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For Me It Wasn't Over: Epilogue

"Aiden! Lizzie! Don't run!" Kurt yelled as his two children blew past him and a very pregnant Blaine. The Puckerman-Hummel children gave them an embarrassed look before continuing to the playground. Aiden, who was now seven, pushed his four year old sister-Elizabeth Ruth Puckerman-Hummel, on the swings. Kurt grinned as he helped Blaine ease onto the bench under a tree.

"Explain to me something," Blaine said, smoothing a hand over his swollen stomach.

"What?" Kurt asked, looking at his best friend over his sunglasses.

"How is it your husband still looks extremely hot at eight months pregnant, but I just look like a beached whale?" Kurt snorted, following Blaine's line of sight to where Puck and Dave were walking around the bike path. Although Puck was just as far along as Blaine, his tall, lean body was handling it much better.

"Well, Blaine, dear," Kurt began, patting Blaine's shoulder gently. "For one, I'm sorry, but you are a hobbit." Blaine couldn't help the loud laugh that escaped his mouth, shaking his head. "For two, you are carrying a Karofsky baby in that tiny little random uterus in your tummy. And no offense to Dave, nothing will ever be small about that baby. For three, this is Puck's third baby, so his body is far used to this by now. And for four, no one will ever be as hot as Noah Puckerman."

"And don't you forget that, babe," Puck said, lowering himself onto the bench on the other side of Kurt. Kurt kissed his cheek, laying his hand across Puck's stomach just in time to feel their new son kick. "He's so going to be a soccer player. Just ask all my internal organs and they'll tell you. Cut it out little dude."

The last part was aimed at his stomach as he placed his hand over Kurt's. Dave sighed, bending to hug Blaine from behind as he started to cry.

"They're so cute and I'm fat and the baby hates me and I'm hungry all the time!" Dave continued to rub a hand over Blaine's stomach, letting the smaller boy get it all out. Finally Dave had had enough and silenced Blaine for kissing him deeply on the mouth.

"Thank you for not being a dramatic preggo," Kurt whispered, grinning up at Puck's face.

"Yeah, well you weren't around enough the first time to listen to me bitch. Just ask Quinny and San. They'll tell you. It was a great time."

"I wish I had been around," Kurt whispered, trailing kisses up Puck's jaw.

"I know, babe. But you're here now and that's all that matters."

"Dad, Daddy, can you stop being gross in public now?" Aiden asked, dragging his little sister behind him. Lizzie sniffled, pointing at a scrape on her knee as Aiden crossed his arms over his chest in true Kurt Hummel fashion. "For one, your daughter fell. For two, you're gross. And for three, you're going to scar the baby for life." Puck started cracking up as Kurt took Lizzie to get cleaned up.

"God, kid," Puck said, putting his arm around Aiden as the boy sat next to him. "You are a badass."

"Learned it from the best, Daddy," Aiden said, only causing Blaine to start bawling about how adorable the Puckerman-Hummel's were. "And Daddy? Thanks for not being crazy like Uncle Blaine."

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