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Chapter 1: In the darkness

Darkness, it surrounded them. The light were off, and the birds slept in their cages.


But, not for those two.

They were beginning a seductive dance—one where they displayed their feathers and paraded around—spraying pheromones to attract the matching and appropriate mate. It sounds all quite poetic, though in reality it wasn't remotely dignified, and it appeared that the dance was only practiced by the female.

In the darkness of the bedroom, the strongest esper had his back against a wall, distinctly feminine arms hooked around his neck, latching onto him.

The huntress licked her lips at the big catch she had in her grasp. His legs collided with hers, tangling and engaged in a power struggle for dominance, but because only the full moon provided lighting they couldn't know who was winning and who was losing the war. That little skirmish didn't matter anyhow.

The huntress, smirking and pulling her prey in, let the fleshy blade that is her nose collide with his again and again, letting them clash and heat up from the friction. Each brush, each strike, got them closer, mere breaths away from their wet rims—and as a by-product, the other's body.

"What are you doing…" the man with white bleached hair whispered, still fighting for his life against the relentless assault from the femme fatale.

Moonlight casted fine shadows out of her russet cut, which hid her eyes and her intentions from the his scrutinizing gaze; he was in a similar situation. The only thing they barely made out was their mouth itching closer as the albino was losing the blade battle.

"You're the one not stopping Misaka…" she slurred softly, grazing his black choker with her newly rejuvenated right hand.

Her remaining hand gripped his nape, pulling on strands of snow-white hair to compensate for the lack of her other, who traces circles on his thin torso covered by nightwear.

Their lips were mere millimetres apart, the swordfight winner now decided—and she was looking for her Olympic gold medal—as warm aromas seeped out of their husky breaths, mingling and mixing pleasantly for them to take in. Their fringes, still hiding what the other was orchestrating deep in their twisted psyche, were lifted as a breeze from the slightly opened window blew by. They could finally see the other full and naked for a brief moment, and at that the albino latched onto her lower back and pushed forward; something that stunned Misaka Worst.

They met, and the battle began anew. Nowhere as skilled with her new arsenal, the seductress tried to hold the line with tactics, but the invasion she was up against was far too barbaric. Her tusk barricade was breached, and pillaging followed. There was not a single thing she could do except holding her breath in so the bandits wouldn't hear her.

Out of it, she parted away for air, but was crushed back into a fierce kiss. Her mind was a haze, and to her great amusement she couldn't tell if it was herself or him that had initiated the second battle. Again, she lost and had to retreat, now firmly out of his reach.

"You're pretty bad at this. If your intention was to play me like a fiddle, you've failed," was his first comment, snide as ever.

"You're pretty bad yourself, not letting Misaka breathe properly," was her equally snide retort.

To both, it was their first two kisses.

Craning over, she rested herself on his slender body, feeling his calm pulse amid the sensual fire. Her pulse was calm as well, though hers was going a tad faster that usual.

She was starting to figure this whole thing out; not as complicated as she thought.

"Not even phased at all?" she hummed, raising her lips to his ear. "Honestly, Misaka was hoping for some unexpected reaction, but she did no expect you'd actually do the deed first."

"I don't want to hear shit like that coming from somebody who broke into my fucking room, woke me up and pinned me down to the wall. You really think I'd let myself to your game?" he hissed, and she leaned in more—if that was even possible—letting her arms droop to his slim waist.

"You could have just pushed Misaka away. Why did you suddenly decide 'I must kiss her before she does!' was a valid excuse?"

Accelerator's silence made the Third Season clone squeal a little on the inside. Every time she got that sort of stone-cold silent reaction out of Accelerator, it was a sign that he was speechless. Perhaps it was his way to show embarrassment. Whatever it meant, it made her smirk in a dark, almost evil way.

"Remember that time with the ice cream, in the park? Misaka remembers laying out an offer out for you," she purred, suggestively pressing against him, making him explicitly aware of her muliebrity—a trait Last Order couldn't offer him, to say the least.

The albino frowned, lips twitching, cursing at himself.

"…You're enjoying this, aren't you?" he snarled again, starting to let his nails dig into her skin through her buttoned-up nightshirt.

"Quite. Misaka revels in your awkwardness and the prospect of Last Order seeing this, thus ruining your fatherly relationship," she honestly replied with a wicked smile. "Plus, seeing your repressed sexuality is priceless. You just want to jam it down my throat, don't cha?"

He glared at her and clicked his tongue, letting it echo through the tenebrous bedroom, almost like a bat trying to make out its surroundings. It was too dark to actually see straight anyway.

"Bitch… What's your fucking problem?"

Her shrill yet soft laughs answered him.

Without asking, she grazed her teeth across is neck and nibbled his neck, latching onto her prey. He grunted and stood still, letting her mark his skin as she pleased. He had to, or simply didn't care as a matter-of-fact. Even he didn't know as of yet.

What should I do? What can I do? he asked himself, biting his lower lip.

"If I were to sit on your lap," croaked Worst, stopping her sucking and tasting of his ghostly skin, "Misaka would end up feeling a poking stick on her butt after a few minutes, no doubt."

Accelerator's curving mouth indicated annoyance, and to prevent his lashing out, she crashed her lips against his again, tightening her hold—he did the same as to not let her win—their ego was on the line. As their tongues clashed yet again, Worst wondered what was that smell impregnated into his skin, or more so, the lack of. Taking a little whiff as she deepened the carnal kiss, she concluded he smelled like…some disinfected industrial machinery; clean for the moment, until it was started up again to pump out the goodies.

It didn't really matter anyway.

"I really don't get you," the Level 5 said between quick, hastening, savagely wet lip-locks.

"Ah?" Worst smiled, taunting him.

"…Is being an annoying brat all you can do?" he asked the shadowy figure his blood-red eyes could perceive in the darkness.

Worst lightly pushed (tripped) him onto the wrinkled bed sheets, letting him out of the hold of her claws as she threw herself onto his lap, giving some playful hip grinds. Most would have already lost themselves right there in then.

"Me, annoying brat? Says the one who protects such an 'annoying brat' with all his might. Misaka wouldn't call what she is doing right now annoying." She winked, her strained amber eyes fixating the figure downwards. "If anything, shouldn't you thank me and venerate me as a living sex goddess? At least try your luck and grope Misaka's butt at the very least. Isn't that a dream for normal guys? Or are you so dedicated to said brat that she's the only one you can touch? Fufu~"

"Leave. Her. Out. Of. This." He spat in anger. "I don't even want to hear you bitch and moan about her anymore. Are you fucking jealous? Get over it, and dig out whatever is up your fucking ass."

Snickering, the sinister clone spewed out in a chillingly calm voice her thoughts that were no longer held back by anything.

"Get over it? Misaka can't and won't. Misaka was built like this. Misaka can't change; Misaka won't change. Misaka thought you already understood this. That's how I've been designed by the abso-fucking-lutly wonderful cloners, remember? This Misaka holds the darkness of over 10000 Sisters within her. Misaka cannot 'Get over it' as you say, even if she wanted to."

She was unredeemable in her tongue. It sounded as a matter-of-fact statement devoid of emotional involvement.


Even in the dimness in which his eyes where useless, he perceived something distinct while his deep animosity towards her childish, overt, and obsessive jealousy of Last Order boiled in his brain.

Can't change? Won't change? Hadn't he heard those kind of statements before? Accelerator's mind stung after he rolled those words on his tongue. That kind of self-defeating pattern was what he used to tell himself before a certain boy showed him otherwise on the snowy plains of Russia.

Even the worst of the worst can change their ways, no matter how far down they are in Darkness; all they have to do was will it

The gravity of the situation slowly unwrapped itself before him, like a shiny Christmas gift being prided open. Her actions didn't make any common sense, as expected—suddenly bursting midnight into your less-than-friend's room, and out-of-nowhere, start making out with him—now that's logical.

Since Misaka Worst operates on the WORST of emotions stored up in the Misaka Network, that alone seemed like the explanation as to what she doing, with her latching onto Accelerator and—quite honestly—appropriating him as hers and hers alone.

Jealousy was one of the most glaring emotions Worst manifested, mainly towards Last Order, and even Yomikawa at times. Seeing their relationship with him pulled her strings the wrong way, he guessed.

But why…well, this? Just to be mindlessly nasty by toying with his hormones? Perhaps, but the way she approached him tonight told him otherwise. What exactly was she trying to attain right now?

Sexual gratification…?

What was he now, some sort of human vibrator...?

Definitely it involved him in some way.

What this was all about though was Worst's naughty little secret.

Was it even downright sexual at this point—or was it just a weapon against him?

Accelerator's brow twitched as he stared down with Worst, who was topping him. Her face hadn't moved a damn inch. It still was spiteful as ever—sick and twisted, puke-inducing.

Was this whole ordeal the Network's influence, or her own will?

Actually, does she even have an untainted freewill? One could argue that all her thoughts receive outward influence and are never purely inward.

Thinking that deeply, Accelerator wouldn't blame her for it. He just couldn't. If anything, she was the victim of some twisted design by a madly guffawing scientist, the same kind like that scrapped bastard Kihara Amata or the gaunt and cowardly Amai Ao.

"Misaka was created in order to kill you. Misaka didn't particularly want to be born, but she was forced to do so. In order to cut off the signals from Last Order, her skin was cut open and a bunch of strange sheets and selectors were embedded within. If it weren't for you, none of that would have happened. If you hadn't made that decision, Misaka would never have been born. And even if she had been, it would not have been in that way that cut off all chance for a future. 'It hurts… Help...' By the time Misaka learned those words, she was already in a situation where she could not say them. That is why Misaka has the right to blame you. That is why she has a reason to kill you."

For that—those words she had spoken before—Accelerator thought of Misaka Worst as someone who needs help, though not requiring protection per say. She wasn't fragile and weak like Last Order.

What she needed help with was to get out of her own personal darkness.

Accelerator wasn't the best role model, by far. He could admit that without holding any grudge, as he knew the darkness rather well, and decided to opt-out of it to live the peaceful existence he always secretly craved for. Misaka Worst had trouble adjusting to this new newfound peaceful existence herself, and he definitely understood that aspect.

Not being on the battlefield, it unnerved him as much as her; it didn't feel right. They needed to disassociate the soothing feeling of rightness from conflict and bloodshed. Now, imagine having to do that with constant waves of malice being pumped into your brain.

Whoever designed her, Accelerator wanted to string him up.

But why did he even show concern for someone like Misaka Worst in the first place, someone who no doubts despise him? She wasn't Last Order, and even if she is a Misaka clone, he didn't have to worry that much about her.

Yet he wanted to help.

Showing "goodwill" as Yomikawa usually said?

Or maybe it was some sort of love?

For someone like him, a mass murderer by many—if not all—definitions, to love anything might it be platonic or otherwise was laugh-out-loud dark comedy material.

However he couldn't deny what it had done to him; it had been what let him escape the his own vicious cycle.

Last Order's love he finally reciprocated when he sang, ready to die just to give her back a smile—the gushing blood that seeped from his body still vivid in his mind—he would endure that again in a heartbeat if that was needed.

Then there was the love his guardian Yomikawa dished out, might it be a punch or a hug, maybe both…

Even Yoshikawa, who had seen firsthand the carnage and murder he once caused…

And that might be what she needs—someone who can understand her and put up with her…, the albino reflexively swallowed his spit, his thoughts crystal clear, …And in the end, make her a better person, if even just a bit. That fucking hero, he made the Sisters realize they weren't disposable dolls with only words and actions, making them understand the value of their life. If I work at it, I could affect that brat in such a way.

At that precise moment, he muttered in his mouth so said brat couldn't hear him. It was a Promise of sorts: That he would bring her out of this personal darkness of hers, and he could make her enjoy this daily life along with him and Last Order. Somehow. Two individuals, wired for battle and killing, would leave that all behind them if that was the last thing he did.

A rigid finger poked at his forehead.

"Oi, are you spacing out that far into the game? Ho, don't tell me that you're blushing since you're not saying anything. Did the body of a High school girl 'Awaken' your own~?"

The target of his thoughts spoke, her voice rang in his ears, and on a purely instinctive whim, he reached out and held her hips in place, same who rested on his lap, teasingly grinding against him, and then her back to make her arch downwards as he held her close.

Their hearts were now going at a much faster speed than before, even Accelerator's. They could practically hear the thundering throbs in their chest all the way up to their ears.

Worst looked up, surprised by his sudden strange behavior, as if he hadn't been attacking strange enough already.

"…Here is your hug, and enjoy my lap…spoiled brat." He sighed next to her ear, guiding her head into him. His fingers glided her scalp, and her chin tucked into his collarbone.

An unknown feeling washed over Worst. It…it feels… She closed her eyes, …good. Yeah…I understand what that kid gets out of this. She genuinely grinned.

"Oi oi, I haven't agreed to any of this hugging stuff Number One."

"You waved your right to complain long ago." He whispered, biting his lower lip. There was something in Accelerator's voice that made Misaka Worst's face go blank.

"…Mr. Honor Student really is blushing, isn't he? You're actually doing such a thing?-! What kind of softie are you? I can't believe it!" Worst chuckled in a vicious victorious tone.

Of course, she had no way to know if indeed there was red on the thin albino's face because of how dimly lit the bedroom was. But she trusted her instincts on this.

Accelerator wasn't taking it lightly and—in a way that can only be classified as Tsundere-ish—he literally huffed.

"Misaka guesses even you aren't immune to normal physiological responses," she said in a mock lady-esque manner.

"…Maybe, but so are you," he uttered as his hands which rested on her lower back snaked downward and scooped up her buttocks, clasping them firmly, kneading at the softness. Worst choked on a gasp at that. He had to admit this was gratifying. It was his turn to grin.

"You're being unfair with Misaka…" She faked a pout.

"Isn't that what you came here for?" He pointed out her lecherous and painfully obvious intents.

"My my, it seems like Misaka has turned on a switch hmm~?" she badgered, almost breaking into a song.

The snarling retort wasn't heard as Accelerator's voice was caught up in Worst's throat as she kissed him again.

Within the darkness, there was a faint pinkish glow. However faint it was, and whoever was the source of it, it was the mark of a Promise. Dishonest as it would look on the outside, it was a Promise nonetheless.

And, from the corner of her eyes, Misaka Worst noticed a subtle movement by the bedroom's door. She had left it slight open when she came in, hoping for such a thing.

Worst smirked as she continued to eat up Accelerator's face.


"'…is what Misaka saw and that is when Misaka came to you.' recounts Misaka as Misaka feels very dirty having seen such an erotic situation from the crack of the opened bedroom door…"

Last Order had woken up during the middle of the night because there was an emptiness in her bed. Even since her return to Academy City, she shared a bed with Misaka "Sister-chan" Worst. It was already a marvel how five people could fit in the Yomikawa residence. The only problem was the fact that there was only three bedrooms.

Accelerator, for obvious reason, had his own room. Back on the 30th of September, while they were driving to the apartment after being discharged from A Certain Hospital, Yomikawa had joked around, mentioning that "Men need a bunk to retreat to", which amused her and Yoshikawa. The Level 5 scoffed while Last Order was left clueless. Accelerator had learned from such moments that P.E. teachers could be really good at getting crap past the radar.

Wondering why Sister-chan had disappeared, sad that the huggable and warm human plush was gone, and feeling a swell in her bladder—Last Order had decided on a two-part plan.

– Get to the bathroom ASAP and do a "Number One".

– Investigate Misaka Worst's disappearance.

After a short trip to the toilet, the ten-year-old overheard strange noises from Accelerator's room.

What she peeked at made her face explode in multiple shades of scarlet, light and deep.

No, Sister-chan and Accelerator hadn't and didn't do that—thankfully—because Last Order innocent mind was racing and confused.

The two mature women who had been woken up, Yomikawa Aiho and Yoshikawa Kikyou, sat on their bed, a shaking Last Order by their side.

…And before you ask, yes, Accelerator figured that the friendship between Yomikawa and Yoshikawa—all the way back to High school and beyond—had certain benefits to it. His first tipoff? Yomikawa being a P.E. teacher. Don't even start with the "Hey, we might 'sleep' together but that's because we don't have any choice" bullshit—that was just a convenient excuse. You don't need to be an Austrian or do crack to figure this shit out.

Sometimes a cigar is just two single women in their thirties that "[…]make the pussy purr with the stroke of [their] hand." Cat Scratch Fever. Classy shit.

Yoshikawa was busy reassuring the little girl who had seen too much for her poor mind, telling her the bad images would go away. The researcher wondered if this data would end up being transmitted to the Misaka Network, which could very well end in a disaster. Yoshikawa had trouble picturing the clones reacting well to being force-fed the images of Accelerator and their unique little Sister-chan engaged in darn deep skinship.

Meanwhile, Yomikawa seemed very—

"T-This is...! The legendary forbidden fruit between a father and daughter...!" Yomikawa stammered, waving around and blushing like a little boy peeking into a lady's bathroom, until Yoshikawa knocked her on the head, much like she used to when Yomikawa was a jock back in their High school days.

"Aiho, stop drooling over two kids, you old pervert..."

"But Kikyou! We discussed this before! She was supposed to be Accelerator's elder daughter and Last Order the younger one! Him being all ero-ero with her messed up our calculations!"

Yoshikawa sighed, petting Last Order's hair while putting up with another child.

"…If I let you use the cuffs, will you snap out of it and help me soothe this poor little girl's trauma? Moreover, shouldn't we make sure those two aren't doing something they'll regret? You're the P.E. teacher after all; go handle it."

Yomikawa straightened up and gave her a thumbs up. "On the case, Captain Kikyou!" A healthy smile adorned her face as she winked, "I'm looking forward to tomorrow."

"'Misaka is now worried by the look on Yomikawa's face.' mutters Misaka mutters Misaka as her trembling intensives…"


"Well, have fun with those nice memories. Want Misaka to bring you some KY as to rub one out for the night?"

"Just get out of here before anyone figures out what you've been doing."

"You mean what we've been doing." Worst stared down with Accelerator at his bedroom's door. She was still madly grinning from everything that had happened. "You better take responsibility if Misaka gets pregnant."

"…Please don't fuel my nightmares with such high-octane material. Besides, unlike you I studied basic Biology—and I'm more than 200% sure you can't get pregnant from kissing."

"Or groping a plump A+ Misaka butt," Worst interjected, blinking and taking a mock shy posture that consisted of fidgeting and closing her legs in a self-conscious way. "You're making Misaka's body all naughty Tou-san~ She might have to squeeze one out herself~"

"Whatever…." He rolled his eyes into the very back of his eye sockets.

"My my, are you disappointed you couldn't get to that point?"

The door slammed shut and was locked from the inside without another word said.

Misaka Worst sighed, rubbing her shoulders, tip-toeing in the hallway.

How she hadn't expected that her little prank would mutate into a make-out session with Academy City's Number One, nor did she seriously expect Last Order would see it. The original plan was for the Commander to stumble onto her Sister-chan pinning Accelerator down to a wall, right as she was about to "kiss" the second savior of the Misaka Network; when actually she was going to shove a red jalapeno pepper down his throat. It was still in her nightwear's pockets too.

At her shared bedroom's door, there was some sort of spartan-like woman standing there, a "YOU SHALL NOT PASS!" expression on her face. Was she channelling Gandalf?

"Oh, it's the landlady—"

"What were you doing back there?" The firm question caught her immediately. It didn't' leave room for consideration.

"…Having a bit of fun?" Worst answered with a sinister simper.

The big-breasted spartan-like landlady frowned. It wasn't a disapproving frown, nor was it approving. Misaka Worst's warped brain only saw an opportunity.

She said, while sounding pensive, "So that bastard has been building up a harem with an Onee-san option too…"

"What are you taking about—"


Something red and hot made its way into Yomikawa's mouth while she had spoken.

Her teeth cut the deadly pepper so its seeds and juices spread.

The Anti-Skill's face seared painfully red.

And then…


Nobody that night had gotten a good night's sleep.

Revamp notes:

Much of the scene between Accelerator and Misaka Worst was rewritten on the emotional level; I wasn't satisfied anymore, because back when I wrote it Volume 20–22 weren't translated.

There was also the expansion and addition of scenes afterward to establish Yomikawa and Yoshikawa's mutual relations which would come back later on.

Not to mention and make it very clear that Accelerator and Worst did not do it yet.