This is for my birthday which is tomorrow:D I love this Couple3 I'll do differnt couples for this story! I did this on my ipod!

Jo's Pov

"Jo!" My teacher yelled.
I shot up and saw my teacher yelling at me, I rolled my eyes and stole paper from sme random kid and grabbed my purple pen and wrote some stuff done.

I drew a cow flying into space and a monkey who says happy birthday. and I drew the teacher eating pig meat,. I laughed and loved the picture.
I was a good drawer but I only drew what I wanted and now I am drawing a bunny eating someone head I dont know who but it made me smile.
"Jo." I heard my name.
I looked and saw Gabe smiling and handing a note.

I grabbed it and handed it to some lucky girl, I knew it was for the new girl Taylor. She was short and blonde headed and always wore a orange jacket and blue jeans.
She had some weird shoes but they were pretty cool.

I liked them. Anyway I didn't like her, she was my best friend and all but she does not need to flirt with him.
"Jo that was for Taylor!" Gabe said.
"I dont care!" I hissed.
Gabe rolled his eyes and Taylor stared at me, I smiled and tried to listen to the teacher.
"M'Kay, everyone just read chapter whatever." Teacher said reading her book.
Taylor was busy with Gabe, that I was alone I hated her, I drew more and somehow I knew I drew Taylor dead and in a grave. I earsed it and saw Gabe was alone and went over to me, I smiled and he sat down next to me and looked away daydreaming. Dreaming about Taylor I bet...!

All day was the same, we reached 7th period with NO Taylor, I smiled in relief and had a new paper.
The bell was about to ring and I looked down from my paper and saw it read:J+G=Love I blushed and threw it in the trash right when the bell rang.

but what I didn't know was that I missed and Gabe read it.