So many people want me to kiss him

So many people want me to care

So many people are pushing me towards him

Why can't they see that I won't go there?

I'm over eighty, it's time to grow up

We'll be friends forever, but that's where it stops

Holding his hand doesn't mean we're in love

I just can't explain, oh gods above,

Don't you see?

It's not like that with me!

So many people assuming they know

Just how I feel when I look in her eyes

I see myself better when she's watching me

But that's where it ends: this is no disguise.

I'm just a human with issues to sort

She helps me get through them – that's all to report

The kiss that we shared doesn't mean that I'm gone

I've still got a brain and my head's still straight on

Don't you see?

It's not like that with me!

I know that I'll always view him as a friend

And I know that she'll always be there when I call

We'll battle together, we'll fight till the end

We'll be there for each other if one of us falls

But there's no betrayal or lovers' rejection

We're bound to each other by a different affection

So I'll kiss him sometime if I feel like I want to

And I'll hug her because she is worth holding on to

But that's as far as it goes and as far as it could

Maybe we can't explain it as well as we should

What's the fuss?

It's not like that with us!