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Chapter 43

Two and a half weeks later, Norton was in the process of removing the IV when Dean came running into the room and tossed something into Sammy's lap.

Sammy startled as he looked down and then back to Dean, "What the hell, D?"

"It's a book that Bobby just got for you." Dean said with a smile.

Sammy frowned as he turned the book over and read the title from the front cover. "The Outsiders by S. E. Hinton" he muttered.

Dean grinned as he told him, "A girl wrote it a long time ago. Made a movie of it even. They make you read it in high school."

"Have you read it?" Sammy asked curious.

"Yeah, even saw the movie." He admitted as he plopped onto the bed beside his brother.

"Where was I?" Sammy asked surprised by the tidbits of information that Dean was freely handing out.

"Um… I was with a girl… at her house." Dean said with a grin as he watched Sammy's face change from one of curious interest to a look of disgust causing his grin to widen to a full blown Winchester special. That's what he heard a waitress tell his dad one time about their smiles… she had said all three of them had the same gorgeous smile… the Winchester special.

"Ewh… D… too much information." Sammy grinned opening the book to Chapter one, When I stepped out

Dean bounced on the bed as he told Sammy, "I told him he should have bought that two weeks ago. Now you won't have time to read it."

"I won't." He agreed with his brother, "Not with you bouncing on the bed. Sit still, Dean." Sammy said with an aggravated sigh, cranky that he had given him a book and then wouldn't let him read it.

"Sammy, it's nice out." Dean said with his own sigh of frustration as he glanced quickly at the window and then back to his little brother.

"So?" Sammy said with a hint of a question in the one word.

"So I'm taking you outside." Dean stated with a grin and a bounce.

Sammy gave a panicked look towards Norton who shrugged and grinned.

Sammy frowned as he asked, "Then why did you give me the book?"

"Bobby asked me to." Dean said with a 'doesn't matter' shrug.

"But, Dean… I've never seen the movie or read the book." Sammy said with a definite twang of whine to it.

"Well, I'll tell you Ponyboy and Johnny…" Dean began, his huge smile never dimming as he watched his little brother cover his ears as he groaned loudly to drown out Dean.

"Shut up, D. Don't tell me anything… fine," Sammy huffed in agitation as he snapped a little peevishly, "I'll go outside with you."

"Good." Dean said as he stopped bouncing the bed.

"He's been pacing like a caged lion for days… take him outside and let him run." Norton said with a grin as he told Sammy. "You… only a short walk. You get tired, right back up here. So no overdoing it."

"Oh, he won't." Dean said emphatically.

Norton smiled at Dean, "I figured as much. Sam when you come back I want you to try a small milkshake before you get your first shot."

"I thought it was going to be pills now." Dean asked as he saw Sammy pale at the mention of shots.

"Just a week or two then pills if all goes well." Norton said in a no argument voice.

"Hurry up Sammy. Jeez you'd think you were as old as dad." Dean snarked as he hunted around for Sammy's shoes. Giving up after a few seconds as he added dismissively, "Just stay on the porch. Walk in circles or something."

"By myself… that's boring…" Sammy said as he glanced at the book, he really wanted to read it now. Not later.

"I'll bring one of the puppies on the porch for you to play with." Dean bargained.

He looked again towards the book.

"Bring it then," Dean sighed, "but you can only read it when I'm not talking to you." Dean said as he shifted impatiently from foot to foot.

Sammy stood and swayed. Dean was quick to grab and steady him, even one handed.

After they made it to the porch, Dean led Sammy over to a chair as he commented, "Old man, you are already tired… park it."

Sammy sank gratefully into a chair as he asked, "Where's Dad and Uncle Bobby?"

"Dad is working on the impala in the garage and Bobby went to town." Dean said as he headed down the steps.

Sammy opened his book and started once again to read only to have something slam into him and then run a slobbery tongue down across his cheek, "Yuk." he mumbled as he sat the book aside and grabbed the puppy to force him to be still. The puppy continued to wiggle his whole body in joy that he was free and with the boys.

Dean leaned against the railing of the porch as he watched Sammy with a smile on his face. When Sammy laughed out loud and hugged the puppy he knew his brother was going to be okay. He felt like for the first time he could relax and just enjoy the company of his brother once again.

Sammy looked over at Dean as he told him, "Thanks for being my big brother."

"Who else would take the job?" Dean asked as he tried for a teasing tone.

Sammy face fell as he disappointedly hid his face in the dog's neck.

"Dude," Dean waited until Sammy glanced up at him and then hid his face again, "I wouldn't let anyone else take my place, bitch. You're stuck with me little shit." Dean said as he tried to see Sammy's face. Taking a step closer he was startled when his dad said from behind him, "You boys need to start cleaning up your language. I'm not going to get called twenty times a day from the school because you've got gutter mouth."

Dean turned to look at his dad surprised. His dad was wiping his hands on a grease rag as he watched Dean.

Sammy muttered under his breath, "Yeah, jerk… watch your language."

John laughed at the incredulous look on Dean's face as he turned to stare at Sammy.

Sammy grinned as he let the puppy go who immediately went on the attack, trampling Dean in his wake to get to John who gave a surprised, "What the hell?"

At both boys laughing John smiled as he rubbed the dog's head. Looking up at them he asked, "What do you think about staying here awhile?"

"Awhile?" Dean asked as he shared a look with Sammy.

"Yeah, I talked to Bobby about maybe staying here while Sammy gets back on his feet." John stated as he watched the kids expressions.

Sammy tried not to cry, but a tear slid down his cheek anyway. He knew it would be coming; he should have been more prepared, he berated himself.

"Sammy?" Dean asked concerned moving to kneel beside him. He laid his good hand on Sam's knee.

"Sammy? What's the matter?" John echoed pushing passed the puppy to come up the stairs.

"My name is Sam. I'm not Sammy anymore." Sammy declared as he lifted his chin and stared John in the eye.

"Ok, son. If that's what you want." John said with a frown.

Sam looked at John a few seconds before he looked past him towards the garage where he could just see the backend of the impala.

Dean shook his knee to get his attention.

When he didn't respond he did it again.

Finally Sam looked down at Dean.

"So, what the hell is wrong? I thought you would enjoy staying the school year here. I told dad it was a good idea." Dean said worried at his brother's response.

Sam paled as he tried to get away from Dean.

Dean grabbed him and held him against his chest; he'd to stand and quickly catch Sam before he rushed off.

Sammy struggled to get away before he went limp and gave up.

Dean fell back landing in the chair as he pulled Sammy with him, "What the hell is wrong, Sammy?"

Sammy felt another tear slide down his cheek as he said, "When you leaving, dad?" After a brief pause he added, "Dean?"

"What?" John asked. He'd been letting Dean handle the situation because he had no idea what was going on with his son.

Dean rested his head against Sam's as he said, "Bro… we're all staying."

Sam jerked around to stare at Dean as Dean added, "We aren't leaving you and taking off."

Sam stared a few seconds before he asked suspiciously, "You aren't going to wait a few months and then bolt?"

"Not without you bitch." Dean said with a grin.

"Jerk." He said as he grinned back and impulsively gave Dean a hug.

He was startled to hear his father say, "Before the school years out, you'll be so bored; you'll be begging me to yank you out."

"I wouldn't count on it." Dean mumbled as Sammy gave a dimpled grin and pulled his dad into a hug. Dean gave a slight shrug before joining the hug.

"Can't breathe." Sammy gasped out a few seconds later; causing his dad and brother to laugh as John backed away while Dean playfully shoved at Sam's back, "Get off me you dork."

Sammy looked back as he stood; saying in a stage whisper, "bitch."

Dean shook his head in a mock I'm so whooping your ass glare as he stood causing Sammy to bolt behind John.

John held up his hand as he said, "Go easy on him, you'll wear him out."

Sam stuck out his tongue at Dean from behind John's back.

Dean lunged, grabbing Sammy and putting him in a headlock. He had his knuckles against Sammy's head when Norton popped through the door, "Unhand my patient. It's time for his shot. That will be punishment enough, don't you think Dean?"

Dean instantly let go as he mouthed, "Sorry." to his Sammy.

"Dad." Sam whined.

"Sam, my man. If you are big enough to be called Sam you are big enough to take your medicine." John declared.

Sammy frowned as he stated, "My name is Sammy."

He had everyone laughing as Bobby pulled up.

Bobby climbed out of the truck pulling a bag with him. When he reached the porch he asked, "What the hell is wrong with you all?"

"That's Sammy." John pointed.

"Yeah?" Bobby gave John a 'how much have you had to fucking drink' look.

Bobby shook his head.

Dean added, "Formerly Sammy, then Sam and now Sammy." then he laughed at Sammy's glare.

"Idgits." Bobby declared as he reached into the bag and pulled out something to toss at Sammy.

"The Outsiders movie?" Sammy looked at Bobby with a smile.

"Hey," Dean said, "You don't have a player."

"I do now; it's in the truck along with ice cream for milkshakes." Bobby stated going to the front door, then pausing to turn and say, "But we have to wait until Sammy's finishes the book to watch the movie."

"Damn." Dean muttered before he smiled, "I can tell him…"

"No." Bobby and John said at the same time.

"Fine." Dean growled, grabbing Sammy's book and slinging his good arm over Sam's shoulder as he said with a smile to Sam, "I'll read… you get doctored and then fed."


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