Ghost of a Girl

Gabe was almost always alone.

That is, when he wasn't 'watching over' is family, he was almost always alone. And that was just another of the many things that wasn't fair about the whole death thing. It really did suck when ya' thought about it…

"Gabriel?" A whispery voice asked, making Gabe turn around quickly. Who would call him his full name like that?

"Um…yes…?" He asked, even though he couldn't see who was talking. Suddenly, he knew.

He saw her

And he wasn't alone.

"Hi," she said.

"Um…hi." He said. "Um…not to be rude but…who the hell are you?" The girl smiled, and Gabe could have died…again.

"My name's Josie," she said, brushing her long, dark hair out of her face. "Car crash. You?"

"Oh, uh…bowel obstruction. How old were you?"

"Seventeen." She said as if the word were a full sentence. That's just the age she looked now, so it must have happened recently. "What about you?"

"Eight months," Gabe shook his head and sighed.

"Jeez," said the girl. "That sucks. You were so…young. You barley even had a life…"

"Exactly," He didn't look back up at her.

"C-can I ask you something…that nobody else would really understand?" She asked.

"Uh, yeah. S-sure."

"Do you ever wonder…why we died when we did?" Josie's chocolate eyes met Gabe's lighter ones, and he almost flinched away.

"Yes," he said. "Every single day."


"And…and I can't come up with an answer."


"You know," said Josie. "There's always the little things that get ya'. Those little feelings you'll never feel again."

"Like what?" Gabe asked.

"Like…like smelling the fresh-cut grass in the spring, or seeing the first snowfall of winter. Fighting with her sibling over the bathroom or giggling with your friends. The perfectly imperfectness of your first kiss. You know…the little things."

"I never got any of those," Gabe said, still trying to sound sure of himself. "Not one memory. Not one."

"Well…" Josie started. "Hell, maybe we could make a few memories."

"Yeah," Gabe smiled to himself. "I could be perfect for you."