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After having saved my sister, Serah, from the clutches of the fal'cie I found myself at a wedding. Her wedding. I was happy and all to have my sister back, and not have her encased in crystal any longer, but during our journey to complete our Focus and save her I had fallen for the one person who loved her more than me. Snow.

Yes I had fallen for the most arrogant, obsessive person we knew. But hey, he wormed a piece of himself into all of us. We never actually split, though. Vanille stayed with us and made Hope, who looked up to me like he would a mother since his had perished, come with us too and bring his father. Sazh and his son, Dajh, decided to stay, seeing as Sazh couldn't bare to part with Vanille, who had captured his heart. Creepy yes, but it was true. Hopefully Sazh hadn't done anything too inappropriate to her, Fang would have killed him if he did anyways. Speaking of Fang, she ended up staying with us only for a little while, promising to be back for the wedding.

The wedding was held too soon for my liking, almost a year later. That may seem like a long time away but it was short for me. We were told to invite our most trusted friends, any family we still had. All the people I trusted were here, and one was killing me from the inside without even knowing it.

The only person who invited someone was Sazh. He ended up inviting his brother, Barrett, who in turn invited a few of his friends. It ended up a lot more people then we thought would come, came. They were Barrett, Cloud Strife, Cid, Yuffie, and Barrett's adopted daughter, Marlene. Not a lot of people, but more than we were expecting since we hadn't really made friends during out Cocoon episode.

I accompanied Sazh to the train station along with Vanille, who was now, regrettably, Sazh's girlfriend, to make sure nothing happened to him or so he didn't do anything to her. He may always have a fire arm on his person, but that wasn't enough to stop much. Maybe a few grown men, since his gun had taken plenty of damage to it from attacks during our adventures and he wouldn't get a new one or upgrade it either.

We walked up to the train station just as the small black train arrived. Sazh waved as I just stood there with my arms crossed, no emotion showing on my face. Everyone stepped off the train, and the only female I saw was the little girl, and another with short black hair who was called Yuffie. The next person who walked out of the train car next made the air I was breathing in stop abruptly.

I was sure that was the Strife.


Barrett got a phone call from his brother who lived a hell of a long time away. His brother who lived in Gran Pulse. His name was Sazh, I believe. Sazh asked Barrett to come to a wedding for a couple he was close to and had said that Barrett could bring anyone he wanted, just not to bring too many people. I was one of the people who had been asked to come.

Most of my friends were going so I decided to go, thinking if I didn't I would end up lonely. Yes most of my friends were going. Tifa and Vincent had ended up getting killed a few months back, but even with the death of our closest comrades everything was back to normal, even though Yuffie was and still is devastated that the love of her life is now gone.

We left town early in the morning but didn't get to Gran Pulse for a few days. Yuffie decided she was going to pass by the time by sleeping. She heard there was a girl there about her age so she was trying to sleep as much as she could, so she could stay up as long as she wanted with her.

The ride took forever, having to stay seated for so long while we rode to Gran Pulse. When we were finally able to stand up, I was grateful. I stretched upwards, putting my arms above my head, looking an awful lot like Yuffie when she stretched as well. I moved the Buster Sword around to the holster on my back to make it more comfortable.

I waited till everyone was off to walk out. I looked and saw Barrett hug the black man with an afro and a Chocobo chic in his hair, while Marlene was talking to a little boy. Yuffie was with a girl that looked about her age, who was holding the afro dude's hand and had orange-pink hair in two pigtails. I looked to the person next to the little orange-pink haired girl and saw a tall slim figure, that had a slim neck leading to a face that held no emotion. Quite unfitting for a girl who had strawberry colored hair.


The blonde haired boy walked over to me and held out his hand. I held out mine and shook it, feeling rough calloused hands.

"I'm Cloud and you are?" he held my hand longer than he should. Realizing his mistake he took it from mine.

"Lightning Farron." I looked at him with a cold gaze, looking at the features of his face. High cheekbones, perfect nose and beautiful baby blue eyes that you could lose yourself in.

"It's nice to meet you." It wasn't Cloud speaking but the little girl standing in front of Dajh.

I got down on my knees and patted her head. "It's nice to meet you too."

"I'm Marlene. That's Yuffie," she pointed to the black short-haired girl, "that's Uncle Cid," she then pointed to the taller man with blonde hair, "and that's my Daddy, Barrett," she finished by pointing to the tall black man that was talking to Sazh.

"Thank you for introducing us, Marlene," the little girl smiled up at Cid. "And you are, beautiful?" He grabbed my hand and held it in his.

I stand up in front of him. "Lightning Farron. I suggest you take you hand away from mine before I snap it."

"I like feisty women," he said with a smirk.

"Hey Cid," He looked up at Sazh, "She really will break your hand." He showed Cid the long cut, now a scar, on his right arm. "She did that, dude."

Cid dropped my hand immediately and slowly walked away, holding his hands up in defense. "She's more your type, Spiky." Spiky probably meaning Cloud. He let out a small laugh and whispered under his breath, "I like skinny undead gunslingers more anyways."

Cloud made a 'huff' noise and walked away, following Sazh home.


We got home seemingly quick, since everyone was talking. Cloud and I were the only silent ones, but answered the questions we were asked. I walked in the very back, watching out for anyone who might still blame us for the incident back at our original home. Cloud walked in front of us all, holding Marlene's hand, seeming to be attached to the little girl.

I smiled slightly, showing something that startled almost everyone. Vanille was the only one who had seen me smile before, besides Serah.

"What's with the smile all of a sudden?" Sazh looked at me like I had grown three heads, but I guess the smile was just too abnormal to them. I quickly wiped it off my face and walked ahead of everyone. I saw Cloud smirk out of the corner of my eye when I walked by him, and I glared back in return.

"Light!" I looked up, to see a smiling, now sixteen-year old boy with silver hair and emerald green eyes. When he reached me, I felt warm arms surround my waist, almost under my arms, and a light weight on my chest. I breathed out an airy laugh.

"Hello to you too, Hope." I leaned down and kissed his forehead in a motherly way. I saw Snow and Serah walk out, hand-in-hand and something in my stomach twitched into a knot. I ignored it and walked back inside, holding Hope's hand, smiling painfully as I passed Serah.

"Light. . . Do you still like Snow?" Hope looked up at me, eyes wondering.

"Yea. . . But not as much, and the feeling is going away. Though enough about that, we need to go find what we're going to wear to the wedding."

"Well, Serah took me out to get some clothes, we just have to get a dress for you would rather wear a tux like us guys."

"It wouldn't really matter to me. I do wear a skirt. . . but I wear shorts underneath. Does that count?" I looked at Hope, looking at him hopefully.

"No that doesn't count. Have you ever had to wear a dress before?"

"Once, for a special Guardian Corps party. It was long, and we wore flats with a cape like jacket so we could attach the shoulder protector and show our rank."

"I think you would look nice in a dress."

I jumped slightly from the deep voice behind my head slightly. I saw blonde gravity-defying hair and baby-blue eyes.

"Sorry, did I scare you?" His eyes filled with slight concern, thinking he scared me.

"No. I just didn't expect that. Oh right. Hope this is Mr. Strife. He came with Barret for the wedding. This is Hope."

Hope held his hand out to shake Cloud's. "Nice to meet you."

"Just call me Cloud." Cloud shook his hand and nodded his 'Nice to meet you'.

Walking over to the fridge I grabbed three glasses and filling two with water, I pour tea in the third. "Which do you want? I can always get something else." He takes one of the waters from my hand, so I hand the tea filled glass to Hope.

"You the boy's mother?" I heard Cloud ask, making me uncharacteristically spit water out of my mouth in shock.

"What? Do I look that old? He's sixteen and I'm only twenty-two!" I grabbed a towel and wiped my mouth, still a bit in shock. 'He just called me old!'

"Don't take it in a bad way. I didn't mean you looked old or anything. I just thought maybe you adopted him. You act like a mother so that's why I asked."

"Oh. . . Sorry about that, but no. I'm just really close to him. His father lives down the street even though Hope lives with us. Serah, can you come here!"

Serah walked in Snow-less, still looking as happy as ever. "Yea, sis?"

"I have to get ready and leave soon. I won't be back till very late. Can we go shopping tomorrow?"

"Yea sure, of course." She smiled that sweetly sick smile at me and I returned it, in displeasure. I loved her, I did, but sometimes it was hard seeing her as happy as she was. Especially while I was, not exactly miserable but unhappy.

A blush spread across Cloud's face and Serah looked happy that I smiled. Of course she knew I liked Snow, but couldn't do anything about it since she also loved him, and he loved her back. She was happy to see me smile again, at least somewhat.

"And save me some dinner too." I waved at her as I walked back into the room I shared with Hope.

Putting on my Guardian Corps uniform, since I wasn't wearing it early, I pulled a brush through my hair while trying to pull the skirt up over my shorts. Finally pulling it up, I started to brush my teeth, making sure my breath didn't smell. I pulled the red half-cape on, I adjusted my shoulder guard and walked out of my room.

"Claire. . . " I turned around to look at my sister.

"What's wrong Serah?" I questioned her.

"Why do you still work for the Guardian Corps, when they tried to kill you?" She emphasized the word kill to make it stand out more.

"I know they tried to kill me, but I'm one of their best and they need me with everything going on at the moment."

"Yea. . . I know, but you almost died because of them, and they STILL don't trust you!"

"Serah," I looked at her hard. "I know all this, but being in the military, the Guardian Corps, is what I do best. I can't do anything else but that really."

"Why don't you just work with me? Tending to the flower shop would be really simple." She was eager to get me out of there.

"Serah. . . I'm not girly, or feminine at all. I'm a killing machine. Do you know how many I've killed? I can't change the past, and my future is set. I'll be in the Guardian Corps till I die, plus it's another way to make sure you're safe, and to watch over everyone."

"Claire. . . Please."

"No. And that's final, Serah." I looked at her harshly and walked out, leaving my little sister behind and upset.

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