AUTHOR'S NOTE: So this is from the Tumblr roleplay I was in. It somehow died so I wanted to keep the Quick love on forever, if possible. I co-wrote this because I played Puck and Lizz played Quinn then the Sam deactivated. Lol. Anyway, hope you guys enjoy reading as much as we enjoyed roleplaying it. This started during the Christmas break.

This is a multi-chapter one because we roleplayed for like two months. Rated M, full of sex after a few chapters.

I do not own Glee, the characters or anything. I just want to share our love for Quick.

EDITED: Proof read :)


Q - Quinn

P - Puck

S - Sam


Q: Puckerman.

P: Fabray.

Q: Sup? How's break treating you?

P: Good. Bored really. Wanna bake again?

Q: We really need to. Our cupcakes were the best, and I had the most fun making them.

P: It would be awesome to make more cupcakes with you ;) Yeah, well.. You didn't eat one back then right? When you were pregnant. Not even a bite?

Q: We should definitely bake soon ;] And no worries, I didn't even touch them. But they looked so good! It was hard not to take even one little bite.

S: uh, why're you guys winking at each other?

Q: Sam, it's definitely not like that. It's..just how me and Puck are.

S: ..flirty?

Q: Yes, but the harmless, nothing would ever happen kind of flirty.

P: What a relief.. But don't worry, I'll make you a whole batch just for you. You want that, right? ;)

Q: Pretty, pretty please?

P: Of course! Pink icing like the old one?

Q: Yes, yes, yes! They better be yummy, Puckerman. Or else.

P: Of course! Only for you, princess. I'll make them yummier than before ;)

Q: Like I said, you better Puckerman. Or else.

P: Or else what? What will you do to me, Q?

Q: This, all over again.
*messy baking GIF*

P: Fine by me. I've got no hair to clean.

Q: What? Didn't you grow back your mowhawk?

P: Yeah, but it's just thin. Not like your hair, it's long. I'll put so much flour in yours. Haha!

Q: Ha, if you get any flour in my hair, you will be as bald as a baby's bottom!

P: If you can catch me.

Q: I don't have to catch you, I know where you sleep Puckerman! Aha, remember? I lived with you.

P: Then come over right now. ;)

Q: And piss off Sam even more? I'll pass. Besides I think your mom still hates me, aha.

P: Alright. Your choice, princess, No, she doesn't hate you. She actually said she missed you the day when you moved out.

Q: Really? (I thought she was still mad about me and my bacon.) Well, maybe I'll come visit soon. I miss your sister.

P: Awesome. I'll tell Anna you'll come over soon. She'll be really stoked to see you.

Q: Yes, tell her very soon. How is Anna? (I miss her a lot more than I thought I would.)

P: She's fine. She's actually been asking about you. She asks me everyday when will you come back to visit her. Now I have an answer to give her.

Q: Aw, I feel horrible. I should have come to visit more often. I just didn't know if your mom (or you) would want me around.

P: You should! I've been lying to her for almost a year. Don't worry about mom, I told you.. She misses you. (I) She misses your sweetness and how you care about (me) Anna.

Q: (You miss me?) I'll definitely come see her. I would now, (since Sam never showed) if it wasn't so late. But she's probably sleeping. And I don't want to wake her up or anything.

P: (Maybe.) Will that stop you from coming over? And she's awake actually. Mom's the one who is asleep now.

Q: Oh well if she's awake I see no reason why I can't come over now. It's boring at my house anyways.

P: Cool. Just come over anytime you want.

NEXT CHAPTER: A little repeat of the history ;)

AUTHOR'S NOTE 2: Going to edit every chapter. Somehow I just wanted to relive this story.. I was so inlove with my tandem with Lizz. It was just so perfect. Ugh. I miss heeeeer.