Title: Secret

Character(s): Wally West/Kid Flash, Artemis, M'gann (Megan) Morse/Miss Martian

Summary: "Wally was not having wet dreams about Artemis. He wasn't." Rating for language. Birthday fic for Cloaks and Daggers.

Words: 563

Happy Birthday, Cloaks. Hope you like.


The voice was like honey, smooth and rich, seductive. Whenever he heard it, it made him shiver, in a good way, in a way that traveled up and down his spine trailing goosebumps in its wake. The voice and the shiver heated his body, made something low in his body coil. And then came the best part, the part where the voice said his name.

"Wally…" The voice trailed off and Wally West smiled, turning his face back into his pillow. The teenager could almost imagine the smirk that was prominently placed on the face of the woman who said his name, because whoever spoke his name like that was without a doubt a woman. The way she said it was mischievous, daring.

A femme fatale.


Wally West could see his mystery woman in his sleeping mind's eye. Leggy, with a good body and hips, god her hips! He ass was tight in her jeans and Wally thought that she would probably look good in blue or purple or even green. Not many people could pull off green. She had breasts and a lean figure and her hair was pure blond, falling down her back and when she turned around -

Wally's eyes snapped open.


His body, shamefully, was drenched in sweat and his heart was pounding, like he had come back from a job where he had actually been trying to go really fast and he didn't really need a cold shower and he was completely and utterly fucked.

He was not having wet dreams about Artemis.

Wally was not having wet dreams about Artemis. He wasn't.

Wet dreams were shameful and perverted and Wally did not have them. He didn't need them.

Wally West did not have wet dreams about Artemis. He did not have fucking wet dreams about Artemis because he was Wally and she was Artemis and –

He so needed a cold shower.

The next morning, when Megan and he were alone in the kitchen, she came up to him and asked him quietly, "Wally, why are you dreaming about Artemis in a sexual manner?"

Did everyone know he was having wet dreams, no wait, fantasies damn it, about Artemis?

Wally could only thank the Lord that she had apparently picked up on the fact that on Earth one did not discuss having sex dreams about the team's archer (who he hated!).

Yeah. He totally hated Artemis.

"Megan, don't ask."

Megan smiled. "You might want to know that Artemis has them too. Though I found it strange that you had her fully clothed in your dream. Usually in hers, you're barely decent." Grinning cheekily, like she knew what she had just said even though she probably didn't but ohgoddidshe? Megan walked away and dare he say it? It almost looked like she had swing in her hips and a spring in her step. "Don't worry, I'll keep your secret. I've been told that it's better for the two of you to figure it out."

Wally was flabbergasted and the tension and the heat were now flooding through his body again. He really didn't want another cold shower.

And then he saw Artemis walking by the kitchen, with her hips swaying and drinking right out of the orange justice carton and normally he would have been angry, pissed, but god did her ass fill out those jeans.