Buckman's POV

'How can someone be happy about washing dishes, I mean they're just suds.' A chubby seventeen year old fry cook looked over at the only other person behind the counter. The waitress/ dishwasher stood elbow deep in the sud filled water, dirt blond hair pulled back into a bun. Shelly lifted a coffee mug out of the water excitedly, "Hey Buck, Buck watch this! I've been waiting to show someone all week!" and with a flourish she blew bubble after bubble. "Cool, huh?" "Yeah Shelly, real cool."

At the older boy's less than encouraging reply she said, "I know, I know, it's not the most exciting thing you've ever seen but I like it." "I'm sorry kid, just - forget what I said. Go ahead, show, show me again!" Shelly threw a huge grin at him before sudding up and starting again. 'This is going to be an interesting job…'

A/N: I'm baaaaack, yeah, I really didn't expect anyone to read On Second Thought but, zero reviews and over fifty hits later - here's another one! I got the idea while I was blowing bubbles through the handle of a coffee mug. I was literally doing the dishes one minute and on my computer the next.

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