"Grell Gets His Wish"

Grell couldn't believe this was actually happening. He gasped as his Sebby pushed him somewhat roughly back onto the demon butler's bed and began to undress him, unbuttoning the shinigami's shirt and sliding it back off his shoulders.

"Ahh, Sebas-chan," the redhead purred lustfully, looking up at his would-be lover in what he hoped was a seductive way.

As Sebastian leaned in to deliver a searing kiss to the side of the reaper's neck, Grell swiftly unbuttoned Sebastian's shirt and had it off of him.

"Did I say you could do that, Grell?" Sebastian asked, a hint of danger in his voice.

Grell shivered. He loved it when Sebby got all domineering like this, although they had never gotten this far until now. Perhaps a kiss or a fondle during a stolen moment while Sebastian was on his way to perform some service for his young master, Ciel, but that was all. Half the time Grell wondered if Sebastian's small displays of affection, soon broken off, weren't some sort of sadistic revenge for Grell's clinginess and insistence that he wanted to have Sebastian's babies. A quick tease, then Sebastian would continue on his way, leaving Grell pouting and whining for more.

"No, you didn't," admitted Grell, "but you're driving me crazy! It's not nice to tease a lady!"

"I'm far from teasing, Grell," Sebastian smirked, lifting the reaper's legs and giving his ass a firm slap.

"Uwauuu! Please, take them off!" Grell pleaded, wriggling and trying to work his way out of his pants on his own.

"Patience is a virtue, my lady," Sebastian admonished, bringing his mouth to one of the shinigami's ears and giving a sharp nip to the cartilage.

Sebastian was lucky that Grell was too dazed and pleased by the whole thing to go all fangirl on him- or would that be fanboy? While it was obvious to the demon that the shinigami was outwardly male, Grell's insistence that he was a lady made it hard to decide which pronoun- he or she- would be more correct to use.

Slowly, painfully slowly, Sebastian relented and removed the writhing redhead's pants and then his underwear.

Perhaps Grell isn't so bad after all, thought Sebastian, running his gaze over the reaper's slender frame and the contrast caused by his pale skin and his flame-red hair. If one can move past his annoying demeanor, he's actually quite attractive.

Grell met Sebastian's gaze and smirked, running one slim hand down his hips and coming to rest in the thick nest of red curls at the base of his cock. He began to stroke himself, letting the demon know how much he wanted him.

"Ne, Sebas-chan," he encouraged, "kiss me."

Sebastian almost startled Grell with the speed at which he complied with the shinigami's request. Red eyes looked intently into green ones as lips met and remaining articles of clothing were shed. Grell moaned into Sebastian's mouth as their tongues moved in a mating dance as old as time. Sebastian was surprised at himself as he knocked the reaper's hand aside and began to grind against the other male, their dicks creating delicious friction as they rubbed against each other. What had gotten into him?

Perhaps even demons get desperate, Sebastian mused briefly as the sensations mounted and he began to lose all ability to reason.

"Ah, Grell," Sebastian moaned.

"Sebby! Ohh…ye-sss—ssss, Sebby!" Grell cried in return.

Needily, Grell grabbed one of Sebastian's hands and began to suck on the fingers. Sebastian chuckled a bit to himself at the shinigami's eagerness. As he pushed one slickened finger into Grell's hole, Grell gasped a bit.

Could it be that despite his seeming worldliness, he's actually a virgin? wondered Sebastian.

After pausing for a bit, the demon slid in a second finger to join the first and began to scissor them.

"Kyyaa! That…hurts a bit, Sebas-chan!" the reaper complained.

"It will, Grell, though I shall try to be gentle," Sebastian assured him.

His fingers quested inside the being beneath him, eliciting a delicious shriek when he found Grell's sweet spot.

"Shhh, you must be a bit more quiet, Grell," Sebastian teased. "The young master may hear if you continue like that."

Take that, Ciel! Grell thought maliciously, as if the boy could actually receive his thoughts. No matter how much you may adore Sebby, he's here fucking me!

Sebastian brought out a strip of black cloth from under a pillow and tied it around Grell's mouth, effectively muffling his cries. Grell grinned despite himself; obviously, Sebas-chan had thought things through thoroughly. It wasn't long before Sebastian added the crucial final finger, threading the fingers of his free hand through Grell's hair and yanking it firmly to distract him from the pain elsewhere.

"Mmmmph!" came the muffled scream from the reaper.

Suddenly, the painful yet delightful fingers were gone. Grell sat up just in time to see the demon butler spitting into his hand ever so delicately and coating his cock in readiness for what was to come. And what a cock it was- would it seriously fit where his Sebby was intent on putting it? Sebastian noticed that Grell's emerald eyes had gone wide, and tried to fight a semi-evil chuckle.

"You wanted this, Grell," he reminded the redhead, "and I'm certainly not backing down now. I would be very displeased were I forced to desist."

Grell took a deep breath as Sebastian positioned himself at his entrance and began to push inside. It felt like heaven and hell all at once, burning and yet bringing extreme bliss. Soon the demon was buried to the hilt in the shinigami, and there was no going back. If Grell had indeed been a maiden, as he'd often insisted, he certainly wasn't one any longer. Sebastian began to move within the reaper's channel, slowly at first and then faster.

Grell shrieked, clawing at his lover's back with his nails. Sebastian hissed slightly at the stinging sensation but continued despite the trails of blood he knew were trickling down his back and most likely ruining his bedsheets. He had had no idea that making love to Grell would result in him being skinned alive. At least the shinigami wasn't using his sharp, sharklike teeth. Hoping to ease the pain if he could, Sebastian began stroking Grell's cock, which was weeping precum.

"Mmph! Mmph! Ahh mmph!" Grell moaned through the gag. Translation: "More! More! Ohh, more!"

Grell angled his hips upwards a bit, causing Sebastian to slam into his prostate. A delighted screech came from the reaper, thrilling Sebastian, who growled low in response. Again and again the demon crashed into Grell's sweet spot, nearly causing Grell to pass out from pleasure. Sparks flew behind Grell's eyelids as he reached his peak and flew over the edge, his warm seed splattering on Sebastian's stomach. Sebastian was not far behind, releasing with a loud grunt and spilling himself inside his paramour. With a sigh, Grell went limp on the bed with his Sebby collapsing onto him.

"Ohh, Sebby, you look so sexy when you're all worked up and sweaty," Grell cooed after Sebastian removed the gag.

Almost too exhausted to open his eyes, Sebastian could imagine what a mess his inamorata was, his long red hair matted to him and no doubt quite mussed and tangled. He slowly rolled onto his side and slid out of Grell, earning a small noise of satisfaction from the shinigami.

"Are you happy now?" the demon asked.

"More like thrilled, elated, overjoyed…" Grell responded enthusiastically, despite his rumpled and worn-out appearance.

"Hush," Sebastian murmured. "Rest. Your body needs to recover."

He pulled back the sheets and crawled under them with Grell, feeling unexpectedly tender towards the obnoxious redhead. He held Grell for a while, releasing him only when he heard a bell ringing- Ciel, summoning him. As he dressed and prepared to see what his young master needed of him, he briefly looked back at the drowsy reaper falling asleep in his bed.

No! I'm not falling for that- that thing! he scolded himself. It was merely good sex.

It was a delightful summer day a few months later, and Sebastian was out in the garden attempting to fix Finnian's latest mishap. He wondered how it was possible for a staff member at the Phantomhive estate to be so incompetent- it was almost enough to make the normally dignified butler facepalm. He thought he saw a flash of red out of the corner of his eye; was it a rose?

No, roses don't move, Sebastian thought as the flash disappeared, then reappeared closer to him. Perhaps a bird?

"Sebas-chan!" a familiar voice called, as a figure emerged from the hedgerow.

Grell. It had been some time since he had seen the reaper, and he had to admit that he'd been a bit worried. It wasn't like Grell Sutcliff to not come sniffing around and bothering Sebastian in some fashion, sometimes irritating Ciel in the process.

"Hello, Grell," Sebastian greeted him.

"It's awful!"

"What is?" the Phantomhive butler asked.

"This!" Grell cried dramatically, mimicking vomiting.

"You've been feeling unwell?"

Grell nodded rapidly.

"And not just for one day- it's been happening every day!" the redhead complained.

"How long has this been going on?" Sebastian queried.

"Since a few weeks after we last saw each other! And that's not all- my chest feels funny!"


Sebastian began to gently probe at the shinigami's chest. Oddly enough the areas around his nipples felt a bit puffy, almost like the beginnings of small breasts, and Grell flinched in pain at his touch.

"Ow, that hurts!" Grell griped, covering his chest protectively with one arm.

Sebastian felt an odd sensation creeping up his spine- dread.

"This might sound odd, Grell, but is there any chance you could be…pregnant?" he asked Grell cautiously. "Being sick so often, your chest hurting and seemingly growing…it's the first thing that comes to mind, despite your outwardly male gender."

"Pregnant? Me? Then I'd be having your baby like I always wanted!" Grell squealed excitedly. "I'm not sure; I've never thought about it."

"Perhaps I'd better check things out," Sebastian murmured, closing his eyes and concentrating on finding out what was going wrong with Grell's body.

Before he knew it, he'd found the problem. He could feel a second heartbeat coming from the redhead, and zoomed in on its source with his inner sight. It was exactly as he had feared; he had indeed gotten the reaper knocked up. Within a fluid-filled sac inside Grell's previously undiscovered womb, a tiny being barely resembling a person twitched its limbs, its movements as yet too small to be felt from the outside.

"Grell, it turns out I was right; you are indeed expecting," Sebastian informed him with a sigh.

"Oh, Sebby, you're gonna be a daddy!" squeaked Grell, hugging Sebastian warmly.

"I never imagined anything like this would happen," Sebastian replied. "I suppose you'll want to go through with everything, am I correct?"

"Of course, Sebas-chan! I'm horrified that you would think otherwise! I would never do anything to harm our baby!" Grell gasped, his hands folding protectively over his still-flat abdomen.

Exactly the reaction he'd expected. This was going to be one hell of a journey.

"You do realize that the young master must be told," Sebastian informed Grell.

"Whhhyyy?" Grell whined. "It's our baby, not his!"

"Nevertheless, I do work in his household and I shall need his goodwill in order to be able to support you through this ordeal. I could hardly go haring off without telling anyone if you were to have a particularly vicious day of nausea or some other problem which required my presence."

"It is true, Sebby. You're always the responsible one, and I am really gonna need you for this. After all, it's half yours."

"And let's not forget someone else who shall need to be informed of this development."

"Who?" Grell scratched his head, thinking for a moment, but couldn't think of anyone else whose life would be impacted by his baby.

"Your superior, William."

"Oh no. This will not be good," Grell gulped. "He hates you, and the thought of me anywhere near you, let alone carrying your child!"

"Yet it must be done," Sebastian insisted. "If this pregnancy is anything like that of a human woman's, it will be a scant few months before you'll be no longer able to hide it. With a reaper, who knows?"

With a groan, Grell sat down on a nearby bench, chin in his hands.

"I suppose I must," he said. "I hope he's at least somewhat nice about it- I hate paperwork, but someone needs to do it. Maybe he just won't send me out so often to do actual reaping. Or I could appeal to his sense of curiosity- after all, has there ever been an expectant mother on staff, let alone one carrying a half-demon child?"

The shinigami seemed to brighten a bit at the thought.

"Maybe this won't be so bad after all! Oh, little one, things will be all right!" he cheered, patting where the baby rested. "Mommy will take care of things, don't you worry!"

"It's good to see you confident," Sebastian remarked. "I hope that things turn out to meet your expectations."

"Oh, Sebby, don't be a downer!" Grell sniffed. "I'm worried too, but I'm trying my best not to be. I think I heard somewhere that stress is bad for babies."

"Since when have you studied pregnancy or babies?"

"I just…I just have this hunch! You hang around humans long enough, you pick things up!" the reaper huffed. "Plus all those prostitutes I…"

"Okay, okay, Grell, you said yourself you need to stay calm," Sebastian broke in, attempting to soothe an increasingly indignant Grell.

He couldn't recall a single instance prior to this in which he had actually been frightened or anything close to it. He had suddenly found himself saddled with a pregnant, hormonal shinigami, one expecting his child, no less. And he had a feeling that as the months passed, things were going to become even more topsy-turvy than they were currently.

Grell was seething now, and his green eyes were flashing dangerously.

"You're…you're always acting as if I'm less than just because I'm a reaper and not a demon like you!" he accused. "You think you're…so much better than me, don't you? I'll have you know I'm a death god, and gods trump mere demons!"

"Now, Grell," Sebastian tried again, hoping to get through to him.

With a shriek, the redhead launched himself at Sebastian and sank his teeth into the demon butler's neck. Sebastian snarled and managed to dislodge the slender shinigami and trap his arms. Normally he would have simply pounded Grell into the pavement, but that was impossible now. He also had to remember that the reaper wasn't exactly rational, what with all the changes his body was going through and the hormonal flood coursing through his bloodstream.

At least, thought Sebastian, I don't see his death scythe anywhere about.

"Let me go!" spat Grell, writhing furiously and trying to escape.

"Grell, listen to me," Sebastian said sternly, grasping the reaper's chin and forcing him to look at him. "Calm down now. I don't want to hurt you, and I certainly wouldn't want you to hurt yourself or the baby."

Grell's eyes went wide, and he seemed to calm. It seemed that baby might be the magic word.

"Oh, Sebby baby," he cooed, once Sebastian released him. "I'm so sorry!"

Grell leaned against Sebastian's chest and reached up delicately with one hand to touch the rapidly-healing tooth marks. He seemed to get an idea. Before the demon could do anything, Grell was licking at the blood oozing from the wounds.

"Ooh, never tasted your blood before!" he purred. "Very delicious!"

"This will not become a habit, nor will it be repeated," Sebastian asserted firmly. "I am making certain allowances for you because of your condition, but I will not allow myself to become a doormat for your every whim."

Grell pouted.

"But Sebby!" he whined.

"Don't 'but Sebby' me," Sebastian warned, placing one finger on the bridge of Grell's nose, as if scolding a small child. "Try to manipulate me and you will find out that I do not enjoy having my patience tested."

He took a deep breath, realizing that he was close to losing his temper.

Grell looked at him, suddenly realizing that this was the closest he had been physically to Sebastian since that night when they had had sex and Sebastian was not attempting to injure him.

"Sebas-chan?" he began hesitantly.

"What is it, Grell?"

"Can I…can I have a kiss?"

Sebastian paused a moment before responding, knowing there were two courses open to him. What did he really want to do? Kissing the reaper would be the expected response, but would that only be feeding into his expectations? After all, it wasn't as if Sebastian had exactly promised a relationship, although he would be there to take care of his responsibilities as half of the reason for the child's existence. Did he care for Grell? How much was he willing to promise in order to both keep the shinigami happy and keep his own peace of mind? Was he developing a conscience of sorts?

"Grell," Sebastian began, fully intending to give Grell a calm, rational summary of what he was thinking and feeling, but found himself unable to do so.

Instead, he lowered his mouth to Grell's and began to kiss him. Not just one kiss, and certainly not a quick smooch. He could hear a moan rising in the shinigami's throat and realized just how close he was to jumping Grell's bones right in broad daylight, right there. Sebastian gently disengaged his lips from Grell's. Grell sighed, fluttering his lashes as Sebastian flirtatiously.

"My, my, Sebby, that was amazing!" he praised. "It's…it's been awhile."

"I know, Grell," Sebastian replied, feeling somewhat- what?- guilty? Something close to that, at least.

"I would have come to see you again sooner, but I've been so busy, putting in a lot more hours with paperwork and reaping," Grell explained. "William's been keeping me on a rather tight leash lately- I wonder if he doesn't suspect something?"

"You yourself said that he knows you continue to come to see me, despite his warnings," Sebastian reminded him.

"I know, but I just had to see you again! Especially to confirm my suspicions about what was going on with me. You know it's been my dream almost since I met you! To.."

"Yes, to have my babies," Sebastian finished ruefully. "Well, we can't waste all day out here, and no doubt my bocchan is wondering what is taking me so long. Shall we see if he might have time to speak with us?"

"We might as well get this over with," Grell sighed, fidgeting a bit.

"And you might wish to tone things down a bit."

"You want me to-?"

"Yes, that. I know you hate it, but it might help your case somewhat if you were more…subdued. I know that he knows you, but still, it couldn't hurt."

Rolling his eyes, Grell shifted to his more demure human form, his only concession to his flamboyance a red ribbon in his ponytail.

"Happy now?" he grumbled. "I feel so…constrained!"

"I shall try not to make you endure it any longer than you must," Sebastian assured him, giving him a slight squeeze.

Grell appeared somewhat mollified by this, and obediently followed Sebastian to the manor. As they reached the ornate front doors, Sebastian opened one of them and held it for Grell, causing the shinigami to blush.

"Such a gentleman," Grell commended him. "Holding doors for a lady like this!"

It said much for Sebastian that he refrained from correcting Grell's use of terms like "lady" to describe himself.

I must be utterly besotted to put up with this, Sebastian told himself.

He didn't have much time to muse or ponder; around the corner came Mey-Rin, the nearly blind maid, carrying a load of china and moving way too fast for her burden. Smash! She collided with Grell, knocking him over. There were shards everywhere.

"I'm so sorry!" she wailed.

"Please calm down," Sebastian said, attempting to pacify the distraught servant. "Try to be more cautious in the future, though. Perhaps you ought to carry less in one trip and try to go a bit slower. Now clean up this mess. Grell and I are on our way to have a chat with bocchan about some important matters."

Mey-Rin nodded, and hurried off to the broom closet to rectify her mistake. Just then, a bell rang above the sign that indicated it was coming from the young earl's study. Sebastian started off in that direction, with Grell beside him.

"I shall go in first, to ascertain what sort of a mood he is in and the nature of his request. If things prove favorable, I will beckon you to join us," Sebastian directed.

"That sounds like a reasonable plan," nodded Grell.

He waited in the hallway while Sebastian went in.

"Where have you been?" Ciel demanded.

"I was assisting Finnian as you ordered, bocchan. He made a disaster of the garden again and I was forced to do some rather dramatic repairs. We mustn't have the dignity of the Phantomhive estate questioned, after all," the demon answered.


Ciel seemed somewhat convinced of the verity of this reply, as he made no further comment on the subject.

"What did you require, bocchan?"

"It is time for tea, of course, Sebastian."

"Would chai do, bocchan? It is said to be most soothing after hours of hard work."

"That will suffice, Sebastian."

"Right away, bocchan."

As Sebastian passed Grell, he spoke to him.

"I am getting him some tea. I shan't be long, and I shall introduce the topic after I have poured. I won't be more than a few moments."

"All right, Sebas-chan," Grell responded. "I wait with baited breath."

Sebastian allowed a small smile to creep up his normally unreadable face. It seemed that the reaper was becoming more and more endearing to him. He made the tea and hurried back as soon as he could to where Grell was waiting. He squeezed Grell's hand as if for luck, and went back into the study. He poured a cup for Ciel and waited for him to take a sip before speaking.

"Bocchan, there is a matter of great import on which I must speak to you," he began.

Ciel looked up, a bit curious. "Oh?"

"It concerns someone known to both of us. Grell, please come in."

Hearing his name, Grell entered, trying to look suitably respectful, with his gaze downwards.

"Grell? What is this about? If it involves you, it can't be good."

"If I may explain, bocchan," Sebastian answered for the shinigami. Here it was- the moment of truth. "Grell is expecting."

Ciel's exposed eye went wide. "What? You mean he is carrying a child? How is that possible?"

"I'm not sure how, but it is true," Grell said. "And Sebby is the father."

"How did this happen? I only ordered you to kiss him, not impregnate him! I demand an explanation!" Ciel sputtered.

"Well, first he kissed me, then he threw me back on the bed. After that he lifted my legs and.." Grell supplied helpfully.

"I did not mean for you to give me a blow-by-blow account of your sexual liaison!" Ciel shouted. "Sebastian, is this true?"

"It is true, bocchan," Sebastian replied, giving a look to Grell suggesting that his answer to the young earl's question had been less than helpful. "I am partly to blame for this, after all, and would hardly implicate myself in such a situation, which would cause you to become angry with me, was it merely a fiction."

Ciel took a deep breath before responding. "I imagine you're intent on keeping the baby, Grell?"

"Of course, Lord Phantomhive," Grell said, bowing slightly although he actually wanted to kill the brat for making him do this. It grated against his sensibilities for a shinigami to be submissive before a human. "You ought to know that I am very fond of Sebby and would never reject anything given to me by him."

"Are you happy with this situation, Sebastian?" Ciel inquired.

"I am still getting used to the idea, bocchan," the demon admitted. "I only found out a short while ago. I suppose that I was feeling a bit dismayed at first, but that reaction seems to be passing. After all, I never expected anyone to announce they were enceinte by me, let alone a particular red reaper."

"I seem to recall that you felt disgusted at the idea of giving the shinigami a kiss for a reward, Sebastian," Ciel commented. "What changed?"

"I'm not sure, bocchan," confessed Sebastian. "It started out as a duty, merely following your orders, and then I found myself feeling lustfully towards him and taking things farther than I had originally intended."

"I see," Ciel stated, his voice sounding rather flat.

Sebastian found it hard to decide whether his young master was angry, hurt, or disappointed. Their relationship wasn't always the most straightforward; while Sebastian was technically under contract to Ciel, there were a few rare moments where he almost forgot himself and allowed himself to feel somewhat fatherly or at least friendly towards his young master. But what did Ciel feel towards Sebastian?

"Perhaps you could see your way towards allowing Sebastian and I to have more opportunities to see each other, milord? Or even living together?" Grell suggested, letting a bit of charm shine through. "After all, being an orphan yourself, you must see the value of allowing parents to be together."

What is Grell doing? Sebastian groaned mentally. He's committing suicide by being so forward! And to mention bocchan's deceased parents in the same breath…

"I shall have to think awhile about your requests, reaper," Ciel spoke, breaking the tension. "And by the way, drop the silly disguise. You don't fool me, and I'm sure you're aware of that."

Grell cheerfully complied, his hair growing until it was nearly to his feet and turning bright red again.

"So much better," he grinned. "Thank you for your kindness. I feel so much better when I'm more myself! And I'm sure that Sebby prefers me like this as well. Don't you, Sebby darling?"

Crap. He's once again maneuvered me into having to confirm or deny his feelings, Sebastian thought. Does he do this on purpose? Could he be jealous of bocchan and think that Ciel and I are something we're not?

"I believe that everyone is better when they are themselves, instead of hiding behind false pretenses," Sebastian replied diplomatically, neatly sidestepping a direct answer.

"Sebas-chan, you're such a ladykiller," Grell gushed, clasping his hands together prayerfully. In his mind there were probably animated hearts floating above his head. "I'm such a lucky girl to have a man like you."

Sebastian came over to Grell and whispered forcefully in his ear, "Compose yourself, Grell. You are being ridiculous in front of bocchan. I thought you agreed to follow my lead."

"I'm allowed to be ridiculous, Sebby, I'm pregnant," huffed Grell aloud. "You can't blame a woman for getting overwhelmed by her hormones in my condition."

Grell placed his hand over his nonexistent baby bump in a protective, fond gesture unique to pregnant women.

"Just think," he exclaimed, "in just a few more months I'll be able to feel it move! And then I'll have a big bump and…"

"That's quite enough, Grell," Ciel broke in. "I understand your excitement, but please do not include me in such talk. If I appear to care for you or your child, it is for Sebastian's sake. He must feel something for you as I don't see him attempting to injure you currently."

"Were I inclined to do such a thing, it would not be in front of you, bocchan. It would be a mess to clean up," Sebastian assured him, reminding Grell of the time when he (Grell) had threatened suicide and Sebastian had made a similar comment, suggesting that Grell do the deed outdoors.

"Unfortunately," Grell spoke up, "I must return to my duties before I'm missed too long. It wouldn't do to give Will another reason to be angry with me!"

"Will you return tonight?" Sebastian asked, hopefully.

"Of course, Sebby. That is, if you will permit me," he requested, looking at Ciel.

"Is there anything that I could do to stop you?" Ciel said. "You do seem to have a difficult time following orders given by others."

"True, but I wouldn't want you to be cross with Sebas-chan on my account," the reaper admitted. "Then I leave you for now. A tout a l'heure!"

Blowing a kiss and winking, the shinigami was off, and soon was gone from sight.

It was sometime later in the day and Grell was on a rooftop in London, dutifully recording information about the souls he'd collected in preparation for the follow-up paperwork. Suddenly there was a thump, the sound a person would make landing lightly on the roof if they had jumped from somewhere only slightly higher. This was no person, however.

"William!" Grell gasped. "I didn't expect to see you so soon!"

"Believe me, Mr. Sutcliff, I wish I didn't have to see you," the senior reaper said, annoyed. "You reek of demon, by the way. Been seeing your demon darling, have you?"

The expression on William's face changed for a bit to confusion and then to even greater anger as he registered some interesting further information from Grell's scent.

"What have you done?" he shouted, startling Grell and almost causing him to fall off the roof.

"Well, I had hoped to tell you in a more…appropriate setting, but I suppose now is as good a time as any," Grell sighed, feeling that he might as well be hanged for a sheep as a lamb. "I'm expecting Sebastian's child."

"Grell Sutcliff, you are a complete disgrace to the reapers! First consorting with demons against orders, and now allowing yourself to become pregnant by one! I have no idea what punishment I could devise that would fit the bill for your misdeed this time; nothing seems to discourage you!"

"I didn't exactly allow myself to become pregnant!" Grell protested. "I had no idea that such a thing was even possible! Believe me; I would have insisted on using protection had I known."

This was not what William had in mind; he was used to contrite repentance and promises to never mess up again. He snatched Grell's modified death scythe out of his hands, which caused Grell to become extremely distressed.

"Please, William, not my scythe!" he nearly begged. "Don't tell me it'll be scissors again for me!"

"You should be so lucky," William spat. "And to think I bothered to save your sorry hide from extinction before."

"For which I'm extremely grateful," a distraught Grell assured him, attempting to curry some small bit of favor.

"The only reason you're still standing right now is that thing inside you," William growled. "I've never heard of such a creature existing – a shinigami/demon hybrid- and am uncertain as to the protocol recalled to deal with a situation like this. I also don't know its soul status, whether or not it would possess one, and can't chance some sort of dimensional upset were I to act incorrectly."

"Thank you so much!" Grell gushed.

"Don't you dare hug me!" William ordered, sensing the exuberant mood of his underling.

"Of course not," Grell replied. "I save those for my Sebby."

"Pet names for him, how disgusting," William snorted. "Why you slum with a lesser being like a demon is beyond me, especially when you know they're our enemies. They steal the souls we work so hard to categorize properly."

Grell wondered if he'd achieved his objective, after all. Perhaps William was curious about the baby, although he might be attempting to disguise it.

"It's very Romeo and Juliet, isn't it?" Grell sighed.

"Hardly. As I recall, in the play their families were said to be 'both alike in dignity,' as in being of equal status. This is not the case in your relationship," William replied. "At any rate, you need to come back to headquarters with me. Especially now that I can't have you endangering yourself."

No sooner had William and Grell arrived in the office then heads started to look up, and confused and angry expressions arose on reapers' faces.

"A demon!" one called.

"Here in the office? You have to be crazy!" another insisted. "They wouldn't dare!"

"What else do you call that scent? It's demon, pure and simple!" the first replied.

"I'll find out where it's coming from!" volunteered Ronald, stepping forward and following the scent.

He ran smack into Grell.

"Senpai, there's a demon in here, and the scent stopped right here!" he declared. "Wait a minute…it's coming from you!"

Puzzled, he looked at Grell for an explanation.

"I'm sorry for disrupting things," Grell apologized. "But unfortunately you'll have to put up with the smell for quite awhile."

"Yes, Ronald, Grell has been careless," William said, wrinkling his nose in disgust. "He's been having liaisons of a certain nature with a particular demon attached to the Phantomhive estate. And he's gone and gotten himself pregnant by the creature."

"What?" Ronald gasped, hardly believing his ears.

"So not only does he reek because of being in the demon's presence, but also because his child is half-demon," William explained.

"It's true, senpai?" Ronald asked.

"Yes, it is," Grell admitted, an uncharacteristically shy smile on his face. "I'm having a little one with my Sebby. It wasn't planned, trust me, but I'm glad anyway!"

"Umm, congratulations then, I guess."

"Why thank you!" Grell exclaimed.

"I'm glad you're happy and all, but what are you going to do about the smell? You'll drive everyone in the office crazy! And how would we know if there was actually a demon around if you're going to have demon scent all over you?"

"I don't know the answer to that one," Grell confessed. "I suppose Will and I will have to do some thinking. And I've never minded the way they smell; I find it rather…arousing, at least in one particular case."

"Obviously," William said. "You always have been the unique staff member, Mr. Sutcliff. Not to mention one of the most troublesome."

"I might not know all about that, but I know senpai sure knows what he's doing when he gets down to it," Ronald remarked.

"You're such a sweet boy, Ronald," Grell praised the younger reaper.

"I think that I may just have to call a staff meeting and let everyone know about the situation," William announced. "While I wish that I could maintain your privacy more, Grell, I unfortunately need to let everyone know why headquarters is demon-scented."

"I understand," Grell sighed.

It was nearly nightfall, and Sebastian awaited Grell's return. He hoped the redhaired reaper hadn't gotten into too much trouble with his boss. Sebastian knew that the rest of the staff could tell that he was distracted; they just didn't know why, and he wasn't about to share something so intimate until it became absolutely necessary. He had just finished clearing the table in the immense dining room after supper when Ciel rang for him from the library.

"Coming, bocchan," he said, although of course Ciel couldn't hear him.

When he arrived, he was surprised to find that Ciel didn't seem to be himself. The young earl was seated in a comfy armchair looking thoughtful and perhaps a bit worried. Instead of a self-assured miniature adult, Ciel rather resembled a frightened young boy, which he no doubt was.

"Is something the matter, bocchan?" Sebastian asked, trying to be tactful.

"Actually, there is, Sebastian. I just realized how much things will change now, after what we're found out today. Grell's right; I can't in all good conscience tell him to go elsewhere or forbid you from seeing each other. It's just…I'm used to having you all to myself. You've taken such good care of me these last few years and I admit to being a bit jealous of sharing your attentions with him."

"Well, he needs me now and will even more when the baby arrives. It's going to be a lot of work, being a father. In all the time I've existed, I could never have imagined that I'd wind up in a situation like this. But what's done is done."

"I should hope you'll still have time for your duties," Ciel commented, burying his vulnerability once again behind a mask of sternness.

"Of course, bocchan. I would never be that neglectful. I only ask for some understanding."

"I shall attempt to do my best," replied Ciel. "You'll have to forgive me- I've never dealt with even pregnant human women or babies at all."

"You will someday- you mustn't forget about your betrothal to Elizabeth, after all."

"Please don't remind me of that. She is so frivolous and empty-headed; all she wants to do is throw parties."

"It's what society wives do, bocchan," Sebastian shrugged. "Or should I say wives-to-be, in your case."

"I wish it wasn't my duty as earl to marry and have children," Ciel sighed. "My other duties that come with the title, those I can handle."

"You have years to prepare yourself, you know," Sebastian reminded him. "No one expects you to marry until you and she are of age."

"Perhaps I could help a little with the baby when it comes," Ciel said, surprising Sebastian. "I imagine it would be good practice."

"We shall see how you feel about it when the time comes," Sebastian replied.