Hey everyone who still may or may not be reading this. I come to you now to say that Possession is officially on hiatus. Yeah, I don't know how long that may be though. Why, you may be asking.

1) It needs serious rewritting of the plot. It's so out there right now, i just can't stand to read it.

2) I've kinda lost my inspiration for Fullmetal Alchemist, since Brotherhood ended. Don't get me wrong, I still frecking love the series, and it's totally great, but I... Just don't know anymore.

3) I've gotten more into actual writing now. I've started to write my own original works on Wattpad and Figment.

I dunno, it three enough? Because I really don't have anymore reasons really. I'm just not up for writing fanfiction right now. I'm not even reading it anymore, and I was practically and addict. But yeah...

Blah, I guess I should tell you that I've gotten into the Homestuck fandom. Great fandom by the way. Read the webcomic. I really recommend it if you like shenanigans and tomfoolery.

I dunno if I have anymore to say really. This is my last hurrah for a while, and I eHug you all.