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For Me, It Wasn't Over: Chapter 1

"Noah!" Kurt moaned, reaching his climax just after the jock. Sighing contently, Kurt pulled out of Puck, still not believing that he was normally the top in the relationship. He cuddled up closer to Puck, placing a kiss at the crook of his secret boyfriend's neck before closing his eyes.

"You're going to have to go soon," Puck said lazily, his voice still shaking slightly. "Ma's going to be home with Sarah soon. She'll ask too many questions."

Kurt felt tears burning his eyes, but he never let them fall. Letting out a huff, he stood and pulled his briefs on, looking around for his pants. Spying them by the door he pulled them on quickly before turning to Puck with an angry look on his face.

"I can't keep doing this. This is the last time."

"Excuse me?" Puck said, raising one eyebrow as he pulled on his boxers.

"It's not going to work, Noah. I'm done," Kurt whispered as he turned and walked away.

"Just tell me this, Hummel," Puck growled, reaching out for his secret lovers arm. "We've been doing this for months and you've never complained. You know what I'm like, but you've never asked me for more. What's changed? Why are you walking away now?"

"Because I can't be your dirty little secret my entire life. I love you, Noah. I just can't do this." With that, Kurt hurried away from Puck, roughly wiping at the tears freely flowing from his eyes. Puck watched him go, knowing Kurt didn't want him to follow.

"Please don't go," Puck whispered, wishing that Kurt could hear him, wishing that it was okay for them to be together, wishing that he wasn't such an asshole to go after him. But Kurt didn't turn around, and Puck was left alone wishing that it was okay for him to cry.

It had been about a month since Kurt had ended things between them, and Puck was miserable. Although he hadn't been comfortable enough to admit that he was gay-or at least bisexual-to others, he had liked his relationship with Kurt. The smaller boy cared about him a lot and understood him better than his best friend even did. And there was the fact that Kurt was amazing in bed. No one would ever guess that Puck would be a bottom, but hey-he liked it.

Although Puck was upset over the fact that Kurt had left, he understood why. He was afraid of what his mother would say if he admitted to being in a relationship with another man. She had never been very outspoken on her opinion of gays, but Puck was afraid to test her. He didn't want to be kicked out and never be able to see his sister again. So their relationship had been kept secret to keep Puck, and his rep, safe. But that didn't make things easy for Kurt. He had longed to be able to walk down the hall holding his boyfriend's hand; to be able to scream from the rooftops that he was in love with Noah Elijah Puckerman and he didn't care who knew. But that just couldn't happen.

Puck had tried to protect Kurt from Karofsky, but when the boys bullying had grown out of hand, Kurt had transferred to Dalton Academy. Once again, Puck understood the reasons but that didn't make Kurt leaving McKinley any easier on him. Their relationship was even more strained at that point, and Kurt would sneak home or Puck would sneak to Westerville so they could spend time together during the week.

As Puck focused more on his relationship- or lack thereof- with Kurt, he suddenly felt nauseous. Without giving any explanation to Mr. McCullough, he fled the science room in search for the nearest bathroom. As soon as he hit the stall, he dropped to his knees and lost the content of his stomach. This wasn't the first time this had happened. Puck had been feeling nauseous for the past few days and was embarrassed to admit that his nipples were crazy sore. Hell, if he was a girl he'd probably think he was pregnant. But that couldn't be true. He was as male as they come. After washing his mouth out, Puck returned to the science room, explaining to Mr. McCullough that he wasn't feeling well and would like to call his mother so he could go home.

Puck sighed, sitting back on the table at Dr. Norviel's office. He had hoped that his mother would just let him go home and sleep for a while, but Ruth had somehow managed to get him a doctor's appointment at last minute. Puck and his sister Sarah had been going to Dr. Norviel's office for as long as they could remember, and while he could be a douche sometimes, Puck actually kind of liked the guy.

"Good afternoon, Noah," the doctor said quietly as he entered the room. "So you've been feeling sick, huh? What kind of symptoms?"

"Uh…I've been throwing up the past couple days. Like food I absolutely love makes me pretty much projectile vomit everywhere," Puck said, wincing remembering what had happened after he had ate tater tots the day before. "And this is really weird and random, but my nipples hurt like crazy. And I've been tired like all the time lately."

"You're sexually active, right, Noah?" Dr. Norviel asked and Puck rolled his eyes.

"Yeah. You already know that." Dr. Norviel smiled slightly, nodding.

"Yes, you're right. But Noah, have you been, um, sleeping with anyone of the same sex lately?" the doctor asked as he started blushing. Noah froze, looking at the older man with wild eyes and slowly nodding his head.

"Have you been on the, um, receiving end while you two were having sex?"

Again, Puck nodded his head. Dr. Norviel sighed, standing up and going through the steps to take a sample of blood from Puck's arm. He handed Puck a small cup before giving the teen a small smile.

"I have an idea of what's wrong, Noah. I just have to run a quick test to be sure. Just…just go pee in this cup and we'll talk while we wait for the results." Puck gave the doctor a questioning look before going to the small bathroom across the hall. After doing his business, he returned the sample to the doctor who stuck a small white stick into the cup that looked a lot like a pregnancy test.

"Okay, Noah," Dr. Norviel said, removing his glasses and running a hand over his face. "Here's the thing. There are some gentlemen who have the ability to get pregnant." Puck took a deep breath, feeling like his heart had stopped beating. "Us in the medical profession aren't completely sure how this is possible yet since there has been less than ten male pregnancies to date that we know of. Each of these pregnancies has happened to someone of Jewish decent, so it might be part of your heritage. I'm almost positive that you yourself are pregnant, Noah. We just have to wait for the results to come back."

A million thoughts seemed to run through Puck's head at once. He couldn't be pregnant. He was a man, for one. And he was alone. He was sure his mother wouldn't take this well and Kurt didn't want to be with him anymore. How was he supposed to go through an entire pregnancy and raise a child on his own?

Just as he was sure he was going to drown in despair, a small ping sounded out; the egg timer on the desk going off. Dr. Norviel stood, picking up the test stick from the counter. Closing his eyes and letting out a sigh, the doctor turned to his patient.

"I'm sorry, Noah. You're pregnant."

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