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Getting to Lovina: A Story of Hetalia Academy

Chapter 1: Meet Lovina Romana Vargas


The fierce brunette being addressed quickly spun around to see her overly cheerful (and younger) twin barge into their dorm. The twins barely looked alike; Lovina was taller with a permanent scowl etched upon her face, while her sprite-like twin had doe brown eyes and smooth auburn hair. Their only similarities were the one wayward curl that refused to stick flat on their heads and their Italian heritage. No one at Hetalia Academy could ever confuse one for the other. The unlucky few who had managed to confuse the two received punches from Lovina and tears from Feliciana.

"What is it?" snapped Lovina, slamming her book on the desk. The sturdy mahogany structure trembled at the impact.

"Ludwig finally asked me oooooooooout!" squealed Feli happily, bouncing around the room.


Before the hyper girl would respond, her enraged twin charged out of the room at top speed, heading towards the boys' dorm building. Feli squeaked and scrambled to keep up. Lovina was livid, huffing irascibly about "that damn potato bastard" and "I'll show him to mess with my sister." Feli desperately tried to calm the contentious Italian down. It was a common occurrence to see an irate Lovina charging around the school, so none of the other students even glanced in their direction.

Luckily (or perhaps unluckily) Lovina found Ludwig before she had trampled half of the school on her quest. The studious blonde boy was chatting quietly with Yao Wang, a partner for a school project. Ludwig was known for his stern, disciplined nature, although a majority of the school had expected him to admit his feeling for the younger Italian for a very long time. He was so engrossed in his conversation that he hadn't even noticed the twins approaching. Yao saw Lovina first and quickly made excuses to leave. The Chinese boy had been on the receiving end of Lovina's wrath once, and that was enough for him.

"Good luck, aru," he muttered, before escaping out of the furious girl's reach.

"You damn potato-eater! I told you to stay away from Feli!"

The fair-haired German raised his hands in surrender, a rare feat. "I asked you yesterday and you said I could take her on a date."

"No I did not! I said you could be friends with her. I don't want you to corrupt my baby sister!"

"But Lovi…"

"Don't you 'But Lovi' me, Feliciana Italia Vargas. Why'd it have to be that damn potato bastard, huh? Why didn't you ask me first? I promised Grandpa Roma I was going to take care of you!"

"Look, Lovina, I'm not going to try anything inappropriate with Feli. You've known me since primary school. I don't lie very often, and I'm serious about Feli."

"Shut it you damn Nazi bastard!"



The permanent scowl slipped momentarily as Lovina blinked back the moisture in her eyes. Ludwig and Feli started in silence, having nothing to say. Finally, Lovina regained control of herself and glared at them. Despite of the harsh look, her eyes softened slightly at the sight of Feli's hopeful face. The irritable brunette took a deep breath and shook her head.

"Fine. I'll trust you once, potato-bastard. If you hurt Feli at all, then you can kiss your damned vital regions goodbye. Your little happy place will be smashed by Elizaveta's frying pan and my fists. Got it?"

Without another word, Lovina left the ebullient couple to do whatever scandalous thing they were planning and slunk back to her dorm. The tired girl ran a rough hand through her hair with a sigh. She just wanted Feli to be happy and away from the perverted bastards. Her twin was so naïve and easily hurt. Lovina could remember Grandpa Roma in one of his more serious moods, instructing her to watch over her more vulnerable sister. She sighed. She still didn't like Ludwig, but he was still better than that damned Francis Bonnefoy.

As much as she didn't want to admit, Lovina was scared of losing Feli. Ever since they were little, everyone had liked Feli over her. Lovina convinced herself that she was fine with it. Her job was to protect the admired and not to be admired. Feli's natural charm and talent for art and cooking attracted a goldmine of problems. Lovina was there to fight them all away. Everything Lovina was built around centered Feli. But ever since they had started attending Hetalia Academy, Lovina had started to lose Feli. And there was not one damn thing she could do about it.

"Hi Lovi."

Lovina could recognize the quiet voice anywhere. An average sized blonde girl with shoulder length hair walked beside her, clutching a stuffed polar bear. She was the type of person most people passed by without noticing. The only spectacular aspects of her were her soft wavy hair and her violet eyes.

"Hi 'Leine."

The pair walked in a companionable silence for a while. The Spring Semester was coming upon them, and finals were finally over. There wasn't too much to say, and there hadn't been all that much to do. The rumor mill had never interested the duo, and their brains were still fried from hours of Chemistry and History. It just seemed right for the world to be simple and quiet for just a little bit. It was Lovina who broke the silence.

"Feli's seeing Ludwig."

Madeleine nodded her head slowly, as if thinking the whole matter over carefully. The two girls had an understanding that required few words. Madeleine was a very perceptive, so Lovina didn't have to be good with words to be understood by the Canadian.

"I guess she doesn't really need me to keep her away from Bonnefoy now."

Madeleine couldn't help but snort at that one. "Ludwig would put him in Saturday Boot Camp."

"I'll be putting Elizaveta's frying pan to his head if he hurts Feli."

The girls had reached Madeleine's dorm by now, so they went inside to continue the conversation. Lovina situated herself on Elizaveta's bed and Madeleine opened the cup of maple ice cream she had been holding. Elizaveta was out (probably with Roderich), but she had left them a note saying she was expecting them to be there when she was back. The cold white-washed walls never ceased to annoy Lovina, though Madeleine refused to hang up more than three posters on her side of the room.

"I think," replied Madeleine between thoughtful bites of the soft treat, "That you need to stop worrying about everybody else and start worrying about yourself."

"Come again?"

This time the Canadian sat next to Lovina. She couldn't look the feisty Italian in the eye, but her words were clear.

"Look, Lovi. All your life you've been trying to take care of someone else. That could be Feli, or Liz, or me. You've never stopped to think about yourself. You just swear and punch everyone who tries to bother us, but you've never stopped to fight back at those people who keep picking at you. I think you need to stop worrying about other people and start thinking about yourself. You know what everyone else wants, but when was the last time you stopped to think about what you want?"

Lovina blinked. She wasn't expecting such a lecture out of her quiet friend.

"I-I don't really know."

"Exactly. Liz and I are worried about you, Lovi. You're always fighting someone else's battles, always comforting someone else, always protecting someone else. It's time you try to figure out yourself."


Madeleine patted her on the shoulder, which caused her to scowl. The soft-spoken girl simply smiled. Right at that moment, Elizaveta decided to make an appearance.

"Hello girls. I hope I don't need to beat up Gilbert with my frying pan again."

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