountain with all the past and present Hokages on it. With that I turned and ran down the street towards the main gate that leads into the village. As I ran the briefing I got yesterday in granny's office came back to me in a flash.

I looked around the room, the people who had come together were all my friends and allies. There was Kakashi-sensei the strong and great leader of team Kakashi, Sakura Haruno my friend and co team member of team Kakashi and the final member of our team Shikamaru Nara the cleverest person I have ever met and the last 2 people in the room were Shizune who was stood next to the 5th Hokage, Tsunade, who I like to call granny.

"What's this all about granny?" I asked looking at her.

Tsunade sat down behind her desk and looked up at me "We've found him," She paused for just a second as the shock registered in all are faces "the international criminal known as Sasuke Uchiha. And I have gathered you all here to finally end this."

Sakura looked down at the floor I could tell she was upset about this, like I was, Sasuke was a friend and team mate. I looked over at Kakashi he had put his book away and was watching me "I'm the only one who can face Sasuke in battle!" I announced "it's the only way I can help him as a friend."

Everyone looked at me and Shikamaru spoke up "Naruto as much as we would like Sasuke to come back to the leaf, that's imposable now that he's killed Danzo. He was Hokage at the time which makes him one of the biggest problems the leaf has ever had." He walked over to me and placed a hand on my shoulder "Also what sort of friends would any of us be if we let you run headlong into a battle without help? You may want to face Sasuke alone but that's not going to happen."

I looked at Shikamaru and smiled "We'll bring him back together, one way or another. So granny," I turned to look at Tsunade "where is he? And what's the plan going to be?"

Tsunade look around at us "We have reports that Sasuke is in a place you know only too well Naruto."

Kakashi looked as surprised as I did, he turned to Tsunade "You don't mean..."

I walked over to her desk and slammed my hands down on it "The Valley of the End! He's there! Why, why would he be there?" Everyone looked at me we all knew that place well, it's the last place Sasuke was when he was still a leaf ninja and also where we had our battle over three years ago.

Sakura walked over to me and placed a hand on my back "Naruto we will bring him back together, ok, this time will be different."

I turned to face her, the look of concern on her face said everything "Yes we will Sakura, yes we will."

-(Flashback end)-
I thought back to my fight with Sasuke, back then and how I tried to make him see sense. It didn't work, so now 4 years later with both of us so much stronger, how do we have a hope in hell of bringing him back alive? 'Dam it! This is going to be much harder then I want it to be.' Then as I turned the corner, the sight of the entrance to the village snapped me out of my thoughts. I slowed down and walked up to Sakura and Shikamaru who were already there but no Kakashi sensei "Hi guys sorry I'm late."

Shikamaru just nodded at me but Sakura was a bit more active then that "NARUTO why of all days are you late today?"

I looked at Shikamaru for help, but he just looked up at the sky as if he saw something interesting "gee thanks Shikamaru." I looked at Sakura whom was now right in my face "look does it matter Sakura I mean I'm here now which is the important thing and come on Kakashi sensei isn't here so does it matter?" does it matter? Wrong thing to say next thing I know Shikamaru is helping me up of the floor 12 feet away and my face was hurting real bad "hahaha good old Sakura" I laughed while rubbing the swelling on my face.

Shikamaru just shrugged and crossed his arms while looking back at a now pissed off Sakura "look man if we are going to work together you can't go around pissing her off. I have had all I can take with girls at this moment in time."

I smiled an evil smile at him "You don't happen to be talking about Temari are you?"

He blushed a little and just turned and walked away "Man this is going to be such a drag."

I started to laugh then I felt someone arriving I looked towards Sakura and stopped laughing, we both locked eyes and nodded now it began, Kakashi landed in front of us "Sorry I'm late guys I met a little old lady who needed to cross the road so I had to help her."

"YOU LIER!" Sakura and I both yelled at him the same time he shrugged.

"Right let's get this show on the road we all know the plan to either bring back Sasuke Uchiha or ..." He took one look at me and Sakura "kill him. Now the plan we have is this me, Naruto and Sakura will attack Sasuke and while we are engaged Shikamaru will get into position and the aim is to catch him in the Shadow Imitation Technique then we go from there ok."

We all nodded and turned towards the gate and walked out of the village I turned and walked backwards looking at the village 'I wonder when I will see the village again.' I shrugged and turned back before I ran to catch up with the others 'I can't get rid of that feeling of not seeing the village again naaaaa.' Must be all in my head.

We made good progress by night fall we made it to the edge of the valley "Right we camp here tonight and we will start are search of the area tomorrow." Kakashi said looking at us all.

I sat down next to a tree and started to wonder 'How am I going to get Sasuke to come with us man this is going to be bloody hard.'

I must have been really in thought because Sakura came and sat down next to me and I didn't realise until she spoke "Are you still going to try and bring him back?"

I look at her and smiled and gave her a thumbs up "You bet he is are friend Sakura and I still remember the promise I made you" I looked down at the ground and in my head I could hear the promise as clear as the day I made it

"I will definitely bring back Sasuke! That's the promise of a life time"

I remember my last battle here with Sasuke. Back then I used the power of the fox when mine wasn't enough to try and stop him and I failed he left now I have a chance to change all of that and correct the mistakes that have been made and bring us all back together "Sakura I will bring him back you need to believe in me, between the four of us we will take him back to the leaf."

She smiled at me "I know we will." She replied "Now we need to get some sleep tomorrow is going to be a big day."

I slept like a rock which is strange I'm normally so pumped up before a fight but this time I was oddly calm, about 4 in the morning something made me sit up fast I looked around. All that could be heard was the sound of the rain and the water fall in the distance I shot to my feet there was someone nearby watching I turned to wake the others but they were gone. I was standing in the middle of the clearing we camped in on my own "What the hell? Sakura, Kakashi sensei ...Shikamaru!" Nothing they were gone. The feeling of being watched got stronger "Whose there show your selves, what did you do with my friends?" I turned and ran towards the feeling.

I ran through the trees bushes and branches cutting at my face and ripping my jumpsuit after 15 minutes I made it to the edge of the valley I looked down at the water from the top of the cliff I lost my breath for second "This is it...SASUKE!" I screamed at the top of my lungs. Nothing just the sound of the waterfall and the rain but then a sharp pain ran through my head I fell to my knees unable to stand and then images of my battle with Sasuke started flashing in front of me,

There I was stood on the head of the 1st Hokage Hashirama Senju and Sasuke on the head of Madara Uchiha "Why, why are you doing this to us Sasuke I don't get it what happened to make you like this why are you doing it" I shouted at him.

Sasuke looked at me with a smirk on his face and replied "Why should you care what I do it's my concern not yours I have my own path to follow now and neither you or anyone else can steer me from it" he paused for a second "I will tell you this much my days playing ninja with you kids of the leaf village are done"

The image faded and I got to my feet slowly 'man my head is killing me' I looked down at the lake and another past image racked through my brain "aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh" the pain was so bad.

I was stood on the water I rubbed some blood off of my face and looked up at Sasuke who was stood on the fingers of Madara Uchiha "what am I to you now? We were comrades or have you just forgotten all about that are you telling me that all the things we did together in squad 7 mean absolutely nothing to you now?" I yelled at him.

Sasuke looked at me like he did not have a care in the world "no they weren't meaningless one thing was worthwhile are friendship we became best friends."

I looked at him unable to believe what I was hearing "we became best friends? Then why are we fighting."

He smiled at me "I just told you because we're friends there is far more meaning in destroying you."

I clenched my fist and said "I can't understand that but I know for some reason you want to destroy me right Sasuke."

The image faded again this time as I tried to stay on my feet which went as well as you would expect I stumbled and went over the edge I fell and hit the water hard as I sank to the bottom another image appeared before me causing more pain to rip through my head.

I climbed out of the water unable to believe that Sasuke wanted to kill me he looked at me as that cursed seal of his spread across his face and he smiled demonic smile "You know what they say don't you Naruto when two shinobi are powerful enough, their able to read each other thoughts simply through an exchange of fists...without ever uttering a single word... Get it? You've always been naive Naruto tell me do you know my thoughts ha can you tell what's on my mind" with that he ran though the rat, tiger, dog, ox, rabbit and tiger hand signs "fire style phoenix flower jutsu" I jumped to avoid the attack he appeared right in front of me and slammed his fist into my face.

The image faded I shot to the surface and weakly climbed on to the water someone is fucking with me, I stood up "SASUKE" I looked around expecting to see my friend but no one I looked at the water fall "ahhhhhhhh" the pain shot through my head again I brought my hands to my head "ahhh it hurts so much" another image appeared in front of me

We stood on each side of the waterfall me in my one tails form and Sasuke in his curse seal 2nd form "this is the end" Sasuke shouted he powered up his Chidori, I powered up my Rasengan then we launched at each other.

"Rasengan/Chidori" we shouted as are attacks collided.

In a blinding flash the image was gone and I was stood in the middle of the lake with sakura stood next to me with her hands on my shoulders, I shook my head it was buzzing really bad I looked at sakura "what happened? Where were you guys?"

She looked at me "you were under a genjutsu look" she looked in front of us I followed her stare and there locked in battle with Kakashi and Shikamaru was Sasuke.

Kakashi lunged at Sasuke and punched at him. Sasuke blocked the attack sweeping Kakashi's legs out from underneath him. He then powered up a Chidori and brought his arm down at Kakashi who rolled away dodging the blow as Shikamaru's shadow came out of the water in a big explosion of water and wrapped around Sasuke. Shikamaru burst out of the water as the shadow started to tighten around Sasuke but then a burst of electricity surrounded the shadow and shot back at Shikamaru who broke the jutsu and bounced back next to Kakashi.

Sasuke appeared out of the now fading shadow completely fine and laughed "After all this time this is all you can managed and after I made it so easy for you to fine me." He walked forward three steps and stopped as I jumped in front of Kakashi and Shikamaru "Ah Naruto, so how was your trip down memory lane, hhhmm? Did you have fun? I was hoping to end this quickly and nearly did too. You really need to be more careful Naruto."

I looked straight at him not taking my eyes of him. For a second I felt Kakashi walking up next to me before he spoke to me "He put us all under a genjutsu and lured you here on your own. We woke and managed to break his hold on us. We got here just as he was about to kill you."

My eyes widened, my fists clenched "Why Sasuke? Why here? You beat Itachi so why don't you come back to the village with us? It doesn't have to be this way!" I pleaded.

He snarled at me "Why you ask. This is where it all began, it seems only fitting that this should be the location I take your life. It's about time I finished you and show the world that the Uchiha will not be used!"

I took a step forward and shouted at him "I don't care about crap that happened in the past, you're my friend, and I just want you to come home." I stopped; I knew this wasn't going to work "Fine… be like that. I may not have been able to take you back all those years ago… something I have regretted all this time, but I will break every bone in your god damn body if I have to and drag you back Sasuke!"

But before I could charge at him Kakashi lunged forward and started to trade blows with Sasuke. I turned to Shikamaru "You guys keep him busy. It'll take me time to gather the energy I need for sage mode." And with that Sakura and Shikamaru launched into the fight.

I summoned two shadow clones "Start gathering nature energy!" They both nodded as I closed my eyes, stood dead still and started pulling the nature energy into me. I could hear the battle going on around me, explosions and yelling of jutsu 'Hold on guys I will be there in a minute.'

The battle moved away from us as we stood gathering the energy I will most likely need after what felt like forever. I activated sage mode as I opened my eyes. What I saw was not good, the fight had made it way on to the land beneath the waterfall and Shikamaru and Sakura were down and not moving while Kakashi was fighting Sasuke head on "You two stay here!"

The clones nodded and I ran as fast as I could "Move Naruto, Move!" As I got closer Sasuke spotted me and decided that Kakashi was in the way. Before I could reach them he knocked Kakashi away and ran him through with his chokutō "NOOOOOOOOOOOO!" I yelled as I jumped into the air and just as Kakashi fell I punched Sasuke in the head. He flew sideways for about ten meters before back flipping and landing on his feet. "Kakashi-sensei, are you ok? Please be ok." I said pleading with him as I helped him up.

His hand was at his side holding on to a big gash "I'm fine, look I'm not in any state to fight at the moment, do you think you can hold him of until I get Sakura to heal me?" We both looked over at Sakura and Shikamaru. Sakura was up and beside Shikamaru healing his left arm which was cut open really badly "Can do." I replied.

I walked over towards Sasuke who was dusting himself off "So this is the power of the great sage mode, hmmm Naruto. Well all I can say is if that's your best then you're finished!" He charged at me and swiped at my face with his chokutō. I dropped to a crouch on one leg and swept at his legs causing him to jump up into air and bring his chokutō straight down at me. I quickly activated the hidden Kunai in my sleeve, causing it shot out into my hand as I knocked the blow away.

Sasuke stumbled backwards from the blow as I went on the attack and slashed at him first left then right then left again. He blocked them all and brought his chokutō down again. This time I locked up his weapon with mine, bringing us face to face "Sasuke stop please!" I pleaded with him.

He smiled "weak as ever Naruto, Chidori current!" Suddenly electricity shot through my body and all around us. I flew backwards in the air, my whole body num before a pain exploded in my gut as Sasuke punched me as hard as he could.

"Aaaaaaaaaaahhhh" I yelled as Sasuke span around and his foot connected with my head. I flew backwards and hit the water hard before skidding a couple of meters and coming to a stop. I slowly got to my feet holding my gut "He's done some damage I can feel it." I thought before I coughed up some blood. Standing up I wiped the blood off of my mouth. He looked at me with a smile as he slid his chokutō into it's holder on his back.

"Sasuke now it's my turn!" With that I started to run around him as fast as I could. He turned his head left and right but could not see where I was before I started going in for punches, first the gut then in the back over and over again. He started to sway as I rushed in straight in front of him. He looked down just as my fist came up and punched him under the chin causing him to shoot straight in to the air.

I made two shadow clones and powered up a Rasenshriken but he span in the air and looked down at me. With speed of lightning he made the hands signs of snake, ram, monkey, boar, horse and tiger "Fire Style, Fireball Jutsu!" It shot straight at me.

Just before the attack hit I dropped down into the water losing the Rasenshriken and swam down. Looking up I saw the steam as the attack collided into the water. I made two clones appear and made a Rasenshriken "My turn this time." I was grabbed by the two clones and thrown to the surface, shooting up into the air. Sasuke had landed back on the water and was running towards me "Take this!" I shouted and threw my attack.

The Rasenshriken flew at him fast, about a meter of the ground. Sasuke ran towards it and at the last moment slid under it "No!" I shouted as I had used my two Rasenshriken and I was a bit out of breath from loss of chakra.

As I landed Sasuke was beside me, side by side with like a centimetre between us he looked me in the eye with an evil smile "No more sage mode! You're mine now Naruto!" His eyes changed colour and there I was staring face to face with the Sharingan. Suddenly there was a flash and I couldn't move. I was stuck my legs arms, nothing would move. Sasuke walked back four steps and laughed "You're worthless! I don't need these eyes after all, now die!"

He lunged at me, this called for something a little more extreme I felt for the captured fox chakra and then tapped into it. The flame armour covered my body and I felt the power of the fox surge through my body as I pushed a load of chakra out of my body breaking the hold Sasuke had on me. I rushed forward smashing my fist into his face, and then with speed like none other I raced past him and kicked him straight up into the air before jumping up after him over taking him and brought my left foot down, sending him crashing into the water below.

Kakashi, Shikamaru and Sakura who were back up on their feet just stared at me as I landed and powered down into sage mode using the fox power had dispelled my clones so once this sage mode was done that would be it.

Sasuke was pissed as he shot out of the water "What the fuck was that Naruto? That's it I'm done messing around!" He charged at me pulling out his chokutō. He swung the chokutō at my left.

It was inches from my face and I caught it causing him to push back, clutching the sword as hard as he could but I would not budge "No more Sasuke. I have had enough. If you don't want to come back fine then you leave me with no option…" I spoke calmly and brought up my right fist and brought it down on the chokutō, shattering it into pieces. I then swung my left leg around and kicked Sasuke away "Shadow Clone Jutsu!" I cried as two clones appeared behind me and together we form the Rasenshriken.

Sasuke stood looking at me all cut up and bruised as a sinister smile formed on his face before he raised his left hand into the sky. Up in the clouds lightning started to flash slowly at first before it got faster and faster until it stayed visible "What the hell?" I muttered.

Sasuke looked at me and laughed "Now you die Naruto, and I… I will finally be free of you forever. Come forth Kirin!" He fired a Chidori into the sky and the lightning shot up into the clouds before came one of the scariest things I have ever seen, a giant bull like creature made of lightning. It was a deep blue colour and its whole body crackled with static electricity. It roared so loud the ground shook "It's over Naruto!" Sasuke yelled.

Kirin shot towards me so I did the only thing I could think of, I threw my Rasenshriken. The two attacks hit each other, Kirin wrapped around the Rasenshriken over and over again until the attacks exploded.

The two attacks exploded into a big turquoise coloured ball and it grew and grew until it past over me and then that's when I heard the voice "Don't be scared young one; you have given me a chance to bring you to a world which needs saving, a world that needs young heroes like you. Now come to me, find me and I will tell you all." The voice ended.

I could see Sasuke looking around as well "I wonder if he heard the voice." Then the ball exploded. The pain I felt was immense, it felt like my soul was being ripped into pieces before I started to fall over and over again. I opened my eyes and all I could see were bright stars flashing past me faster and faster until I lost conscious.

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