96 – Internet – Human AU

The Headmaster had gotten a brand new shiny toy.

It currently sat in his office, a glowing screen that shone bright blue, tempting anyone that dared to get close- And Shaun dared to get close.

He had used rope, a pair of golf clubs, three pool sticks, and a rubber ducky to get inside, and currently was marveling at the prize. Of course, while it made more sense to know how to use it before coming here, he had the instruction manual.

Quickly he flipped through it, skimming the words. Slowly a finger poked the Big Button.

The screen glowed.

Eyes wide, he began to play with the mouse, watching as the little clicker thing did crazy stunts on his 'moniter' until he clicked on something that brought up a window. And on this window was a single search engine.

For the next hour, Shaun played around on this 'internet' thing, thinking that he should convince Bitzer into helping him get his own private computer like the camera they had gotten.

That was until he discovered what the internet was really for, and ended up putting a fist through the screen from sheer terror.