The next morning, Santana woke up naked in Brittany's bed with her friend – no, her girlfriend, she reminded herself, rather surprised at how happy the thought made her – draped half on top of her. She shifted positions, and Brittany opened her eyes sleepily. She smiled.

"I didn't think you were going to tell everyone." she admitted.

"I was really going to be mad at you for that." Santana said, gently stroking her girlfriend's hair.

"But you're not?"

"Well, I wish you hadn't done it like that. And I'm terrified about school on Monday. But…I think I like being your girlfriend."

Monday morning wasn't as bad as she'd feared. Lots of kids were staring at them as they walked down the hallways holding hands. A couple boys made rude gestures. Santana resisted the urge to pummel them because that would have meant letting go of Brittany's hand. But mostly, they were tolerated, probably because they were still Cheerios and Cheerios still ruled this school.

The scariest moment was during lunch, when a freshman Cheerio came up to them and said that Sue wanted to see them in her office. They dropped hands by an unspoken agreement as they entered and sat terrified in front of her.

"It's come to my attention that the two of you are having your college lesbian phase a bit early."

Brittany didn't understand, so she kept quiet. Santana blushed.

"Well, Ellen, Portia, I don't really give a crap about what you do if it doesn't affect your cheering. Heck, at least you won't get pregnant like Fabray. But let me be clear. You are two of my best cheerios, so this had better not affect your performance. Especially if this little experimentation goes sour quickly. I won't have lesbian drama tearing apart our squad, got it?"

Santana waited a beat to make sure she was finished, then she nodded emphatically. "Got it, coach. No lesbian drama. Check."

Brittany nodded too.

"Okay. Now get out of here, your sexual tension is making me sick."

The end! Hope you liked it and thanks to everyone for reviewing! I have two other Brittana stories in the works that are in slightly different universes than this one, so hopefully I'll get those finished and uploaded soon!