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Pam's POV, Louisanna (present day)

As I look out over the crowds in the bar tonight I smile to myself. Life, existence, has been uncommonly quite of late, but I feel sure that I should enjoy the lull while it lasts. Things are never quiet around Eric and Sookie for long.

It was with a happy heart that I answered my maker's call just after the great revelation. I had been on my own for the last fifty years and had missed him greatly. I was also glad to see my sister whose company has never in the last hundred and sixty years been boring.

Eric wished to start a new businsess venture now that vampires were "out of the coffin" as humans so quaintly termed it, and I was more than happy to be a part of whatever he wished to do. As I remember back to our journey aboard that ship, just days after Sookie's making, I could not have anticipated how much entertainment she would bring to my life.

We made the journey back to Eric's homeland safely and settled ourselves in a small city that was near where Eric believed his villiage to have been all those centuries ago. We layed low there for the first two years hoping that Sophie-Anne would grow bored with looking for us and move on to waste her time with other things. We were only attacked once, but between the three of us we managed to repell them.

Once we were sure that no one else was coming for us we were prepared to move on, but strange things began to happen. Entirely by accident Sookie realized that the telepathy that she thought had been "cured" by her turning had in fact been transformed. Where before, she told us, the voices of humans had simply flooded her head with no ability for her to control or stop them now she had to desire to hear another person, but when she did she could hear anyone human or supernatural. It was the beginning of many powerful abilities that would manifest themselves over the next years.

Unable to account for any of what was happening Sookie chose to search out her Grandmother hoping for answers. When we found her she was lying near death, and to ill to realize that her long lost grandaughter was different than she had been when she disappeared. The old woman was simply happy to have what she said was her last prayer answered, to see Sookie once more. It took only a little persuasion for the woman to confess everything. Sookie's abilites and the unique taste that had orinally drawn her into our world were no coincidence, but the result of Sookie's being part fae.

That coupled with the ancient blood that Eric had given her made her into something else entirely, something both fae and vampire and completely frightening when necessary. Between Sookie's unique abilities and Eric's repuation as an ancient and formidable warrior it was not long before Sophie-Anne was waving the flag of truce and vying along with others to have them as her alies.

They could have chosen to live anywhere but Sookie felt the call to return to the home she had missed for so long, and Eric, rarely able to say no to her, choose to settle in Louisanna and accept Sophie-Anne's offer to make him one of her Sherriffs.

In all we have lived quite happily for vampires, never known to be an overly happy lot, and I have come and gone as the whim takes me, both enjoying the freedom that Eric has given me without hesitation and returning to them when my heart calls me back. At first I worried that I would be jealous of Sookie. In all my maker's time on this planet I had been his only child, until she came into our world. But as I began to see her not as the little human she had been, but the vampire she had become I came to realize that we were all three of us quite perfect together.

As for Eric and Sookie. I would never have thought it possible for a maker and child to stay together continuously for a hundred and sixty years, but they have. Perhaps it was the blood bond they shared so briefly before her turning or merely the knowledge that their partner is utterly unique and irreplaceable, but the love they found so unexpectedly has remained and grown only stronger over the decades that have passed.

I have been so lost in my reminicence that I do not even notice someone has come up to me until I feel the cool breath in my ear.

"I was thinking Ty bears," Sookie whispers conspiritorily into my ear. I turn to her with an eyebrow raised trying not to smile, smiling vampires are bad for business.

"Ty bears?" I ask her. She nods.

"Yeah you remember those little bears stuffed with beanie material that used to be all the rage in the 90's."

"I seem to remember something about that," I say suddenly knowing where she's going with this particular conversation.

"It just so happens that there is some lady in Wisconsin who's selling about a 150 of them on E-bay. I just won the auction and I was wondering if you would do me the honor of helping me hot glue them?" I go from trying not to laugh to trying to keep the horrified look off of my face.

"What are planning to hot glue them too?" Sookie laughs again and gestures for me to follow her. I can only smile as I do. Truly she makes sure nothing is ever dull for long.