About a month later, Dick's wounds were mostly healed and Adam was suspended. Even though he would be back in a few days, Adam would be expelled if he fought with anyone again.

Dick was riding his new Robin skateboard. Since he had a stronger skateboard now, he didn't have to take his long, detoured, smooth route. He could go on the rockier path home. Maybe even show off his boards at the skate park.

His thoughts were cut short when an arm shot out and knocked him to the ground. When he got back up, his board was in the arms of a man running down the alley to Dick's side. He ran after the man until they were at a dead end, not easily seen from the street.

"Grayson." Dick knew that awful voice.

"What do you want now Adam?" Dick snapped.

Adam looked at the board and laughed when he saw the design. "Little Grayson wants to be the little birdie. Do you wanna be the tiny boy blunder, math geek?" Adam cackled sinisterly and smacked Dick with the board. The wheel smacked into Dick's temple and sent him to the wall nest to him. He could feel blood starting to drip down his face.

"Why are you being so idiotic? You're gonna get expelled!" Dick yelled at Adam. He merely laughed.

"You think I care about staying in that stupid rich brat school? All I care about now is getting revenge. You made someone snitch on me! You have to pay for that!"

Adam tried to punch Dick in the face, but Dick kicked him at his wrist. Adam let out a yelp in pain. While Adam was holding his wrist, Dick smashed his elbow right in front of Adam's ear. Dick went to swipe Adam's feet off the ground and trip him, but Adam punched Dick's chin with the back of his fist. Dick was stunned for a moment, but he was able to block the punch that was coming for his nose. But Dick hadn't notice the other fist that was aimed for his throat in time. Adam's fist collided with the side of Dick's windpipe. He couldn't breathe, and he slipped to the ground, regaining his breathing slowly. Adam threw his head back and cackled again.

"You should have stayed in the circus, freak. Oh that's right, you couldn't! Cause your parents are dead!"

That was the final straw. Dick stopped holding back on Adam. Dick was too fast for Adam to see. Dick kicked Adam behind the knees, forcing him to the ground. He landed a punch in each eye before he landed a final punch across Adam's face. Adam was down and out. Dick looked down at him. Adam used to be a face that struck fear into the kids he bullied. Now, he looked helpless and hurt. Dick almost felt sorry for him, then he remembered that Adam had brought this on himself. Dick picked up his board and made his way home.


Dick walked through the door in a calm fashion. As soon as he was through the door, Alfred was waiting for him with a worried Bruce right next to him.

"Good heavens master Dick. What happened to you?"

Bruce knelt down so he could get a better look at Dick's face.

"Adam did this, didn't he, I can't believe this! I knew he should have been expelled once he almost killed you!" Bruce was pacing angrily, ranting on about what he was going to do to Adam.

"Bruce! Don't worry about him. If you think I look bad, you should have seen him!" Dick laughed as he started walking towards the stairs. I'm gonna get cleaned up. What's for dinner tonight?"

"Uh, how about hot dogs?"

"Sounds good to me!" Dick said as he ran up the stairs. He knew Adam would never dare to fight with him ever again.


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