Blaine looked down at the attendance sheet again.

"Tomas Fairthorn?" Check.

It was the beginning of a new school year.

"Alison Galaway?" Check.

All things were bring and shiny and new, erasers still had their corners, pencils hadn't been sharpened yet and the new set of building blocks was still in its container.

"Jeff Henderson?" Check.

It was time for Blaine to put all of his past behind him and focus on the new.

"Emilia Hummel?"

...Until his past decided to bite him in the ass.

"Here, Mr. Anderson." Blaine looked at the little girl with sharp blue eyes under long brown doe-like lashes. There was no mistaking Kurt's daughter.

Blaine felt his pencil shaking as he checked her name off the attendance. He took a breath and gathered himself.

"Jake Ingersol?"

A/N: this was originally posted on tumblr as a drabble for a prompt by crayolasaurus. That is why it is so short.

My beta finally got around to correcting me. :) I love her. So thank you pineappletop92. You are my very own Hermione Granger.

I would also like to say that this is a different style that i am trying out. I hope you like it.