After Elwood and Buster have a disagreement, Buster runs away to the last place anyone would find him, Queen Mousette and the Plantation club in Louisiana. Takes place after BB 2000. Enjoy and read/review and please no flames.

" Buster for the last time, the answer is no, now will you please stop asking me."

" But that's not fair!"

" Kid life's not fair so get used to it."

Buster glared at his adopted father, while the rest of the band members sighed and quietly left the room.

" Looks like they are at it again."

Cab and Murphy looked at Mack and just nodded their heads.

" Come on lets wait for them at the restaurant, I'm sure they'll stop soon."

" You guys go, Ill wait for Jekyll and Hyde."

So everyone nodded and left Mack to referee the fight, which was slowly getting louder.

" We should have never taken that gig, if we knew this was going to happen."

So quietly Mack grabbed the nearest chair, and tried to make himself comfortable and patiently waited for them to stop fighting.

" But what about the show?"

Elwood took a deep breath and tried to calm his nerves, but the kid wouldn't stop pushing.

" I told you, you will not be on stage, you will be back stage."

" Why are you doing this?"

" Maybe the next time when I tell you to do something, you will do it instead of running off and not telling anyone where you are going and showing up way after curfew!"

Buster crossed his arms and sat on the bed, while giving Elwood a dirty look.

" I was only 20 minutes late!"

" You walked into the hotel room an hour late, you didn't tell me or anyone else where you were going, now you have to suffer the consequences of your actions!"

Realizing his temper was rising, Elwood again closed his eyes, counted to ten, the continued.

" Buster we have been fighting for almost 2 days and I just cant do it anymore, so I'm going outside and getting something to eat and when I come back, you are going to bed because we have to be on the road early tomorrow."

Then Elwood turned around and walked outside, leaving Buster alone in the room.

Taking a deep breath, Elwood noticed, Mack was sitting in the chair looking at him.

" What are you doing here?"

" Waiting for you and the kid."

Elwood grabbed another chair and sat down next to Mack.

" I'm starting to think this wasn't such a good idea after all adopting and bringing the kid with us."

Mack just nodded his head while his friend continued.

" I mean he's misbehaving, talking back…maybe tomorrow I should put him a the next bus to Chicago."

" Elwood, you and tired and aggravated, maybe after you get some food in your system and not only will you be able to think straight, but you will feel better."

" Maybe you're right."

So the 2 friends went down to the restaurant unaware that the child in question heard everything they talked about.

" You don't want me anymore, well then that's fine, Im outta hear."

After making sure he had everything he needed, Buster left the key on the dresser and while everyone else was eating, he took off.