Foaly's First Poem {locked document}

I think I will write my first poem

Forgive me if it's not the best

Centaurs are not known for their rhyming

But I have to get this off my chest.

Today I saw Julius murdered

By some type of malfunctioning blast

Only moments before he was with us

It happened so horribly fast.

The Council's been blaming the captain

Because she had fled the scene

They're convinced that Holly's the culprit,

Though I know that she couldn't have been.

Ark Sool just decided to kill her

I objected as best as I could

But he pressed the button despite me

I knew all along that he would.

"She's gone," he said, so contently

I wanted to trample his head

But that wouldn't bring her back, would it?

So I ended up crying instead.

Centaurs don't form many friendships

And now I've lost two in a day . . .

I think I will end this poem

There isn't much else left to say.


A Secret {Double-code Lock System}

Why doesn't she grow her hair out?

Why keep it – well – so short?

I believe I asked her once, I think,

And I only got a retort.

Of course.

Why doesn't she grow her hair out?

I'd admittedly like to see

Just what it would look like, soft and long,

Around her ears, and free.

Don't tell.

Why doesn't she grow her hair out?

I suppose I could ask again.

But that would seem odd coming from me

After all, I'm only a friend.

Am I?

She's finally growing her hair out!

But can you guess who for?

The Mud Boy of all people, that big-headed freak

She isn't herself anymore.

She's crazy.

I'll bet he'd just overlook her hair.

In fact, I was there when he did.

But I noticed, Holly, only you didn't see!

Oh, who am I trying to kid?

He won.