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Getting to Lovina

Epilogue: The End is only the Beginning

Two Years Later

Lovina was feeling jumpy.

"Welcome, parents, guardians, relatives, and friends! We are gathered here today to celebrate the graduation of another fine batch of students here at Hetalia International Academy."

Blah, blah, blah. She got it. They were all old enough to go to college, university, or some such stuff. Honestly, Lovina just wanted to get her diploma and go home. She wasn't sitting near anyone she liked, and her stupid sorella had already fallen asleep. Ugh. This was utterly boring. She couldn't even see that tomato bastard anywhere either. They were seated much too far apart for her comfort. Not that she would ever admit that, of course. Little had changed in the past two years, although everyone whispered that Lovina Romina Vargas had become mellow. Che, as if.

"And now, for individual acknowledgement of all graduates and the handing of the diploma."

Oh, so NOW they were finally handing out the diplomas. Lovina shifted in her seat. Her turn was still at least fifteen minutes away. Not to mention that Feli would get her diploma before Lovina. It was completely unjust, seeing as Lovina was the older twin. She was also the one with the better grades. Stupid alphabetical order ruining Lovina's big moment. Disgruntled, Lovina was ready to zone out when the potato bastard's name was called.

"Ludwig Beilschmidt. In the fall, Mr. Beilschmidt will attend the prestigious University of Göttingen where he will major in Mechanical Engineering."

As if on cue, her sorella woke up from her nap immediately to cheer, "Luddy!" Feli's cries were echoed by the enthusiastic yells of Gilbert who shouted, "That's mein bruder! Luddy! Luddy!"

Although Lovina would never grow to love Ludwig, she had come to peace with his relationship with her sister. At least the two of them were healthily happy together, if not a bit nauseating.

The names and short introductions that followed the names passed Lovina without sticking in her head. She only cheered for the people that she knew well and actually liked.

"Antonio Fernandez-Carriedo. This fall, Mr. Fernandez-Carriedo will major in Agriculture Studies at the University of Barcelona."

From the podium, Antonio saw his family and waved happily at them. He scanned the crowd, looking for Lovina, he blew her a kiss. The entire school "awwwwed" as Lovina turned bright red.

"Ve~ Isn't that so nice of Tonio?"

"Stupid tomato bastard," mumbled Lovina in response.

"Elizaveta Héderváry. Miss Héderváry will attend Eötvös Loránd University with a major in either Social Science or Psychology."

"Sakura Honda. Miss Honda will attend Osaka University, although she is still deliberating upon a major."

"Lars Jansen. Mr. Jansen will attend Amherst College, although he does not yet have a major in mind."

"Emma Janssen. Miss Janssen major in veterinary medicine at Cornell University."

"Miss Amelia F. Jones. Miss Jones will begin the pre-law program at Yale."

Lovina heard more names rush her by. She remembered all of the times she had spent with these people. There were many brilliant and fun times, but there were also plenty of disparaging and dark moments as well. Lovina would not say that she was proud of everything which had transpired at Hetalia International Academy; still, she had to admit that she had not wasted her time here. Touchy Italian hated getting sentimental, but she knew that deep down, Hetalia International Academy had significantly altered her life for the better. She knew for a fact that the friends she had made, the experiences she had gone through, and the classes she had taken had all truly made her the person she was today.

"Feliciana Vargas. Miss Vargas will be studying at the Academy of Fine Arts in Verona this coming fall."

Lovina could feel her heart pounding in her chest as they prepared to call her name. She could hear her grandfather cheering loudly for his two beloved grandchildren.

"Lovina Vargas. Miss Vargas will be majoring in Fashion Design at the Accademia Italiana in the fall."

As Lovina walked up to the podium to receive her diploma, surrounded by the people she loved most, she could not help but feel that she was on to a new beginning.

"Lina~! Mi amor! Felicitaciones!"

"Chi-chigi! Put me down!"

Five Years after Graduation:

Lovina sighed as she relaxed in her apartment. She was ready to go to bed early today. Tomorrow was her blessed day off, and she definitely wanted to sleep in. She had worked very hard this week, and no one was going to stop her from enjoying herself this weekend, dammit.

Suddenly, her doorbell rang. Lovina scowled, wondering who would bother to show up at her little abode on a Friday evening. She couldn't think of anyone. Alice and Chiara, her closest colleagues, were out with their boyfriends, like any other Friday afternoon. Feli was on her honeymoon, happily traversing through the sunny tropics with Ludwig. The two had just gotten married a week ago, so Lovina seriously doubted Feli had come to visit her already; of course, the newlyweds would be merrily on vacation for the next week as well.

Lovina honestly wanted to pretend that she wasn't home. She hoped whoever it was would just assume that she wasn't home and go away. Just as she was set in this conviction, the doorbell rang again. The Italian woman sighed and went to open it.


Before she could so much as yell and throw rocks at the person who had the gall to disturb her, a pair of strong, tanned arms smothered her into a gigantic hug, and an annoyingly familiar voice chimed, "Lina~!"

"What…Tonio? What the hell are you doing here, bastard? I just saw you a week ago at Feli's wedding! I thought you said you needed to go back to your damn tomato farm!"

"But Lina," he replied cheekily, dodging her half-hearted punch with practiced ease, "I wanted to see you again! Let's go get some pasta and churros, ok, querida?"

Lovina sighed in defeat. "Fi-fine, you idiot. Not that I want to or anything, I'm just hungry. And you're paying, bastard. You're damn lucky I haven't changed yet."

Antonio slung an arm around Lovina's shoulders. "That's my Lina. So where should we go?"

He relinquished his hold on her when she turned to lock the down as they proceeded to leave the building. "That place we go to every time."

Antonio nodded, and followed slightly behind Lovina as they neared the lobby of the apartment complex. Suddenly, Lovina paused, and turned around. With a quiet, "Wait," she leaned up to give him a kiss. They melted into each other's embrace, savoring the brief, but short moment. Lovina's eyes softened ever so slightly as she mumbled, "Dammit, I missed you, bastard."

Antonio smiled. "So will you marry me then?"

Lovina scowled at him. "I want three square meals a day, a siesta after lunch and a lot of tomatos."

The incorrigible man grinned. "I'll take that as a sí."

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