Title: The arena

Chapter one: Tourney paper

The sunny setting made the sunflowers look beautiful, but what made it more special was all three of us were there. The original team 7, Sasuke expressionless, me grinning and Sakura blushing. No one was there besides us. For a second I even thought Sasuke smiled a bit. It was all going well until I had to address the reason why we even meet up. "Well we all know that Konoha is getting broke,." Sasuke didn't look a bit shocked, "Well what do you think Naruto…ever since the Ninja world has become peaceful, theirs no missions coming in." I looked at him and saw that he didn't really cared about Konoha. But hey why do I have to be surprised? He actually never did ever since his brother died, Itachi Uchiha.

I remember finding his body on that rescue mission when Sasuke was evil, none of us could believe that Sasuke could have done this. He was a good man though, his actions may have not been too wise but his intention was for the best. I grimaced after what Sasuke said, not because it was cruel…but because it was true. I tried not to think about what Sasuke said, "Well anyways we have to find another source of cash or were not going to see another Konoha again." Sakura shuddered and Sasuke closed his eyes. Finally Sakura said, "What does Konohamaru have to say about this?" I turned my attention to her, "He lend me the job because he had to do Hokage stuff…" I sounded unsure, "Well at least that's what he said. After I said this there was nothing but silence. It was Sakura who had an idea, "Well I know we don't conduct ourselves in this type of manner but all the other villages are doing it." She brought out a piece of paper that caught me and Sasuke's attention, "It's a tourney where all the villages would send shinobi's to fight and whoever wins gets a huge amount." Sasuke smiled, "So were gonna send our shinobi's to fight to the death?" Sakura looked down, obviously disappointed in Sasuke's dis-approval, "I didn't know…Sasuke-kun."

For some reason I could tell Sakura's words pierced Sasuke, but how can you blame him? He never felt this kind of treatment for years…he never felt Sakura's love for a long time. Finally Sasuke apologized and I suggested we make this tourney our last option. We all bid farewell and went on our way to rest for the meeting tomorrow. I was just about to go home but I saw a sign on Ichiraku's ramen shop. At first it was blurry due to the harsh winds that appeared out of nowhere. I swear it could be as sunny as hell and then a huge storm just blows up. Damn this weather is getting on my nerves. As I walked to the sign the sign was something that confused me….HELP WANTED…. "doesn't the old man got his son to run his shop?" I whispered to myself as I walked in. I hear a distant cry inside the shop, "Old man?" I yelled and then the cry stopped, an old man who had puffy eyes from crying walked out with a smile, "Anything I could get you Naruto?" I was not used to this because it was usually his son who comes to greet me, "What happen to Skipper?" A nick-name I placed on him long ago, for some reason once I said his name the old man looked like he was going to cry again. "Oh he left Naruto." yup I was right he was crying, I decided to show some sympathy, "What happen?" the old man told me the story of how his son left without his consent to join the tourney. I'll be lying if I told him am not sorry, it was a sad thing of course. A son, has to leave his father and join something that could cost his life. The only thing I could do to help him was to leave so he could mourn his lost son.

After that all I could think of was going to sleep but the old man's son was driving me nuts. I decided to do something about it. I hope Sakura and Sasuke agree's.