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"Rasengan!" Speech
'Rasengan!' Thoughts

Frozen Maelstrom of the Wild
Chapter 4: So it all begins
As I turned around the corner I ran straight into a school, well what was left of the school. The building was a mess, the front door had collapsed, there was a rather large hole in the side of the building like something had smashed its way in, there was smoke pouring out of the hole and I could see that parts of the school was on fire. Everyone was running past me back into the street. After 5 minutes of scanning everyone that ran past, there was nothing that looked like a giant. Soon I was all alone in the playground, looking at the broken building when I heard a scream and out of the hole ran a little girl with brown eyes and black hair up in a bun. She looked no older then 7 but that's not what spurred me forward, no; it was the hulking mass of the Laistrygonian giant dont ask me how i knew what it was i just knew. She ran as fast as she could but the giant was faster.

Exploding out of the hole in the side of the building he brought his big left hand down. Seconds before his hand made contact I slid in, grabbed the girl and jump clear. He lifted his hand and with a big smile looked for the girl; confusion appeared on his face "Nice try!" I shouted causing him to look at me and spot the girl behind me "Pick on someone your own size!" I turned my head and looked towards the girl "What's your name?"

She looked up at me and smiled "it's Momo Hinamori Snowy-chan." A tick appeared in my eye at the 'Snowy-chan' before an image of an older girl who looked a lot like her suddenly flashed before my eyes, however just as soon as it appeared it was gone.

I smiled at her "That's a nice name. Now I need you to run and get out of here ok, can you do that for me?" She nodded and ran towards the road.

"Agh, you took my lunch of little Demigod, that's not good!" Then he thought about it "Me Ugnog, me going to eat you instead, you bigger then little girl." He lunged at me I dodged to the left causing him to fly past me. I grabbed the handle of my sword and unsheathed it.

He turned, bringing his right fist down as I jumped back and swung at him with my sword, cutting a gash in his skin. Ugnog roared, grabbed me and threw me backwards. I shot past a set of swings and hit the metal slide, got to say that hurt. I picked myself up, everything was shaking a bit. He grabbed the seesaw, ripped it out of the fucking ground, no kidding, and then threw it at me. I ran up the slide and dived off the top. I managed to hook a foot onto the handle to stop myself from falling to the ground. The wreaked playground toy flew past me and crashed into the ground before I grabbed the ladder and pulled myself up.

He charged as I slid down the slide. 'This is bloody crazy, I can't fight,' were my thoughts as I launched myself into the air. I threw my sword, it curved in the air like a deadly spinning top and just as it was about to take his head off he tried to dodge so all it did was cut a gash in his face before it slammed into the ground, half the blade sunk into the concrete. Ugnog grabbed my leg out of the air and started to spin me around and around before letting go of me. I shot straight into the air 10, 20, 30 then 40 feet into the air. I span around then my greatest enemy took hold, Gravity.

I looked down at the playground rushing towards me 'So this is how I die, can't say this is how I thought I would go.' But then as sooner as the thought had left my mind a voice spoke to me.

"Feel the power I have given to you, use it and you will live."

No, I wasn't going to die… not today, and to this day I have no idea how I knew this but I spread my arms and legs out and willed the winds to slow me down.

They did slow me down, just enough, so that when I was about 3 meters from the ground I grabbed the top bar of the swings and rotated around them before shooting at Ugnog. I connected both feet straight into his face causing him to fly back from the impact into the damaged school "Take that!" I yelled at him I just started to laugh. In hindsight, not a smart move, but come on I had just done an amazing stunt.

But anyway, the giant shot out of the school, now very much pissed off, and came back at me, punching me full on in the side of the face. I flew backwards head over heels scrapping across the concrete, past my sword and coming to a stop by the entrance to the street. I started to get up slowly; I was in a lot of pain with cuts all over me.

Ugnog grabbed me by the neck and looked me in the eyes. It took all I had not to throw up from his breath "Me kill you now!" He let go and brought his leg up, kicking me in the side. I smashed into a wall and slumped to my knees grabbing my side 'Fuck that one hurt.' I thought as I coughed up some blood and fell flat on my face. I watched as he walked slowly towards me, he knew I was done for.

"No!" Came a scream, and to my horror Momo was standing in front of me, arms spread out "Don't hurt Snowy-chan anymore, please!"

I got up to one knee "Get out of here now before he gets you!"

She shook her head at me, causing Ugnog to laugh "More for me to eat!" He ran forward and raised his left hand. I closed my eyes, waiting for the blow to come but it never did. There was this horrible roaring as I opened my eyes to find there on the floor was Ugnogs left arm.

I got to my feet while Momo was pointing at the giant, and no kidding, fire was coming out of her finger. I wasn't going avoid this chance and grabbed my sword from the ground "Take this!" I sliced at his chest, opening up a large wound before jumping back. Grabbing Momo, we ran behind the side of the building "How did you do that?" I asked her, however she looked just as puzzled as I did. Oh well, it didn't matter right now. It had given me the chance to get my breath back. Yes I hurt all over, had cuts all over me, but I'm not going to give up. This thing is a danger to all "Right, Momo, stay here ok? Don't come out, got it?" She nodded.

I walked out from behind the side of the building and watched the giant pick itself up from the floor. It had healed his wounds, I don't know how but really couldnt do with that right now. Then suddenly I wasn't in that broken playground anymore, I was standing in a cave. There was a fine mist floating around and it was dark, and I mean DARK. I moved forward "Momo are you there? Giant thing! Where the hell am I?"

Then suddenly there was a bright light and I could just make out a large shape. It towered over me. I couldn't make out what it was, but something about it felt like a part of me "FIND ME AND I WILL BE YOURS ONCE AGAIN!" A voice boomed in my ears right before the light got brighter and brighter until I had to close my eyes.

When I opened them again I was back on the playground like I had never left. Ugnog charged at me and for some reason I had my energy back. I rushed forward and jump up over him. It was amazing; I landed behind him and punched him in the back. He fell forward and skidded along the floor. I looked down at my fist only to find it had ice over it 'What the hell?' The ice melted and my hand was fine. I ran forward with my sword raised and jumped onto him. Before I could slice into him however, he grabbed my foot and slammed me into the ground.

I just lay there, I couldn't move, I was in a lot of pain 'This is not going so well.' I could only watch as his foot shot out towards me and kicked me back. I slammed into the slide again, well that was it I'm done. I gave it my all but I couldn't move, even if I wanted to. Now I just lay there, he must have known because he walked slowly towards me.

Momo was at my side, shouting at me to get up, but I couldn't hear her. The giant raised his fist up in the air and right before it could slam down on me there was a flash of yellow and the giant flew backwards, head over heels, about 10 meters away. And there, standing in front of me, looking a little worst for wear was "Naruto?"

He turned, just enough so I could see part of his face, and smiled "Like my sensei says 'those who abandon the mission are scum but those who abandon friends are worst then scum' and I may not know you well yet," He brought his arm up and gave me a thumbs up "but I class you as a friend."

At that I got, slowly, back up to my feet "Thanks, I promise I will help you find your friends. Momo, go get out of here and hide." She ran off as I walked next to Naruto and pulled my sword out of the ground while I watched Ugnog get back up "I'm not a very good at this, but together we can do this. How do you feel?"

He smiled "To be honest my chakra is low and I'm aching all over, but to answer your question I'm fine."

I couldn't help but laugh. We went back to back facing the giant "Remind me to buy you some Raman after this, if we survive." We both launched are selves at the giant.

He brought his fists down but we both split, one right, the other left. I jumped at him with my sword once again cutting him along his arm. He grabbed the sword and swung me around. I flew into the air and landed back on my feet while sliding back along the ground. Naruto threw several kunai at him however they just went through him. He roared and punched at Naruto who jumped up and ran up his arm before pushing off his back, spun around in the air and threw some more kunai they passed through Ugnogs back, but these however had what looked like tags on them. They burst into flames then exploded while Naruto jumped back next to me. We both stood there, watching the cloud of smoke, wondering if he was dead.

Suddenly a slab of concrete from the floor shot out at us. We dived to the floor as it flew over our heads. Together we both looked back up as the slab met the swings, the swings lost! They got mangled into crushed metal.

"This is flipping crazy" i said to myself looking back at the remains of the swings.

I got to my feet and ran at Ugnog, who was now running straight at us. I slid under him, slicing at his legs as I went through. He fell to one knee as I launched myself back up to my feet and swung around only to watch with amazement as 10 different Narutos landed on Ugnog. They punched and kicked at him and I could see the giant was now struggling to get back to his feet, we were winning.

I ran forward only to get hit with about 5 Narutos, they burst into smoke making me choke. I opened my eyes and realized Naruto was shouting for me to dodge. I looked up and tried to move, to slow though, as the punch connected with my side. I flew to the side, only for Naruto to catch me in midair. He put me down and I fell to one knee "Shit, I don't know if I can carry on with this, my body is about ready to give up on me. Got any ideas?"

He looked at the giant, who was bleeding a weird golden blood "Can you run decoy? Just get him to watch you and not me."

I pulled myself to my feet "You've got to be kidding me. I don't even have my sword!" Naruto pushed me aside as my sword flew at us and embedded itself into the slide behind us.

I looked at the giant "Be careful what you wish for." Naruto said as I picked it up and started walking towards the giant. The sword dragging behind me, spark's coming from it.


Anger appeared on Ugnog's face as he started to run towards me. I started to run too. As we came together, I brought my sword up in a deadly arc. It cut him on the chest before he swung for me, however I managed to duck and rolled to the left, evading the strike before jumping backwards and then launched forward, bringing my sword down, however he grabbed it with his hands.

We both pushed and pulled till we were face to face, then I spotted something out of the corner of my eye causing me to smiled at him "Tell Hades I said hi." I let go of the sword and punched him as hard as I could. He stumbled backwards just as Naruto ran forward with a giant ball of energy in his hand and pushed it into Ugnog's gut with a shout of "Rasengan!"

The light that was given out was amazing. Naruto pushed and pushed until the attack exploded. We both got thrown backwards onto the floor. I pushed my self up and looked across at Naruto who was sat up before we looked back at where the giant had been stood. Smoke billowed around; it was hard to see anything. A wind then blew it away, Ugnog the Laistrygonian giant was no more.

I slumped to the floor and realized just how tired I felt. I put my hand to my side and coughed up some more blood. Naruto came over and sat down next to me. He was all bruised, with cuts and scrapes on him "Look at us." He laughed "We're both barely alive and what the hell was that stuff you were saying about you being a captain?"

I smiled at him, wiping the blood from the corner of my mouth "I know, I don't know what the hell that was about." We both started to laugh and after a couple of minutes we went quiet right before running footsteps broke that quiet. I looked towards the sound "Hi there Momo, glad to see you're ok."

I smiled and she hugged me before shaking a finger in my face "You shouldn't have done that to help me, now you're hurt." She had tears in her eyes.

"I'm fine." I reassured her as I got to my feet slowly, as did Naruto. Then I don't know how or why, but I felt a disturbance. I could tell Naruto did as well as we both stood around Momo, just as a group of 10 girls ranging from the age of 11 to about 17 wearing white cloaks and shirts, white combat trousers and sandals appeared out of nowhere before surrounding us, with bow and arrows which were pointed at us.

Then two of them moved aside and the girl who had that Barbie t-shirt on walked forward and stood in front of us both "Well done! For a minute I thought we were going to have to step in. You," she pointed at Naruto "my lady knew you would make the right choice in the end."

Naruto stared at her "An old friend reminded me of something I was once taught."

I took a step forward "So what now? Care to explain what's going on and who you are?"

She clicked her fingers and the others put down there bows "My name is Thalia and we are the hunters of Artemis. But right now, we need to get out of here before any mortals get here. So right now follow me and as for Momo she will come with us."

And with that one of the hunters stepped forward, shoved us out of the way and spoke to Momo "Come on honey, get on to my back. We are going somewhere nice, ok?" Momo looked at me and I nodded.

We ran out of the area, down some alleys and through lots of different streets. I'm going to be honest; it was hard to keep up. I was aching all over, but just when I thought I was going to keel over we reach a wall. The hunters went over one by one while Naruto gave me a hand before we landed on a roof.

We gathered together and Thalia whispered to us "Right, this is a guarded dock. It belongs to the human military; we need to make our way to the yacht over there. It's the fastest way out of the city but there are armed guards and cameras. We can't be seen and no kills, right." All the hunters nodded while Naruto gave me a look of what the hell are we doing, I just shrugged.

We made a move with Thalia in the lead. We walked across the building until we came to a jump of 5 meters to the next one and 3 meters below us was a solider walking up and down with a M16 slung over his arm. Each of the hunters one by one ran jumped the gap in silence Naruto did as well then came my turn I ran and jumped.

From the moment I jumped I knew I wasn't going to make it, luckily for me Naruto had my back he grabbed my hand as I fell and pulled me up "Thanks." The look of disgust I got from the hunters was bad but anyway we carried on jumping from building to building, getting closer to our goal of the boat, until we came to the last building and this is where we hit a snag.

There were 4 pontoons that crisscrossed out to the different boats, annoyingly these pontoons had little cover on them and had guards patrolling them. In front of the pontoons was an open training area.

We all lay at the edge of the building. Looking around, there were 6 guards, each needed to be taken out with out the other seeing. 6 targets, Thalia turned to me and Naruto "Right I'm going to need you two to help out."

I looked at her "Why, I'm sure your hunters could do it, why use us?"

She looked at me "I'm going to use you 2 because I know you wont kill the guys, my hunters not so much. I want me and phoebe to take out the others." She pointed to 2 of the guards that were right out by the water, on each side of the boat "I need you two to take them out; we will deal with the rest. I know you're hurting but I know you can do it." Thalia and the hunters moved away into the shadows to deal with the other guards.

Naruto looked at me "How the hell are we suppose to do this? And that was a pretty lame excuse she doesnt trust them what ever they are testing us"

My brain went into over time as I ran through lots of different ways we could deal with them but each one came back to the fact people will see us until I got it "Naruto how well can you hold your breath?"

He gave me a puzzled look "Ok I guess, why?"

I smiled "Well were about to get wet."

We dropped down the other side of the building, facing away from the dock and quickly, when they weren't looking, moved silently over to the water and dropped in. God it was bloody cold, but, as by the plan I came up with, we both dived under water. I swam as fast as I could and after 2 minutes I came to the surface just behind my guard.

I looked across; good Naruto was in position as well. I nodded at him while he nodded back and together we both climbed out of the water and came up behind the guards. I clamped my hand over his mouth and brought my arm around his neck, choking him. He fought at me but I didn't let go and after a minute of fighting he fell unconscious. I dropped him carefully to the floor, making sure he was still breathing.

God my heart was going like hell, I looked across to Naruto who was also just making sure his was still breathing. He gave me a thumbs up and we both ran up the ramp to the posh looking yacht.

Seconds later Thalia and the hunters appeared "Well done, you passed." She said.

"What?" I asked.

"It was a test to see how you would react in the heat of battle and I'm glad you passed. I mean how would I explain it to my lady that you were both full of bullets. Now come on, we have to get out of here." We made our way into a lounge. Thalia sat down while the girl carrying Momo put her down on a couch, she had fallen asleep "Phoebe leave her there, you are in charge. Get this boat moving, we need to be out of the harbor fast."

Phoebe nodded as she called out commands to the rest of the hunters before they all left. I fell into a chair, as did Naruto "God I'm so tired and in pain." Naruto nodded while I turned to Thalia "So, what now Thalia?"

She looked at me with a smile "Now you meet my lady and get the answers you want." She stood and bowed while Naruto and I shot to our feet and look to the door. There walking in was the little girl from before.

She walked over to Thalia and placed a hand on her shoulder "Thank you my hunter, you may leave us and get some rest, you will need it." Thalia nodded and left the room. The girl sat down "My name is Artemis and I'm guessing you are after answers, but first lets get you both healed shall we." A glow of energy came from her and I felt warm, looking down at my hands I watched in amazement as the wounds I had healed and my chest pain went away.

Artemis smiled at us "Right I am guessing you both want me to explain, so I will. Those that brought you here are my hunters; they each have made an oath to me. They turned their back on men to fight by my side forever. Yes," She nodded at me as I went to say something "they are immortal and as long as they keep there maidenhood or are not slain in battle they will stay that way not ageing at all."

Naruto got up and walked to the middle of the room "Sorry my lady but what does this have to do with me and my friend. I don't want to sound disrespectful but I have friends I want to find and fast."

Artemis looked up at him "How does this involve you two? Well if you have not notice my hunters don't like men but they came to get and travel with you, they would only do that if I asked them to."

"So?" I ask questioningly as I walked next to Naruto. I was sure I did not like the way this conversation was going.

"Well what I'm trying to say is that you are both demigods and that I am your god parent, I am your mother."

Yeah, definitely didn't like where this was going.

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