"We've recovered the Fourth Child. All of the vital readings on your side were right."

The sound of ambulance sirens filled the evening air as a lone NERV worker talked into his headset. He was speaking to someone at headquarters as he assisted in the cleanup effort of the now-destroyed Evangelion Unit 03 on the field. He adjusted his microphone before continuing.

"The Angel left some sort of residue on her. We had to amputate her right arm and leg to get her out."

He frowned at whatever the person in the base was saying, then spoke again.

"There's still some on her. It looks like it penetrated the weakest part of the plugsuit and grafted to her stomach. We're going to have an autopsy done before we release the body."

He shook his head and closed his eyes.

"It's messy, but COD's probably going to be massive cranial trauma."

His head then sunk downward as he massaged his forehead in grief.

"Yeah, we'll call it. Can you get someone to tell her sisters and the boyfriend?"

The man sighed regretfully and spoke into his receiver a final time before returning to his work.

"We'll finish the cleanup. Just worry about what you have to do on your end."

And so ends the tragic tale of Hikari's time as an Evangelion pilot.