Full Summary: Zane always thought he'd craft metal and hunt vampires till his death, not expecting nor wishing for a lifemate. However, one night in the Carpathian mountains he found his lifemate and in shock of what he found, fled halfway across the world to America. Two centuries later his lifemate found him however, and Dethyn refused to let his skittish mate escape him. He will not let Zane run away again, intent on showing him that their relationship could be full of Dark Intrigue.

Author's Note: This is the first Carpathian story I have tried to write, so please bear with me. I love the bonding between two males, and seriously wished there were more stories out there. Here is my attempt to bolster that number, this story will go on for a while and be M/M. If you do not like, then please leave. Flame me if you want but I'll just tune you out, harsh words do not bother me. Anyway, here it is so enjoy!

Disclaimer: The Carpathian universe and everything within it belongs to Christine Feehan, I just bask in her glory and use her world. The characters Zane, Syn, and Dethyn however are mine, and I will not hesitate to retaliate should one think to take them without permission.

March 18th, 1784
Somewhere in the Carpathian mountains

Zane Silverwing let out a weathered sigh as he made his way through the forests that surrounded his people's home. He was tired, and it showed in his posture. He was young for their species, only about five hundred years old and yet it felt like an eternity.

The forest was alive, the full moon basking the world in light. Though he couldn't really enjoy it, colors had left him a long time ago. The forest still called to him, but it wasn't the same if he didn't have emotions to enjoy it.

He swept a strand of hair out of his face, pushing the lock of long white blond hair back to the rest of his ponytail. His hair was long, reaching almost to his waist and bound at the nape of his neck. There were other blonds amongst the Carpathian species but the color of his hair was rare, even amongst the rare.

Another rare thing? He was a twin as well, his sibling somewhere to the south of him. Last he heard Syn was investigating some of the caves near the town.

He was short for his species, which was another rare thing. Most Carpathian males towered over six feet easily, but he barely cleared five foot eleven. Many had commented on this to his chagrin, it wasn't like he was able to control how tall he naturally grew.

He was also thin and lithe, as opposed to most other Carpathian males who were muscular. His body type refused to build muscle like the others, another thing he was constantly reminded of.

His blue eyes were flat and cold, like that of a frozen lake. They scanned the forests constantly, uncomfortable in the presence of so many Carpathians.

Their prince had called back many of the younger Carpathians to match an unmated female they had found, it didn't surprise him that it wasn't his. He had given up such hope long ago, he would hunt vampires till he could no longer stand it then meet the dawn.

Even though he wasn't a hunter he did anyway, every Carpathian male had been called to hunt due to their dwindling numbers. Even craftsman like him, though it wasn't exactly a disadvantage.

He did not have the power that the hunters had, but he had finesse and patience. Even though it took more for him to take down a vampire he did it with less damage to himself and less energy. Making less strikes, but making those strikes count.

The thought of fighting vampires reminded him of his dreary life, all he wanted was to find a quiet place and shape metal till he died. Create the stunning jewelry he did before he was called to hunt. He was renown amongst humans and Carpathians alike for making fine jewlery, those not set with stones.

Letting out a sigh he raised his head, melting his form into one of a wolf. He became a large white wolf, though it was smaller then most other Carpathian's form it was still larger then normal wolves. Shaking his coat, he loped into the forest, hoping to lose himself in the wind.

He ran through the forest, feeling lighthearted for the first time in a while. The forest was alive with life in the darkness, owls called out their triumphs and the bugs sung amongst themselves. It was a comforting peace that he got from mother nature.

However it didn't last long, he felt two of his kind near by. He had thought to have some privacy as he ran, he did not feel up to being around others of his kind. However instead of turning and leaving he went forward, curious. There was something pulling him, like a thread. It unnerved him and he almost turned around. But before he could he heard a bark of laugh.

Colors exploded around him and he stumbled, it felt like he just got punched in the gut by an ancient. His whole body just struggling to stay standing, his legs actually trembling beniethe him. His breathing was coming quickly, and his throat was closed up with unnamed emotions. Everything was whirling around him quickly, colors so vivid they hurt his eyes.

He felt the world tilt, his eyes straining against the sudden onslaught of colors. The world around him was vibrant suddenly, with colors that shook him to the core. The light of the moon was no longer white, but instead a startling silver that stung his eyes. The leaves were such a vivid combination of green that they almost shimmered in the moonlight. The forest floor, which was once black, was now a myriad of browns and greens.

Brother are you okay? A voice asked in his mind and he immediately calmed, the voice comforting. He had unconsciously called for help to his sibling, accidentally worrying Syn. Do you have need of help?

I'm fine, just got startled. He replied taking a deep breath to steady himself. I'll talk to you in a little bit. There is something I must check first. He responded, hoping to put Syn at ease. It was hard with all the sudden emotions shooting through him, so many that he was getting dizzy.

Fine, but call should you need help. Then the voice was gone, leaving him to his predicament. The touch no longer in his mind, and he was glad Syn did not noticed. Not that he didn't want Syn to know, he just wanted to make sure first.

So he had found his lifemate, he felt elation at the thought. Even if he hadn't been searching for one, he still found one. One made solely for him, a smile threatened to curve his features.

Masking his presence he inched forward, moving through the shrubbery quietly and stealthily. He had always been good at masking his presence, even from the elder of their species. He used that to his advantage and snuck to get a peek at his lifemate.

However as he came upon the clearing where two figures stood he froze, his entire being falling still. There in the middle were two males, both of them seemingly discussing something humorous.

His eyes however focused on the one to the left immediately, and his breath froze. It was a tall male, easily six foot three. Brown hair was cropped short, it had various shades of black, blond, ash and copper. All of them blending together beautifully. He caught a sight of his eyes as the male turned and looked at his friend, they were a vivid shade of green.

He felt his mind reach out for him, his entire being urging him to move closer, his soul screaming for this one being. He shook his head in disbelieve, a small whine coming from his throat.

Zane turned and fled, his thoughts a scrambled mess of confusion. His lifemate was male! Was all he could think, running faster then he ever had as a wolf. He retreated as far as possible, from the one who was suppose to save him.

'How could it happen?' His mind screamed, how could his lifemate be a male? Weren't they suppose to be female? Their light to save them from the darkness? How were two who were in darkness suppose to save each other? Why had fate gave him a male lifemate?

Continuing to run he ignored the surprise of other Carpathians as he flashed past them, he ignored their calls and their questions. Running to the only place he could think of, he had to do something. In such close proximity his lifemate could easily find him, and he couldn't let that happen.

He did not know how the other would take it, nor did he know how the rest of the species would react. So he could not let them know, he had to get away... Now.

Syn was anxious, something that hadn't happened in a long time. She paced back and forth, short raven black hair swirling around her head in agitation. Her ice blue eyes scanning the forests, as if they would make her brother appear out of thin air.

Something was wrong with Zane, something that she couldn't pin point. When his mind had called for hers she had sensed shock, confusion and just the slightest bit of joy. Her brother hadn't felt emotions for centuries, only feeling them when he connected with her. So did that mean he met his lifemate?

But he seemed afraid, and he hadn't checked back with her. He knew she was probably agitated, waiting to hear the situation. But he remained quiet, sure she could push her way into his mind but she didn't want to upset him.

Suddenly a form melted out of the forest to her right and she ran over to him, but froze at what he saw. Amongst others, he hid his discomfort or thoughts quite well. But with her she saw it all, and she saw pain and fear.

As soon as they get within proximity Syn would meld her and Zane's minds, so that he could feel emotion. She's been doing it since he lost them, and it's almost habitual. As she connected with him she felt the tension, the confusion, the trouble he was enduring.

"Brother what happened?" She asked, taking his arm gently and lowering him onto a log. He was pale, his eyes had rings under them and he was almost shaking.

"We're leaving tonight, heading for America. I've already cleared it with the Prince, and he said we could leave tonight." He responded quietly and she looked at him shocked, he didn't continue so she finally spoke.

"What do you mean?" She asked sitting down beside him, trying to comfort him. "What happened? What's going on?"

He let out a shaky breath, and she felt his emotions shift in response. "I found my lifemate." He said quietly, his eyes downcast.

"That's great!" She said suddenly but froze. "But why are we leaving then?" She stood up, looming over him, "If you found her why are we leavening? Tell me Zane what is going on?"

He remained silent for a bit, his hands fisted tightly together. Eventually he sighed, "My lifemate..." He paused taking a deep breath, she leaned forward expectantly. "My lifemate is...is a male." He said, burying his face in his hands.

Syn was so shocked she fell backwards, landing on the ground roughly. "But..." She tried to say anything to comfort her brother, but nothing would come. No wonder he was shocked and confused, no wonder he wanted to leave. "How did he take it?" She asked after a few minutes, keeping her tone soft.

"He doesn't know," Zane replied. "I was hiding when I saw him, he didn't see me." He went back to glaring at the ground, hands falling to rest on his knees. "How could this happen?" He asked miserably, "I thought my lifemate was suppose to be female!"

"You have to confront him!" She said with a shout, standing up and leaning over him. He almost jumped off the log in shock, from her tone as well as her sudden movement.

"No!" He shouted after he finally registered what she said, "There is no telling how he would react. I don't think it would be a good idea, that's no telling how the others will take it!"

"If you are made for each other then who cares what others think!" She said grabbing him by the wrist and lifting him off the log. "Brother if you want I can approach him and see how he's up to the idea."

He merely shook his head, "No one knows you're a female." His words were true, her form clad in simple pants and shirt, was flat and muscled. Like that of another male, she purposely kept her voice and body that of a male so that her freedom and future were not impeded. How she managed to keep her gender hidden from the others was surprising, but she did it. "He'd probably think you're flirting with you or something, I don't want you doing anything that could get you hurt."

"Brother, you have to do something." She said with a sigh, "This situation will not work itself out otherwise."

"I am doing something," He replied in an emotionless tone. A sure sign that the conversation was over, "I am leaving. I'm going to America where I will not run into him, where I can fight vampires until it is time to meet the dawn."

She looked at him with a mixed expression of horror and sadness, but she knew better then to try and stop him. Once he made his mind up, there was no stopping him. "I'm going with you, if I'm nearby at least you can experience emotion. It will slow down the decent into darkness, even if by a few years."

"Thanks Syn," He said with a slight grateful smile, glad that she was coming and understood what he was feeling.

"Lets be off," She said with a sigh. "It'll take a few days to get to America," He nodded and they both shifted to owls. His form was slightly bigger then hers, and he was a stark silver-white compared to the small black owl she turned into.

With a look shared between them the stretched their wings. Both took off in perfect synchronization, their forms becoming swallowed by the surrounding darkness.