Pools of radiation

Strelok stared down the empty streets, the abandoned ruined buildings framing everything in a dark broken tableau. This was not Ukraine, it wasn't Chernobyl for this was in Nippon-where another nuclear catastrophe had occurred.

He avoided the puddles of water around him, his boots could handle anything but it was not the wisest thing to go walking through that kind of liquid. He stared up at a Moon out pass clouds, which could and had rained death in the past.

There were things you could say about any Zone, the feeling of being alone with people you couldn't trust was one thing. The way civilization was going….that was everyone these days. Never been a Stalker who couldn't get people to trust him, that was a double edged sword.

Sometimes the lessons from out in these Wastelands had a way of recurring. The problem wasn't just other Stalker though, he thought as he flicked a bolt from hand to hand. He'd heard that this Zone was different, more "tainted" somehow. He smelled ozone and he felt an ever slight picking up of the winds ,with a sweep of his hand, he tossed the bolt casually in front out past a pothole littered with debris. The bolt never made it to the pothole, being picked up and swept aside like it was nothing.

He reconsidered, looked at a the facade of a building next to him and swung into the building. His footsteps crushing bits of what might have once been a door, there was a wet oppressive feel to the entire structure. It could have been an Inn, designed to look homely, swinging his flashlight around he spotted an exit towards the back.

Stepping over some copper wiring, he walked on, had it been anywhere else- an enterprising thief would have picked it up. This place much like the Zone around Pripyat was fairly quiet with the occasional sound of an anomaly.

He checked his PDA, it had been bought locally and custom designed for the zone. He could read the Japanese characters with some ease. Supposedly most Stalkers spoke it, on top of English and a fair smattering of Russia.

All aside, looking around he'd seen some devastated areas but the zone around Pripyat had been fairly intact in parts. This place looked like it had been shattered by a force greater then man.