Rachel sat at the counter, going through her fan mail. She should let Mercedes and Kurt go through it, but she likes the connection she has with her fans this way. It's more personal. As she sorted through the mail, sorting by handwritten versus typed and size, the bright pink envelope caught her attention.

Looking at the printed label simply stating, "RACHEL BERRY, STAR OF STAGE, SCREEN, AND ITUNES" her hand shook as she took the letter opener and slid it through the crease. As she turned the envelope over, her stomach did the same…

Oh god! More pictures, but this time, not ones of her in public, but pictures of her in her home! Pictures of her doing her normal routine. The pictures of her doing yoga with her instructor, obviously focused on certain lower body parts and breasts, making her sick to her stomach. There was a picture of her coming out of her bathroom, thank god for towels! The pictures fell from her trembling hands as she picked up the letter, "To the most beautiful woman in the world. No one can surpass your beauty, talent and charm. Someday soon it will be pictures of the two of us together…" She picked up her cell phone and called 911 immediately, not sure what to do, and her assistant wasn't there yet.

"911, what is your emergency?"

"I'm being stalked, and I'm afraid."