Expeditiary Journal

I haven't written in three days, but, unlike those garbage books Pennyroyal put out, I cannot make flight over a barren wasteland interesting (While telling the truth about it anyhow). Alicia is at the helm, and will remain so for the next two hours. Until then I have nothing better to do than write about what's happened. We've been able to chart three new hotspots as we went (Not worth writing about). We have enough fuel to get us to our destination and to Anchorage. Alicia agreed to land there, but said she'll be taking the first hover ship (I refuse to call them Airships until they go more than 7 metres off the ground) to Europa (They changed it from 'The Great Hunting Ground' to 'Europa' after Municipal Darwinism broke down) so she can continue hunting for Old-tech. I'm hoping that I'll be able to retire to a less mundane career after I uncover NORAD.

Southern Dead Continent- 1 P.T.E. 2:23

I had an interesting signal come over the radio a few hours ago while I was at the helm. It said '…calling N…RAD… I repea… this is… calling N...RAD…' I believe this is a (degraded) recording of a soldier contacting NORAD in the final moments before the 60 Minute War. Alicia's argument for a Stalker seems even stronger with this. Pennyroyal wasn't entirely full of clart (He was mostly, however) and he did try to convince many people after the war that some Stalker had been in control of the weapon. I only give this claim credit upon this recent (possible) confirmation that NORAD is a Stalker. It seems strange that he said this Stalker existed in the (Former) Anti-Traction League, a curious notion. I recall he called this Stalker 'FANG'; possibly the Eastern counterpart of NORAD. I wish this FANG Stalker could have been recovered to allow access to the internal systems. Perhaps it relayed commands to NORAD, and there will be a log within NORAD of these transmissions.

Southern Dead Continent- 1 P.T.E. 8:45

Alicia practically threw the charts at me when I relieved her. She was excited about charting hot zones along our path and plotting a course to avoid them. I tried to be excited, but it's hard to that early in the morning. I studied the new course as we went and I noticed something odd about the new path; it required us to circle around to the other side of the mountain range and come in from the West rather than the East. When I asked her about it she said, "The Eastern side of the mountain range is enveloped in this one hot zone, so we'll have to come in from the West and hope it isn't entirely enveloped. Otherwise we run the risk of dying in it," which means we won't be able to access the facility without old-tech. With my luck NORAD was destroyed during the war, or by scavengers, years ago. At least papers aren't- Alicia needs some help at the Helm. I'll pick this up later.

Central Dead Continent- 1P.T.E. 4: 24

Damn those ancients! Building their death machines to kill each other and using them! The old Crumbling Dawn practically exploded when we crossed into the hot zone. A strong crosswind knocked us into the hot zone and we went up before we could think of adjusting our direction. We 'landed' outside of the hot zone, but most of our equipment is shot so we'll have to WALK from here on in. Damn those bastards! I'll continue writing when my temper has subsided. If NORAD's gone I'll shoot myself...

Central Dead Continent, Hot-zone B243- 1 P.T.E. Damn! My watch stopped!