I often felt alone in this town and was always isolating myself from others. I tried to avoid talking with anybody in town and I only talked when necessary. My main focus was towards my farm work and the bazaar. That all changed when I met…him.

Something about him had urged me to keep coming back to him. Something about him had captivated me. That 'something' about him had leaded me into so much frustration...

Amir was his name. He was a prince nonetheless and a rather attractive one too, I guess…

Here is how it all began…

It was the fourth day of winter and the snow was falling out of the gray sky peacefully.

I remained inside my barn as I was brushing my sheep's shiny pink wool silently when I abruptly heard voices coming from outside my barn.

"Anita!" called Felix, the mayor of Zephyr Town, also known as the town I lived in.

I heard him sigh and mumble to someone, "She's always like this. I can never find her when I need her!"

I'm assuming they already checked out my house to find that I wasn't there and I sighed.

In a nonchalant matter, I exited my barn to see Felix standing in front of my house with a stranger alongside him.

I walked slowly towards them considering the snow was rather deep and I felt the snow sting my feet with its coldness.

They both turned towards my direction, both having blank expressions, and Felix unexpectedly shouted impatiently, "Hurry up, Anita! It's cold out here and we've been looking for you for hours and hours! My buttocks are starting to feel like bricks of ice!"

Okay, I really didn't need to know that… I thought disgusted and disturbed.

"Don't rush her…" I heard the stranger whisper to Felix nonchalantly.

Sighing, I increased my pace, and had finally stood in front of them.

"Anita, this is Amir. He is going to be staying here for awhile in the hotel but he is also a prince, so you must keep that part a secret," Felix stated and gestured his hand towards Amir when he was speaking.

I nodded in response while not really showing any emotion and my amethyst orbs scanned Amir. His hair was as white as the snow and his skin was rather darker than mine. Amir's clothing looked rather formal and different. The prince's mysterious sky-blue eyes had really stood out and I couldn't remove my gaze from his eyes.

Muscular hands were suddenly waving around frantically in front of my face and I winced slightly while stepping back.

"Do you hear me, woman? You better keep this a secret or else!" Felix threatens me fiercely and I rolled my eyes.

He is probably only acting like this because he didn't have his coffee yet. Usually he is very jolly and always yelling at everyone happily. Oh, and he has a very loud but annoying laugh.

The mayor then turned to the prince. "Amir, Anita is the town's farmer. She is a very hard worker, so if you ever need anything just ask her," Felix explained and Amir nodded in response as his icy-blue eyes averted towards the ground when the mayor tried to make eye contact with him.

"Hey, Anita, do you have any coffee in your house by any chance?" Felix asked me with a hint of hope in his voice.

"I don't drink coffee…" I replied in a monotone tone.

His mouth hung open in shock as he started to twitch and he clenched his fists in frustration.

"HOW DO YOU NOT DRINK COFFEE? YOU OF ALL PEOPLE SHOULD DRINK COFFEE ESPECIALLY SINCE YOU'RE A FARMER!" Felix yelled dramatically while putting his two hands on his head, trying to tear out his blonde hair, and his hat had fallen neatly onto the snow.

Amir picked up his hat with no emotion and handed to Felix. "Here…"

"THANK YOU!" Felix roared as he forcefully snatched the hat away from Amir and turned around.

Amir and I both twitched.

"Well, I'll be on my way now…" Felix announced loudly but awkwardly and started to walk out of my farm.

Amir didn't follow Felix just yet, well I don't blame him, but he just stood in the same position, looking at me with his mysterious eyes as the snow was falling and the wind blew.

"I appreciate you keeping me being a prince a secret. Thank you and…does he always act like that?"

That question of his actually made a giggle escape from my mouth. "No, only when he doesn't get his coffee."

"I see…" Amir mumbled and added with a sigh, "At least you were not stuck with that man for hours. I didn't know how I could bare with him any longer."

I chuckled slightly. "Um… Well… It could be worse."

"Perhaps you're right," he replied with a chuckle and a tiny smile formed on his lips.

I returned the smile and laughed silently.

"Well, thank you again…Amita was it?"

"Anita, but it's okay, you can call me that if you want," I told him in an understanding tone and flashed him a grin.

"Alright, well it was an honor to meet you. Thank you again." With saying that, he walked away, and out of my farm.

I was smiling when I watched him walk away and my eyes widened in shock once I came into realization of something.

Someone actually made…me smile?

The next day…

It was about noon and I had just finished working on my farm a few moments ago.

I was now searching around the town for items that I could sell for the bazaar coming up in two days.

Items are rather hard to find in the winter time and I unfortunately wasn't having that much luck at finding anything.

The sun was beating down on me and it was actually a warm day today for the winter season but my stamina was decreasing fast since I was constantly running and to make matters worse I kept on feeling the heat of the sun.

With a sigh, I tiredly walked over towards the fountain that was nearby the hotel and stood there behind the peaceful fountain.

I looked down at the fountain with a tiny frown and looked at my reflection.

I come to this fountain whenever I'm stressed, tired, or depressed and a huge sigh escaped from my mouth.

My body abruptly tensed up, sensing someone near me, and I looked up to see Amir standing on the opposite side of the fountain. He seemed to be staring into the fountain as well, but a dark depressed expression could be seen on his face.

My amethyst eyes widened at his presence.

Was he already here or did he just get here? I thought to myself as I was a tiny bit puzzled.

It remained silent for a few moments as I resumed back at looking at the fountain and a flashback of what had happened yesterday with Amir had appeared in my mind.

No one has ever made me naturally smile like that in a long time nor have I had a casual conversation with someone in awhile. I just find that so…strange that I was able to feel so…comfortable around him when I barley even knew him.

I suddenly heard Amir's voice. "Are you missing someone too?"

I looked up at him innocently and blinked. "Huh? What do you mean?"

His depressed expression only increased at hearing my words and he muttered not looking at me, "Never mind. It is nothing of importance…"

"I'm just kind of stressed since I'm not really that successful at finding items for the bazaar so far this week," I explained simply and I then asked in concern, "You okay?"

He still refused to look at me and his eyes stayed locked on that fountain.

"I'm fine," he answered quietly and a hint of sadness could be heard in his voice.

"It doesn't seem like it. What's wrong?" I asked persistently and I raised an eyebrow in suspicion.

"It's nothing of your concern. I'll be okay," he told me firmly.

"You sure you'll be okay?" I questioned him, not believing him.

"I'll be okay," he repeated quietly and walked away into the hotel.

"What was that all about…?" I whispered to myself as I was watching him walk away and I looked back towards the fountain.

For the next half hour, I sat on one of the benches near the fountain, and rummaged through my rucksack, overlooking at all of my items that I would sell for the bazaar. Although, I couldn't get Amir off my mind since something was obviously upsetting him, and I wanted to know what was wrong so bad. Besides, I was really worried about him too for some reason…

Gathering up all of my courage, I finally decided to go into the hotel, to see if Amir was okay, and I started to march proudly towards the hotel as confidence consumed me.

However…that confidence recited once I was actually standing outside the hotel door…

I gulped nervously. Honestly, I've only been to the hotel once since I had to introduce myself when I first arrived here, but if I walk in there now, what is my excuse going to be for being there? Oh, I hope this won't be too embarrassing or awkward!

I timidly opened the door and walked in.

Daisy, the maid of the hotel, was the only one in the lobby at the moment, and a gasp of happiness escaped from her mouth once she saw me.

She instantly sprinted up to me and hugged me tightly. "Anita! What are you doing here? You never come here! Oh I'm so happy to see you again!"

I twitched as I tried to breathe since she was crushing my insides due to her violent hug.

She released her grip on me after a few seconds and giggled. "Sorry, about that! Don't know my own strength! Oh, and like I said before, ITS SO, SO, SOOOO NICE TO SEE YOU, ANITA!"

I awkwardly stared at her and tried my best to smile.

"Um… Yeah, you too…" I mumbled awkwardly and tried my best to sound casual but failed.

"So what are you doing here? Oh, I just made some cookies! Want some?" she asked me in her usual bubbly voice as she rushed over towards the counter to obtain the tray of cookies and she rushed back to me with a giggle.

"U-Um… No thanks," I rejected her awkwardly and still continued to twitch.

I was afraid her cooking was either terrible or that those cookies weren't editable at all.

We both then heard footsteps from upstairs and I heard Amir's voice, "Um, Ms Daisy, the shower is unable to work and I can't seem to find my clothes."

Both of us looked up to see Amir on the stairs with just ONLY a towel wrapped around his um…lower area.

My ENTIRE face instantly turned neon red in one second as my body jumped in shock and I twitched insanely. My body felt like jello as I started to tremble and my mouth hung open. H-He was so muscular a-and j-just s-so…you k-know…

Daisy dropped the tray of cookies, had instantly fainted while falling onto the floor, and she was somehow lying on the floor perfectly straight.

It looked as if her body turned into stone!

Seeing that scene had made my mouth hung open more, made me twitch even more, and I stepped back as I winced.

Amir abruptly came sprinting down the stairs shouting, "Daisy! Are you okay?"

I stepped back even more as my face grew redder and I trembled more as he grew closer.

Amir came to a halt once he saw me and he raised an eyebrow in confusion. "Anita, what are you doing here?"

"I-I…fdjsklfjsjkldsghfs…" I stuttered nervously, not able to even speak proper English, and my face was burning up by each second.

Amir tried his best to hear me and he raised his eyebrow even more as he started to walk closer towards me.

"Anita, what's wrong?" Amir questioned me obliviously and he continued to walk closer to me as I stepped back frantically.

"A-Ah…A-Ah…AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" I screamed dramatically and I sprinted out of the hotel.

I slammed the door with immense force and leaned against the door while panting.

I wasn't expecting it to be THAT embarrassing or awkward!

The next morning…

It was about four in the morning and someone was banging on my door.

I groaned as I got out of bed and I didn't even care if the person saw me in my pink pajamas.

It turns out that Felix and Amir were at my door.

I instantly blushed at seeing Amir's face and I was tempted to close the door on them since fear was consuming me for some reason.

"Anita! The hotel is infested with bugs and Amir is going to stay with you until we get a hold of an EXTERMINATOR to DESTROY all of those pests!" Felix exclaimed loudly while laughing like a mad-man and my amethyst eyes grew extremely wide.

"WHAT?" Amir and I both said in unison.

"That's why you brought me to here?" Amir asked Felix panicking.

"Well, I knew you wouldn't like it…" Felix muttered and chuckled mischievously.

"C-Can't you keep him at your own house or something?" I asked Felix angrily and was blushing insanely.

"I'm already keeping Daisy, Stuart, and Ethel at my place. There is no more room at my place. Besides, your house is big!"

I twitched and started to panic even more. "B-But where is he suppose to sleep?"

The mayor smirked.

"That's for you to figure out," Felix remarked and chuckled evilly.

"W-WHAT?" Amir and I both said out loud in unison again and blushed furiously.

Felix abruptly whispered into my ear with a smirk, "Besides… You'll be thanking me later on…"

My body jumped as his words brought shivers down my spine and my cheeks grew even redder.

"Well, see you later my pidgins!" Felix told us chuckling and sprinted out of my farm.

Amir and I both twitched.

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