This version of Season 3 takes place after my alternate ending for Season 2. I hope you enjoy!

~Sara (aka Nightwatchman9891)

Episode 1

A New Beginning

The balmy sea air felt refreshing as Marian walked off the plank of the ship in Portsmouth, supported by Robin and John. It was wonderful to taste the fresh air after being cooped up in the cabin of the ship for so long. Marian winced slightly as she stepped off, the wound still being somewhat sore. She had healed incredibly, however, and the physicians had all deemed her well enough to travel back to England.

The rest of the gang smiled when they reached the England shore, as well as Carter, who had decided to leave the Holy Land to aid Robin in his fight against the Sheriff. While it was difficult for Djaq to leave her native land, she also had chosen to return.

Robin turned and looked back. "Well, lads. We're home!"

Robin was well aware that the Sheriff would be on the lookout for their return, so the gang immediately took to the forest and traveled the less well-known routes in order to stay low-key. It was a gorgeous summer day in the forest-the sun was bouncing off the treetops and casting shimmering lights all around them. It was as if the whole of Sherwood Forest was rejoicing over the recovery of Marian and the gang's return. They made their way to the old campsite, with Will and Djaq leading the way, slightly apart from the others, with Much chattering the whole time.

"Look at them, like two lovebirds avoiding the rest of us. It's revolting. Soon they'll be off "picking berries", if you know what I mean." Allan rolled his eyes as Much spoke closer in his ear, "A euphemism, you know."

"Ay mate, come off it already! We all know you're jealous of Will, so just admit it already!"

"I am NOT jealous of anyone. I'm just saying that there's an awful lot of "happiness" going around here and we single men have to put up with it!"

Marian, on a horse Will had supplied for her, couldn't resist flustering Much even more.

"Hmm, maybe I should have died, Much. Then there would have been one less "happy" couple around here."

"No, of course not! That would have been unthinkable!" Much took on his most serious tone. "If you had died, Robin would have died, inside. Well, then I would have died, because I cannot bear to see him unhappy."

Robin walked beside Much and placed his arm on his shoulder. "You are my dearest friend, Much. But don't worry, your time for love will soon come."

Allan was walking slightly ahead. "I'm not being funny, but whatever happened to that Eve girl of yours? You know, the one in Bonchurch or something like that."

"Her, I like."

Much slightly frowned at John.

"You didn't even meet her!"

"Oh, well, you talk about her so much in your sleep I felt I already did." John winked at Robin, who smirked.

"Talk in my sleep? About Eve? I do NOT talk in my…when do I talk in my sleep? Master!"

Carter, at the back of the gang, joined in the banter.

"You sing about her in your sleep, too. Terribly out of key." He tried to keep a straight face while Much let out a string of denials and became more flustered.

"We found it!" Will shouted out as he began to lift the lever to open the camp hideout.

Djaq made a complete search of the area to ensure that nothing was touched, and the gang found that everything was where they had left it.

Robin lifted Marian off the horse and carried her into the camp.

"Robin, I can walk by myself now."

"I know. I just wanted an excuse to hold you." Robin winked at Marian and set her down, slowly.

"Not listening…" Much paced around, muttering to himself.

Marian held on to Robin a couple moments longer and then let go. She looked around the tiny campsite and let out a contented sigh. She turned back to the gang.

"Looks like we're officially back in business. Now to make the Sheriff really pay."

"And Gisborne," Robin whispered under his breath.