"I have a bad feeling about this..."

Toji Suzuhara spoke nervously as he looked down into Hikari's playful eyes. The young couple was standing in a hallway of their school, with Hikari in her school uniform and Toji in his signature black and white track suit. Hikari had been summoned to sortie against a new enemy moments earlier and, despite her boyfriend's ominous words, she appeared to be her usual cheerful self.

"Don't be such a worrywart, Toji. I've been fighting Angels for months now. I'll be fine."

She wrapped her arms around Toji's shoulders as she rested her head against his chest. The dark-haired boy sighed in uncertainty as he wrapped his hand over her lower back.

"I guess you're right."

The confident girl stood on her loafer-clad toes to give Toji a soft goodbye kiss, then grinned as she lowered her arms.

"I'll see you when I get back."

Toji buried his doubts before nodding and replying to her with a warm smile.

"I'll be waiting."

The purple EVA-01 and the crimson EVA-02 were sprawled across the city streets like rag dolls, and an enormous monster was pinning EVA-00 to the ground. It had a vaguely humanoid shape, and it was composed entirely of a viscous, neon blue material, with some of the matter dripping from its mouth onto the forearm of the Evangelion it had captured. Unit 00's arm spasmed in pain as it was slowly contaminated with the monster's cells.

EVA-03 knelt behind its clear riot shield some distance away from the current battle. The unit's muzzled head peered around its defensive wall as Hikari aimed its rifle toward the Angel. All of her rounds hit their target, but the Angel was unfazed as the giant bullets harmlessly passed through its translucent body. It only gave up its on current effort when a small explosion originating from EVA-00's shoulder severed the machine's wounded arm.

When the behemoth abandoned Unit 00 and returned to its bulbous feet, Hikari dropped her rifle and shield, retrieved a single tonfa-style police baton from the ground beside her, and charged the creature with a loud battle cry. Just before her blunt weapon struck the enemy, the strange lifeform shifted its shape and left the black Evangelion swinging at empty air. Hikari stumbled forward as a result, allowing the Angel's amorphous "fist" to crash into her unit from behind. Unit 03 toppled face-first into a nearby building, and Hikari was quickly rattled a second time when she felt the Angel's entire weight jump onto her Eva's prone back.

As the pigtailed fighter stared at the ground through her canopy screen and struggled with her unit's controls, she could hear the voice of support member Maya Ibuki crackle on her cockpit radio from NERV's headquarters.

"We've separated the infected parts of Unit 00, sir. The Thirteenth Angel is now engaging Unit 03."

Maya's voice now became frantic and terrified.

"Oh God, it's invading Hikari's entry plug!"

EVA-03's radio soon shorted out, leaving its pilot in silence. This was followed by the cockpit screens breaking into white noise before shutting off completely, leaving Hikari's emergency power as the only source of light in her metal cocoon. Glowing blue ooze that matched the composition of the alien creature she had being battling soon breached walls of her entry plug and rapidly swarmed into its new home. Hikari gave up on her controls and crossed her arms to warm herself as the LCL she was submerged in noticeably dropped in temperature. As she did this, some of the blue fungal matter spread to her silver cockpit chair. The quivering growth moved across her seated legs and continued up her slender waist, studying her human physiology with childlike curiosity. Hikari grimaced at the cold, slimy feeling the Angel left her trapped in.


As she became increasingly disgusted with her current situation, she could feel the entire pill-shaped chamber violently shake about, and she soon realized her Eva had somehow started moving again without her command. She had no way of knowing what was happening on the outside, and she spent the next several minutes wondering what had become of her teammates. At one point, she thought she heard Shinji's muffled, staticky voice scream "Don't do it!" from somewhere above her, but she had no idea what it could mean. A second later, all she could feel was the crumpled steel of her entry plug suddenly stabbing and crushing her from every angle.

Chapter 4: Bad End

Chapter 5: Katawa Shoujo End