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Even though Puck and Quinn saw each other every day at school, he still missed his fiancée almost every minute and every second they're away from each other. After dropping off Quinn at her house, he went back and went in, wanting to have alone time with her. He slowly went upstairs to surprise Quinn. He was sure Quinn was the only Fabray in the household because her dad and mom's car were not in the garage which meant it was a clear go. Puck slowly opened Quinn's bedroom door and saw his fiancée changing from her school clothes. He smirked and tip toed his way to Quinn and wrapped his arms around her tightly so she couldn't get away from him. "Hey beautiful." Puck nuzzled the side of her neck, smelling her scent.

Quinn sighed as she pushed herself off the bed and walked over to her dresser. She pulled her favorite white night gown out of the top drawer and tossed it onto the bed. She knew that it was Puck's favorite, and there was no chance she'd get caught without it. But as she began to unzip her dress she heard the sound of her door creaking open. A smile pulled onto the blonde's lip before she felt arms wrap around her waist. Her head fell back onto his shoulder and her smile grew. "Hi sweetie. I missed you." Another sigh left her lips before she spun in Puck's arms, wrapping her arms around his neck. "I hate being away from you."

Puck smirked as the blonde spun around in his arms. He held her tighter so that their bodies could be as close as possible. "I hate it too, babe. That's why I wanted to surprise you." He grinned and captured his fiancée's lips in a slow yet a sweet kiss. Puck opened his eyes for a moment and saw his favorite white nightgown that was spread on Quinn's bed. He smirked as he pulled back, looking at Quinn. "I guess you knew I was coming, huh?" Puck nodded his head to the direction of the bed behind her with the nightgown ready to be worn.

Quinn didn't hesitate before returning Puck's kiss, her arms wrapping a little tighter around his neck. Her eyes followed his to the bed and her shoulders shrugged innocently. "I had a feeling, I can put it away if you want." She teased softly. "Or," she started before dipping her head down to place a softly kiss on his neck. "I could put it on?" A smirk crawled onto the blonde's lips as she continued to press soft kisses along his neck, working her way up to his jaw.

Puck tilted his head slightly to the opposite direction from Quinn to give her more skin to be in contact with. He moaned softly at Quinn's kisses and the thought of seeing his fiancée changing in front of him in his favorite white nightgown of hers. Just thinking of it was making him hard. "Hell yes." Puck licked his lips as pushed Quinn back gently, removing her arms around his neck. He placed a quick deep kiss on her lips before lying down on her bed, all eyes on her. Puck took the nightgown in his hand and quirked his eyebrows as he waited for the blonde to strip.

The smirk currently placed on the blonde's lips grew as she watched her fiancée fall back on her bed. "You couldn't be more of a perv if you tried, my love." She shot him a quick wink before reaching behind her and fully unzipping her dress. Quinn allowed the light blue garment to fall into a pool around her feet before stepping out of it, leaving her in a only a nude bra and panty set. She reached behind herself once more to unclip her bra, also allowing that to fall on the floor. Quinn leaned down to pick up the nightgown, before pulling it over her head. Once it was secured on her body, the blonde crawled onto the bed and up towards Puck, straddling his hips. "Hi."

Puck's breathing hitched as he watched the girl of his dreams strip in front of him. Even though he has seen her naked for more than twenty times, he still gets so turned on by just looking at her. And he was hard. Really hard. He wanted to jerk himself off at the moment but Quinn finally put on her nightgown. Puck watched Quinn crawl her way to him. He was panting like he ran a marathon race. Puck licked his lips and gulped heavily. "Hey." He whispered, not trusting his voice at the moment. The mohawked boy lifted his hand and placed it on the blonde's thigh, caressing it. While his other hand went to Quinn's cheek, pulling her down for a needy kiss. "I want you." Puck whispered in between kisses.

Quinn returned his needy kiss, not being able to press her hips down against his. She could feel her own arousal causing a wet spot to form on her panties, but it didn't surprise her. She often got turned on when she was around Puck. "Prove it," she whispered out to him between kisses her hips starting to grind slow circles against his jeans. She always has a weird fascination with teasing him, somehow finding it got her off harder than she could have ever imagined.

Puck groaned out of frustration as Quinn ground her hips on his trapped erection. He was challenged to prove that he wants her, which he never backs out from. With one swift move, he flipped them over finally being in control. Puck was still in between her legs and he spread them more, revealing Quinn's panties having a wet spot over her clit. He smirked as he lowered his head to kiss Quinn while his hands ran up her nightgown to feel every inch of her legs. Puck kissed his way down to her neck, leaving a mark on her sweet spot which he knows very well. "I'll show you how much you make me go crazy." He kissed down her covered body and stopped right above her panties. Puck could smell her arousal and couldn't help but be proud that it was all because of him. He blew on her panty covered clit, teasing her slightly.

A short squeal followed by a laugh left Quinn's lips as she was flipped over. She always had a thing for Puck taking control, and it was one of the reasons she always pushed him to his breaking point. She returned every one of his kisses, moaning softly into his mouth as she felt his hands along her thighs. "Mm, baby don't be a tease." Her threat held no real power, and she knew she was at his mercy. Quinn never seemed to be able to stay in control when they were in the bedroom. As Puck moved down her body, a few shaky moans left her lips. But when she felt his cool breath across her dampened panties Quinn let out a half shriek of pleasure. "Puckerman!" Her teeth clamped down on her bottom lip as she lifted her hips towards him desperate for any type of friction. "Baby!" She whined, in a desperate attempt to get more out of him.

Puck can't hide the fact that he enjoys teasing Quinn. It's one of his favorite things to do to her. He smirked as she lifted her hips towards him. His smirk grew as Quinn kept trying to get Puck's attention with her shrieks. Every single sound that his fiancée was making was going straight down to his cock and it's screaming to get out from his pants long time ago. But Puck wanted to put his attention on the blonde, who was all spread out for him. He pulled back and went up to capture Quinn's lips in another heated kiss while his hips bucked, having a little friction with Quinn's core a few times. "What do you want, baby?" Puck asked in his sexy hoarse voice, feeling so aroused.

Quinn felt her eyes begin to the roll to the back of her head as Puck moved up to kiss her. Her lips connected with his, her arms wrapping slightly around his neck to pull him in closer. She moaned into his kiss, feeling his hips buck in with hers. "I want you, Noah Puckerman." She whispered up to him, grazing her lips against his. Quinn ran her tongue along his bottom lip before allowing her teeth to grab hold on it for a moment. Her hips bucked up into his almost violently, as she grew tired of very little friction. "Please, baby? Give me what I need." Her voice was low, as she tried her best to drive him crazier by the minute.

Puck smiled knowingly at when Quinn said she wanted because he wanted her as well. He growled as he felt Quinn slightly bit down on his lower lip and bucked her hips upward meeting up with his erection. Hell. He was about to explode. Puck knelt up and started to unbutton then unzip his pants, fumbling as he got a little impatient. His hissed as his painful hard erection finally sprang up and freed from its confinement. He quickly took his pants off followed by his shirt, which all went to the floor. Puck smirked down at Quinn as he hovered over her once again, now slowly taking off her panties. "The nightgown stays." He said as he tossed Quinn's panties to the ground. Puck kissed his fiancée deeply before kissing his way to her ear as his fingers found its way to her clit. "Want me to cum in you, baby?" He whispered into ear, nibbling on her earlobe.

Quinn propped herself up on her elbows as she watched him unbutton his pants. She couldn't keep from licking her lips as his erection came into her view. She always got even more excited seeing how hard he was for her. She laid back down as he hovered over her, laughing slightly. "I knew you'd want it o-" Quinn's sentence was cut off by Puck's kiss, and she smirked into it. A few low moans let her lips as his traveled to her ear before a sharp squeal fell from her mouth. Her hips bucked one more into his fingers, desperate for more. "Yes, oh God. Yes." Quinn could never decide if she hated or loved when he teased her but right now it was driving her insane, and all she could do was lay there and try to buck her hips for more.

Puck smirked when the blonde practically begged him to cum inside him and it just made Puck more frustrated and impatient. He removed his fingers and replaced it with the tip of his cock. Puck groaned when Quinn kept bucking her hips towards him, making his tip enter her for a second. He wanted to tease Quinn more but she was making him more impatient. Puck finally gave in and entered her all the way, growling and panting at how amazing she felt around him. He opened his eyes and saw just how beautiful his fiancée was. Puck lowered his head and kissed Quinn, one of the things he will never get tired of. "How do I feel, baby? You feel fucking amazing." He moaned as he moved his hips in a circular manner, wanting to feel every inch of her walls.

Quinn's teeth clamped down on her bottom lip when she felt Puck finally enter her. No matter how many times they had sex, every time he pushed into her she felt like she was being split in two. But she never complained because it was always the most amazing feeling in the world. She returned the kiss to her fiancée before looking up at him. A smirk grew at the corners of her lips and her head nodded just slightly. "You feel incredible, babe. So big." A moan pushed out from between her lips as her back arched just softly off the bed. Her teeth sunk into her bottom lip for a second time as she tried to control herself from screaming at him. "Baby," she mumbled out from clenched lips. "Please move."

Puck smirked as he pulled out from Quinn and slammed right back in, earning a loud whimper from the blonde underneath him. "Like that, baby?" He said through his teeth as he continued to thrust in and out of her, slamming himself all the way in. Puck moaned at how hot and wet she was for him. She felt amazing and he could never get tired of feeling her insides. Puck groaned every

time their hips get connected in a harsh yet delicious way. "Fuck yeah.." He panted out.

Quinn's eyes instantly snapped to a close as her hips lifted further off the bed. "Yes! Oh, just like that." Her teeth clamped back down on her bottom lip so hard Quinn swore she drew blood, but it was all she could do to keep the screams under control. He always knew just what spots to hit her that drove her crazy, and today was no exception. The blonde reached her hands up, dragging her nails down his back, trying to pull him closer. "Mo-more," she panted out in between the moans that were pouring from her lips.

Puck couldn't help but be proud at what he was doing to Quinn. No other man in the world can make her feel this good and ask for more. He grabbed one of Quinn's leg and hooked it over his shoulders to have more leverage and went back down to meet Quinn's moans. Puck moaned along as he thrusts in and out of Quinn harshly. If anyone can make Puck go crazy and wild, it would be Quinn. She knows just how push, twist and tease the right ways. He slightly pulled the nightgown down to reveal Quinn's breast. Puck flickered his tongue on her nipple as he massaged the other one with his free hand.

The blonde felt her eyes roll to the back of her head once more as her leg was put on Puck's shoulder. "Oh God!" Her voice was louder than she had hoped but to her luck, her parents weren't home. Quinn's hands fell to bed, grabbed desperately at the sheets below her, her hips still bucking to meet Puck's thrust. "Baby, more. So close," she moaned out, knowing she wouldn't last much longer. Puck always knew how to press her buttons and make her cum with the snap of his fingers. Feeling his tongue run along her nipple, the blonde let out another loud yelp of pleasure, her knuckles turning white from how tightly she was gripping the sheets.

Puck smirked as he switched to Quinn's other nipple to pamper as well. He couldn't hold it any longer and wanted to come right there but he wanted to wait for Quinn that's why he wanted to push all her buttons just to come already. Puck flickered his tongue once again over her other nipple while his free hand slowly went down south to rub Quinn's clit. He knew by rubbing it along his harsh and deep thrusts would make her come in seconds. Puck rubbed Quinn's clit as fast and hard as he can, lifting his head from her nipple and up to her neck. He sucked and licked on a patch of her skin, leaving a mark. Puck continued rubbing her and thrusting in her, waiting for her to come. "Come for me, baby.." He panted out into her ear.

Hearing his words in her ear and feeling his fingers at her clit were all Quinn needed to be sent over the edge. Her back arched clear off the bed, and she didn't hold back the screams that fell from her lips. Quinn rode out every wave of her orgasm, feeling her walls clamp down around his cock. She had wanted to hold out, to cum at the same time he did, but she knew once he said those words she was a goner. He always knew exactly what to say to push her over the edge, and bring her within an inch of passing out. As the blonde came down from her high, she fell back against the bed panting heavily.

Puck always thought Quinn was so beautiful and hot every time she comes. It's her most vulnerable state, yet it's his favorite. As he watched his fiancée loose it and felt her juices around his cock, Puck couldn't help but come right after Quinn did. He quickened his thrusts before pushing himself all the way in, growling out loud as he emptied himself inside Quinn. Puck kept being inside Quinn as he dropped down on top of Quinn, with his elbows on the bed to control his weight. He nuzzled Quinn's neck and stayed there. "Holy crap…" Puck panted out, grinning tiredly. "You're.. fucking amazing.." He said breathlessly.

Quinn slowly turned her head to the side and placed a small kiss on the top of Puck's head. Her own head nodded just slightly as she tried her best to catch her breath in order to answer him. She continued to pant heavily for a few more moments before she was finally able to find the words to speak. "You are the amazing one," she mumbled out, her voice still half gone from her screams. Quinn let her eyes roll to a close, taking the moment to just enjoy the feeling of Puck inside her.

Puck kept his tired grin as he inhaled sharply, smelling Quinn's scent together with sweat and sex. He couldn't help but attach his lips on her neck, giving her small kisses on her light skin. One of his hands tried to find Quinn's hand when he felt the nightgowns fabric and groaned slightly. "Want me to take off your nightgown or you want to leave it on?" Puck whispered against her neck, toying with the hem of the nightgown.

The feeling of Puck's lips on her skin caused a small smile to finally play across the blonde's lips. There was no better feeling that being this close to him. She had tried to avoid it for so long, but it was always going to be Puck no matter how hard she tried to kid herself. "Take it off, please." Quinn was never one to sleep naked, but after that, she could feel her body coated with a layer of sweat, the material of her favorite nightgown was clinging to her skin. She pressed another kiss along the top of his head, and slowly sat up to help him remove the drenched garment.

"As you wish, princess." Puck happily said as he slowly knelt up, causing him to slide out of her when Quinn slowly sat up. He pulled the garment up over Quinn's head and finally off her, tossing the nightgown to the side of the bed. He smirked and placed one hand over her chest, pushing her back gently down on the bed once again. Puck followed, lying down right next to her and faced her. "I love you, baby." He placed a chaste kiss on Quinn's lips and he pushed back a few strands of her golden hair behind her ear.

Quinn smiled once more as Puck laid down next to her, and turned on her side to face him. Her body found a way to curl next to him, trying to be as close to him as possible. "I love you too, Puck." She returned his kiss, before dipping her head into the crook of his neck. "I..I have to ask you something." Her bottom lip curled its way in between her teeth and she pulled sucked in a deep breath. She knew what she wanted to ask, but that didn't stop her nerves from bundling up inside her.

Puck's arms automatically wrapped around Quinn, enveloping her and keeping her warm. He raised an eyebrow at Quinn's slight stuttering. He tried to think of what would Quinn wanna ask him. Puck nodded and answered. "Sure, baby. What is it?" He slowly pulled back to look at his fiancée in the eyes. Puck wouldn't want to say it out but he was totally nervous to what she was going to ask.

Quinn pulled her head back to look at up at Puck. She let out the breath she had been holding and nodded her head. "Would you maybe wanna start looking at apartments with me?" Her teeth sunk into her bottom lip once more as she did her best to keep her gaze locked on his. "We're engaged, Puck. The school year is going to be over soon. And I just, I don't want to spend any more time away from you than I have to. I can't."

Puck's eyes grew slightly wide when he finally heard Quinn's question. A huge smile slowly crept on his lips but then he suddenly realized something and his smile faded quickly. "I would be totally up for it but.." Puck slightly looked down and stared at Quinn's neck. "D-Don't you want to go to college first or something?" He finally looked up at Quinn through his eyelashes.

The blonde shook her head at his words, her teeth still sinking into her bottom lip. "What I want is to marry you, and to spend the rest of my life, with you. I'll go to Lima Community or something. I just, I need to be with you Noah Puckerman." Quinn couldn't bring herself to care about getting out Lima if it meant postponing her life with Puck. He was her entire world, and she didn't want to wait any longer to carry his last name.

Puck sighed slightly. He wanted all the great things for Quinn and one of them is college. He shook his head. "You don't belong in Lima Community.. You belong somewhere in LA, Toronto or even Paris. I imagine you walking down the streets as a very successful woman, Q. You deserve all the great things in life.." He leaned rested his forehead on Quinn's. "Wherever you go, I follow." Puck smiled and stared into Quinn's eyes.

"But, us." She shook her head softly, before pulling herself closer to Puck. "I need to be with you. I need to have your last name and focus on us. I want us to have a family, and be together. College will be there when I'm ready for it." She knew she was being slightly irrational but she couldn't help it. Quinn knew what she wanted, and his name was Noah Puckerman.

Puck's heart was beating fast at Quinn's words. He wanted it as much as her, maybe even more. He sighed slightly and held Quinn tighter, closing his eyes. "I want it all too.. You have no idea." Puck whispered. "But.. Dad wants me to go to college at Vegas and take up business right after high school." He opened his eyes, looking at Quinn to see her reaction to the big news he just said.

"Then we'll go out to Vegas, Puck. I don't care. I just need to be with you." The idea of leaving Lima excited and scared Quinn down to her core. She had always wanted to get out of Lima but she had never really expected it to happen. "We can get married out there, right? There's a lot of chapels out there. I don't need a big wedding, I just need you." She pulled herself closer to him, and tucked her head into the crook of his neck.

Puck held Quinn even tighter if it was even possible. His heart was beating a million beats per second. He was too happy that Quinn would go to Vegas with him. Puck shook his head and pulled back to look at Quinn again. "No. We can't get married out there." He tried his best to put on a straight face. "I wanna get married here.. I wanna marry you in that gazeebo in the park where I proposed to you. I wanna marry you in summer because you wanted a summer wedding.. I want all of the important people in our lives to be there with us in our most important day." Puck finally smirked.

Quinn pulled back to look at Puck as tears formed in her eyes. She could hardly believe that he remembered that she wanted a summer wedding, or where he purposed. "I'd love that, Noah." She didn't know why but when they were speaking about their future, she enjoyed hearing his first name roll from her tongue. "The gazeebo, all our friends. It's a dream come true. The best part of it being that I get to marry you." Quinn leaned up to press her lips softly against his, before deepening the kiss just slightly.

Puck laughed happily softly as he heard his first name from the blonde. He was about to respond to Quinn's last statement but she pressed her lips against his in a kiss. He could never deny a kiss from one Quinn Fabray when it was the first thing he really wanted when they were kids. Puck kissed back and deepened it as well, slowly moving on top of Quinn once again. "I love you." He said fast in between kisses. Puck pressed his lips harder against hers, making him breathless but he didn't care. All he wanted to do was kiss his soon to be wife.

"I love you too," she mumbled out in between kisses. Quinn pressed her lips harder with Puck's and moaned out softly. Her arms wrapped around his neck as she pulled him down closer to her. Her leg hitched up, and wrapped around his waist as her tongue ran along his bottom lip.

Puck was starting to get hard again as he heard Quinn moaned softly and feeling her leg hitched up on his waist. He pulled back just slightly to catch his breath. "So.." Puck laughed breathlessly as he looked down at Quinn. "I'll help you plan things if you want. And talk about the exact date so I can tell dad to fly down here for the big day." He was getting excited and wanted to help Quinn prepare for it all.

The blonde looked up at her fiancée, a smile breaking out across her lips. "Leave it to me. I've had my dream wedding planned out since I was six, and with the help of my mom, I can have our wedding planned out to a date in less than three months." A soft laughed passed through her lips and she shook her head. "But, if you want to help you can, I know most men get annoyed with the wedding details."

Puck laughed along with his fiancée. "Well if you need anything, just tell me. Okay? It is our wedding." He laughed once again and kissed Quinn on the cheek before lying back down on the bed on his side to look over at Quinn. Puck placed a hand on Quinn's belly and caressed it softly. He started to think of Beth and the other children they will be making. Puck snorted to himself when he remembered the first time he and Quinn talked about how many children they wanted.

Quinn allowed herself to curl into Puck's side as much as possible. Her eyes slowly began to close as he caressed her stomach, finding it oddly comfortable. Her thoughts did drift to Beth, and she wondered briefly how the little girl was doing. It was almost too painful to visit the little girl, and see pictures. That was their angel, and she had just given her up. Quinn let out a soft sigh before she heard Puck's snort. She looked down at him, one of her eyebrows raising. "What's so funny?"

Puck was a little surprised when Quinn noticed he snorted. He laughed softly and looked at Quinn. "You do remember I want a basketball team, right? And all the members are mini Pucks and Quinns." Puck quirked his eyebrows. "And I'm gonna be their coach."' He grinned and leaned closer to his fiancée. Puck just stared into Quinn's eyes. He can't wait to be in this kind of situation with her everyday of their lives. He can't wait to have a life in her stomach again. And this time, he's gonna be there for her all throughout.

Quinn raised her eyebrow even higher as she looked at Puck. "We are not having a basketball team, Puckerman. Unless you plan on popping out the kids. Because I'm certainly not." The blonde slowly pushed herself off the bed and walked over to her dresser. She pulled open the bottom drawer and pulled out one of Puck's old t-shirts that she had stolen when she was pregnant. The blonde slipped it over her head before pulling on a pair of red lace underwear, and turning to face him. "I've had one kid, I know the pain."

Puck laughed softly and let Quinn stand up from the bed. He placed his arms behind his head to elevate it and to watch his fiancée from the bed. He grinned as he watched the blonde as she put a shirt and some sexy lingerie in her favorite color. Puck nodded. "Fine. You say how many kids we're having as long as I get to make them with you." He thrust his hips upward and quirked his eyebrows with a smirk.

Quinn smiled as she crawled back onto the bed, and straddled Puck's stomach. "What about two?" She pulled her bottom lip between her teeth. "We could have one more, and we could..we could get Beth back." She knew her sentence was a risk, but she had to say it. She wanted their baby back.

Puck smirked when Quinn straddled his stomach. He looked at the shirt she was wearing and furrowed his eyebrows then he realized it was one of his missing shirts. He was about to say something when he heard Beth's name. Puck's eyes went immediately straight up to Quinn's to meet hers. "W-We could?" His hands found Quinn's hands and held them tightly. "H-How?" Quinn had Puck's full attention. He would do anything to get their baby girl back. Anything.

The blonde shrugged her shoulders softly, her thumbs tracing small circles on Puck's hands. "I-I don't know." The blonde pulled her bottom lip harder between her teeth, allowing herself to pull at the skin. "Maybe we could talk to Shelby?" Quinn didn't know what their options were, if they even had options. She just knew she wanted her baby back.

Puck nodded frantically. "Yeah, we should totally try and talk to her." He said with a motivated face. "I want her back. I want to take care of her.. She's our baby. She should be with us." Puck sighed softly. All he wanted was to be the best father that he could be. Puck threw his head back and closed his eyes. He tightened his hold on Quinn's hands. "But if we can't get Beth back.." Puck pulled Quinn down on his chest and let go of her hands to wrap his arms around his fiancee. "We could just make lotsa mini Pucks and Quinns." He whispered with a slight smile.

Quinn let out a soft laugh as she was pulled down towards her fiancée. She propped herself up as best she could to look down at him. "If this is your way of asking for round two, the answer is no." A small smirk formed on the blonde's face as she leaned down to kiss him softly. "You wore me out, anyway. If anything, I need a shower."

Puck laughed silently. "I never thought Quinn Fabray would turn down a round two with me." He looked up at his fiancée with an eyebrow raised. "Well you know I could do it in the shower too, if you want. Maybe in the sink? Oh or maybe on the toilet. I sit and you ride." Puck smirked and quirked his eyebrows at the same time. "We can shower and fuck at the same time too." He grinned.

Quinn rolled her eyes, and smacked his chest lightly. "You're a pig, but I love you. No sex, just a nice shower and then sleep. I'm really tired." She normally never turned him down for sex, but she hadn't been lying when she said he wore her out. She hadn't been with him in the longest time and there first together was breath taking for Quinn. "Shower?"

Puck laughed but was still surprised she was turning him down. Maybe she really is tired.He thought. Puck nodded with a smile. He sat up and wrapped Quinn's legs around him so he could carry her. Puck stood up slowly not wanting to drop Quinn. "My shirt needs to go though. And this amazing looking pair of panties too." He laughed softly as they finally entered her bathroom.